Ukraine Star releases contract with Zenit St. Petersburg

Ukraine star Yaroslav Rakitskiy RIPS UP contract with Zenit St Petersb
Because of the Russian crime war against Ukraine, the Ukrainian football player Yaroslav Rakitskyi leaves the Russian champion Zenit St. Petersburg. The club from the hometown of Russian President Vladimir Putin entered only indirectly on the circumstances. “Due to a difficult family situation, the player asked the association for premature contract resolution,” said the association. The club thanked the defender for his use: “We wish the family and friends of Yaroslav Rakitskyi genuinely all the best and, of course, hope for a reunion on the football field.” Rakitskyi was changed in January 2019 from the Ukrainian Top Club Schachtar Donetsk to St. Petersburg. He graduated from club information since then 108 games in which he scored 7 goals.