Nagelsmanns finger tie on Nanzou: “He is not 18 more”

In just over four months, the time of Niklas Süle ends at FC Bayern, so long awaits Julian Nagelsmann still the full performance willingness of the future Dortmunders. How is it going? Who gets the FC Bayern? Or is the finish started internally?

With Tanguy Nianzou, a defender until 2024 is under contract, which has since its release-free change from Paris Saint-Germain in the summer 2020 neither under Hansi Flick still under Nagelsmann has received a lot of playing time. And for that, the current Bayern coach also has a statement: “Tanguy is a talent,” said Nagelsmann on Friday. “Nevertheless, he is now in an old age… he is not 18 more.”

Between “outstanding” and “Hair-raising”

In summer, the paris-born U-20 international in France 20. “Defense players”, says Nagelsmann, “must always be the great headline over a performance.”

The Story Of Julian Nagelsmann - From Youth Player To Star Coach

What Nianzou “still” is not the case. “He always has moments where he plays outstanding passports in midfield, where he has a very good player opening. But he has always situations where he makes hair-raising mistakes.” By way of example, Nagelsmann named a scene on the 19th match day in Cologne, where Nianzou had only been replaced in the 75th minute. In general, he comes to eleven Bundesliga inserts in this Bundesliga season, but only one from the beginning. In the first leg against Cologne (long awaits note 3.5), Nianzou, who has the worst bouleth ratio from all Bavaria defenders and most commonly commits a foul, replaced at halftime, over 90 minutes he was only allowed on the 4th Champions League Matchday against Benfica (5: 2, Note 3) Ran.

Therefore, Nagelsmann took himself in the duty: “As a coach, you have to attach certain things to the flag.” Nianzous non-existent rhythm about. In the summer, when Nagelsmann just started in Munich, the training time had been limited, “First of all, we had to get used to each other” and “deliver the necessary results”. For Nianzou unfavorable: “You have to be stable as a player to get the playing time. And then it is a little devil’s circle that you develop a bit less because it does not give this season and the reliability is not really screwed up. That is not screwed up is always a certain ridge hike, and from this devil’s circle, the player has to rid itself a bit of itself by fixing the reliability and works on these things. “

Trainer praises aggressiveness and will

A clear finger of the coach, who also certified the 19-year-old but also a “quite, very good”: “This aggressiveness of defending this unconditional will. And in his job title is in the end – whether that is central, half or central defender is – definitely the word Deidiger. In Europe, in Europe, there is not quite as many who really want to defend. “

The “whole generation” of the modern inside Deidiger would nagelsmann, the quotation mark in the air painted, prefer to change in “interior opener” or “player opener”. And that’s why I think that he “, so Nianzou,” this job title is fair “. Only the risk must minimize Nanzou and “go more in the direction of reliability”. Because, “You have to always feel like a coach,” you can do it, and nothing happens’. If that’s because the end of the day is preparing a gate or not, myself is not a shit. It is important to me none for the opponent prepared. “