DFL Plans to Adjust 50+1 Rule to Increase Legal Certainty in German Football

The German Football League (DFL) wishes to develop even more lawful assurance in the future with an adaptation of the 50 +1 guideline.
According to the unanimous proposition of the DFL Presidium, no more exceptions from the 50 +1 regulation should be approved in the future.
Specific conditions should additionally relate to the clubs Bayer Leverkusen and VFL Wolfsburg currently considered with exemptions.
The Bundeskartellamt needs to currently initially examine the proposal, after that the DFL basic setting up would need to accept the application with a two-thirds majority.
There have actually been intensive discussions regarding 50 +1 rule in German football for many years.
Possibly also long, DFL indoor chief Oliver Levi had actually lately confessed.


The Bundeskartellamt had categorized the guideline as unproblematic in 2021, however rated the exceptions as fairly bothersome.

These issues should be cleaned out with the planned new regulations.
According to the 50 +1 rule, the mommy club always has to keep the bulk of ballots in order to limit the impact of investors.

DFL wants to produce lasting service

For years, it did not apply to Leverkusen, Wolfsburg as well as Cofferdam for years since the corresponding bulk owners (Bayer, Volkswagen, Dietmar Hope) have been deserved for the particular club for a minimum of 20 years.
In the past week, nonetheless, Hope announced that the TSG associated the normal 50 +1 clubs to the circle of the regular 50 +1 clubs as well as wished to do without his unique standing with a bulk of ballots.
The conditions for Leverkusen and Wolfsburg are intended to go for the financing exemptions are extra continually developed with the 50 +1 fundamental regulation.
Among various other things, under particular conditions, a compensation settlement of the dominant majority owner is considered comparable to the regulations of the brand-new European Financial Fair game.
Additionally, a representative of the mommy organization should be sent out to the supervisory board of the company furnished with control as well as approval powers.
When selecting identity-creating attributes such as club logo or the variety of standing room, the latter should also get veto law.
With regard to the majority currents in German expert football, it was necessary to cause a service that is lasting for all sides after months, claimed Leverkusen’s club manager Fernando Carry: This is why we have accepted the compromise discovered, which is occasionally painful for us.