Smile Gate Mega Port, Epic Seven Japan Direct Service Notice

The Smile Gate Mega Port (CEO Certificate) is currently the “Yostar”, which has been concluded in Japan, Through consensus, I decided to have a direct service in Japan on March 31 (Thu). The two companies will begin to take gradual across aimed at the end of May to the end of May.

After the fulfillment of the transfer operation, the Smile Gate Mega Port will proceed directly to the Japanese services, and in the meantime, based on local service know-how, we have focused on providing better services to Japanese users based on local service know-how Plan. Currently, it is possible to play with the use of the users who play Epic Seven in Japan.

Meanwhile, Epic Seven was noticed as expected in November, 2019, from the beginning of the Japanese formal service, and 30,000 people were committed to advance reservations. Since then, we have achieved the first place in the first time in real time in the real time, after a week, and after a week, Google Play Store’s 9th in the 9th place Apple App Store,


“As soon as I have led Japanese services to Yosa, I will try to show off the know-how of Yosta,” I will try to show off the use of Yosa, ” ‘E7WC (Epic Seven World Championship)’, etc., we will listen to the opinions of users around the world, including Japan, and we will show you a specialized and optimized operation by global district. “

More information on Epic Seven can be found on the official community and the official YouTube channel.