Announced the horror action ADV “The CHANT (The Cant)” that is entangled in cosmic fear!

KOCH MEDIA has announced the new horror adventure game “ The Chant ( The Chant )” developed by Canada’s Brass Token Studi. In this work, set on an isolated island of the sea, the players will solve the mystery of the strange cult of the island to contain the fears released by the failure of the ritual.

“THE CHANT” Synopsis and Features:

Me And The Devil // Cosmic Horror

The protagonist Jess Briers will participate in the spiritual retreat of Prism Science, who is living in a remote Glory Island to overcome the past. However, the chant sung at the ritual opens a psychedelic fear of psychedelic fear, which feeds negative energy, and turns into an endless despair on a calm weekend. In order to survive this fear, we must do everything to unravel the strange cult history of the island, rewind the ritual and close the dimension.

Explore the islands that have been invaded by cosmic fear: Survive the eerie creatures that crawl out of the darkness and the madly manipulated cult followers. Eliminate the mystery of the mysterious history.

Fight or run away: Use supernatural weapons and abilities to fight for survival. Collect and craft materials to prepare and challenge close combat. Otherwise, you have to panic and run away.

Train the spirit, body, and soul: harmony is most important. Tit for fear and panic with strong mental strength, protect your body from physical threats, sublimate your soul and meditate to get supernatural abilities and strengthen your mind and body.

Modern psychedelic horror world view: This work is inspired by the psychedelic horror of the 1970s. Enjoy the natural and colorful Glory Island scenery and the electronic rock style BGM composed by Paul Lasky, who has a number of awards.

The “CHANT”, where spiritual nightmares begin, will be released in the fall of 2022 for Windows (Steam)/PS5/Xbox Series X | S.