Do I need to change characters in Gotham Knights?

Gotham Knights allows players to play for four knights who trained Batman. In Gotham Knights, players take on the role of four knights trained by Batman. Recently Creative Director Patrick Redding and Producer Fleur Marty met with IGN to discuss the game and how much freedom you have in the one you choose.

Can I play for the same knight in Gotham Knights throughout the passage?

You can play as any knight You want anyway . Redding explained that they wanted players to switch between characters, when they want, but recognized that some would have a special connection with one knight over others. Thus, players can play the whole game with one knight or switch them when they want.

Because in the game there are so many improvements and settings, it is good news. If you were allowed to improve one of the knights, but then forced to play for the other you did not update, it would ruin the pace and immersion in the game.

Of the four knights, most players have a favorite, and this is perhaps the most popular assistants who have ever had at Batman:

Northwin – Original Robin, Dick Grayson from Volati Grayson.

  • Red Cap – once it was believed that the second Robin, Jason Todd, was killed by Joker.
  • Bat Girl – Barbara Gordon, daughter Jim Gordon, who before his death was the Gotam Police Commissioner.
  • Red Robin – Third Robin, Tim Drake, almost the same good detective, like Batman himself.

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