Rettig restored criticism of Uli Hoeneß

Football official Andreas Rettig once again criticized UPI Honey for his declarations about hosts Qatar soon before the World Cup begin.

To think that the females of FC Bayern are flying there and the development of lady’s football in Qatar is using up fast journey, stated Rettig: There are really no lady’s national team getting involved. They are no longer in the FIFA Noted world rankings since they do not play games at all.

The nonsense that Mr. Honey transfers in regard to female’s football is recognizable and demonstrably s watering, said the former managing director of the German Football League in the interview of the FC Play fair!, An Association for Integrity and Sustainability in Football.

The King of the Human Silicon and the Qatar lobbyist

Rettig does not believe that the World Cup in Qatar can make positive things in Qatar.

For Rettig, the World Cup in the Emirate, which is slammed, among other things, since of the human rights circumstance, is the outright low point of turbo commercialization. The 59-year-old wants to look at practically no World Cup games on TV and rather go to the bars that do not carry out the motto in my club.

Modifications would only be achieved by civil societies, however the approximately 300,000 Qatari an citizens would have an expensive high requirement of living and would live as in the land of promise. I can’t see why a will to change should happen there.


For Rettig, the World Cup in the Emirate, which is criticized, to name a few things, since of the human rights situation, is the absolute low point of turbo commercialization. The discharge would acknowledge the values of sold for every1. The 59-year-old wants to look at practically no World Cup video games on television and instead go to the bars that do not carry out the slogan in my pub.

Rettig and Honey had already been verbally clashed at the end of September when the honorary president of FC Bayern Munich spontaneously contacted the program Doppelpass by 1 and the criticism of Qatar as overstated and, as a visitor, Rettig present as King of the hypocritical had described. Honey then called a Qatar lobbyist.

Rettig does not think that the World Cup in Qatar can make favorable things in Qatar, for instance. I am not familiar with a major ing event that has actually led to positive social modifications. On the contrary. When we look at China or Russia, stated the former s director of second department FC St. Pauli.


HSV beats the KSC and stands in the DFB Cup

The HSV started sweeping in the sold-out Volksparkstadion. StartTelf debutant Chakvetadze, compared to the 2: 3 in the northernBy against Werder Bremen next to Gyamerah and Kinsombi one of three new players in the team (Heyer, rice and Alidou had to be on the bench), closed in the first minute not harmless to the goal away. With increasing playing time, the KSC got the action better under control and put needle tiles, while the Hamburgers – especially in the last third – mistakes.

Error chains at HSV: Heuer Fernandes Patzt

The KSC also came to counterclockwise. For the guests, which started after 1: 1 against Schalke 04 with Kobald for Gondorf, Goller almost scored the lead. Since Schonlau rescued Fernandes for his beaten keeper this year (19.) and that after the next tempo shot against Choi parished (21.), but it remained at the draw.

But just before the break, the KSC scored the 1: 0. Heise zired a free-kick past the weak wall and converted Henwer Fernandes to his towart errors (40th). Despite the field superiority of the households, the lead was not undeserved, since only Glatzel at HSV once caused a danger (24.) and KSC goalkeeper Gersbeck was never tested before pause bar. The pressing of the KSC meanwhile worked.

Both top strikers meet within two minutes

After change, the 25,000 spectators did not have to wait long on goals. The numerous HSV fans suffered a shock: Because HEUER Fernandes had a shot of Wanitzek slapped forward, Hofmann increased in striker manner (50th). This time, however, the reds found an answer: Glatzel completed strongly by head to the connection goal (52.).

With the first scored gate in the back, the hosts were getting stronger and sparked pressure. Jatta’s shot walked head at the angle (63.).

HSV gets discontent penalty: tunnel shouting

A little later, it came for the KSC Knüpppeldick: After a duel between Kobald and Glatzel, Referee Felix Zwayer decided on penalty (68.). This also stopped a check of the Var and the look of the referee on the monitor. However, despite the following yellow-red card for Kobald, the Baden remained in the lead: Gersbeck parished the moderate penalty of coat (72nd).

Double Packer Glatzel saves HSV – extension

Penalty thriller! | Hamburger SV vs. Karlsruher SC 5-4 Pens | Highlights | DFB-Pokal Quarter-Final

In the final phase, Jatta once again dangerous (75.), despite the offensive change, the HSV Gersbeck and Co. also did not embarrass the longness. In the detention time, brave fighting guests from Karlsruhe were but still overcome because Glatzel reacted thoughtless and laced the double pack (90. + 1). Thus, it was in the extension.

In this time hardly played a lot of play. Both teams could barely pass the defense series. Of course, above all, the KSC was demanded in the subnumberous defensive, but the guests sought the way forward. Keeper Gersbeck saved even strongly against coat (104th) at the end of the first half of the extension. It should remain the only good scorchance in a competitive phase to the penalty shootout.

KSC scouts three penalties in a row

In this HSV-Keeper Heuer Fernandes to the Hero developed: He held the attempts of Wanitzek and Van Rhijn, while at HSV all players met to Schlau. According to Glatzels Cool, O’Shaghnessy had pressure – and awarded as a third KSC actor in a row when he met the post. Therefore, the HSV also pulled a round after the third penalty shootout in the DFB Cup and is in the semifinals.

The HSV guests in the second league on Saturday evening (20.30 clock) at the 1st FC Nuremberg. The Karlsruher SC is already a guest on Saturday afternoon (13.30 clock) at St. Pauli.