Roses: a joke! Almost poured away, these goals conceded

All a question of perspective. After all, the table of the previous year will definitely cut off better this time. On the final day of the game in Gladbach, it is still a matter of claiming to the one counter worse Mainzern (against Frankfurt). “In the end we are where we obviously belong,” says Alexander Rosen, “this is nothing serious bad, but the situation after two thirds of the season was completely different.”

In view of the missed chances, melancholy sounds to qualify for the European Cup for the fourth time in the club’s history. “We have overtrew two thirds of the season,” recalls Hoffenheim’s manager, when the TSG was even on course premier class, “and we designed a third with a serious sub -performance. This is not a drama, but we have the chance we had left behind.”

I clearly say – that’s not enough for me.

Alexander Rosen

Wonders why. “We have to state that we don’t manage to get the staff who would actually be there,” said coach Sebastian Hoeneß, a cause, “we have the three, four of them until the Freiburg game seven times in a row – or have to change chain of five. It is about automatisms and security and quality players who regularly stand on the pitch. But we also have to look closely in other areas. “

To clarify which failures inevitable and which were more homemade. Competitive accidents cannot be prevented in this intensive contact sport. But whether a pattern behind the most recent muscular injuries, the unusually long rehabilitation sides and so many relapse is on the way back, they want to and have to work in the Kraichgau meticulously.

“We are already in a process. We have to turn every stone around to improve in this area,” the 39-year-old revealed to the medical department of the TSG. But many Corona infection also disturbed the operating sequence, as did the extraordinarily large number of yellow cards, which were unnecessary to a large extent, but now produced a total of eleven locks.

That is why Rosen also accepts the professionals. “There must be reasons why the players break away. I definitely have some questions,” said the manager, “the players should question themselves. You have to question whether they are the right players, whether they are physical. Why is it that you have two thirds of the season and not in the last third. There are open questions that urgently need to be clarified critically, I clearly say that – that’s not enough for me. “

fifth best offensive, but fifth worst defensive

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There is also a need for discussion in terms of defense behavior and quality. Finally, with 57 goals so far, the TSG represents the fifth best offensive, but at the same time with 55 goals the fifth worm defensive. The last two home games rang eight times against Freiburg (3: 4) and now against Leverkusen (2: 4). “It’s just too much, then it is not enough to attack higher things,” sums up Hoeneß.

08. May 202206: 15 minutes

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“We need an upgrade,” explains Rosen, “we have such players like Benni Hübner. The question arises, he can do it again? He has impressively proven it in these five or six games.” But then the captain, who had previously been missing one and a half years, failed again. Ermin Bicakcic is now missing almost two complete seasons. Of course, a cruciate ligament tear is not a trivial, but two seasons? And we are already back at the entrance topic – the TSG has a lot to clarify this summer.