Discover the Magical Heritage of Hogwarts: Learn How to Get and Use Spells to Transform Your Room and Vivaria

There are several spells in Hogwarts’s Heritage, but not one of them makes your room and vivaria as beautiful as witchcraft spells.
You can create several items using these spells, in accordance with your game needs.
The witchcraft system is unique and interesting.
This allows you to change the appearance of vivariums and necessary premises in accordance with your needs.
You will have complete control over the type of furniture, jewelry and other amenities.
So, let’s find out what things we can personalize using Hogwarts Legacy Conjunctions.

How witchcraft works in the Ho tarts Heritage

Spells can be used to create furniture for your room in the Hogwarts legacy room to satisfy functional and decorative needs.
The objects found inside the vivaria can also be configured using witchcraft spells.
You can rotate, remain or even change the size of the furniture so that it fits perfectly into your room.


Due to the problems with the budget, you will encounter a limitation on the number of articles that you can create using a witchcraft spell.
But various methods of configuring elements compensate for the restrictions.

This means that you can change one article in several ways, making it new and attractive to the eyes.

how to get and use witchcraft spells

You can purchase witchcraft spells in two ways, but in most cases you will have to rely on the purchase of spells from volumes and scrolls store.
You need to unlock Hogs mid before going to the store in this area.
Visit a store to purchase new witchcraft recipes and learn several valuable spells.
Use these recently received spells to create things that will help you achieve your goals.
The second method allows you to get secret witchcraft recipes, moving in Hogwarts’s heritage.
You will encounter several quests, including breaking the side of the camp and main hogs mid, which give you several witchcraft spells.
In addition, you may encounter several NPCs that will teach you the new witchcraft spells.

How to increase the budget of witchcraft

There are several quests and missions that have something to do with the room.
You need to complete all those to progress.
This guarantees that your budget for created items in Hogwarts Legacy will increase, which will allow you to create more individual items for the room.
You can easily track your witchcraft budget, since whenever you use a spell to create any object, a tab that indicates your budget appears on the right side of the screen.
This limit will increase, so be patient and enjoy the game of Hogwarts Legacy.
You will encounter two types of witchcraft spells.
One for the room, and the other for a vivarium.
Both spells have the same basic purpose, since they enhance the beauty of both places, creating several things that can be used differently.