Sony Beats Xbox in Length | A Comprehensive Comparison

Sony and Microsoft have actually released their brand-new quarterly figures.
In direct contrast it ends up being clear: Even if the Xbox has acquired popularity in current years, versus Sony Microsoft still has no possibility with his console.
A minimum of if you compare the sales of the 2 celebrations.

a concern of cash: PlayStation is far in front of the Xbox

With the Xbox Series and Game Pass, Microsoft has handled to protect a place in the hearts of many gamers over the last few years.


In basic, you have the feeling that more and more individuals are now selecting up the Xbox and turning their back on the PlayStation.
This ought to likewise be due to the price boost of the PS5 and the absence of availability of the Sony console.

The latter now seems to have actually lastly been conquered.
Is this outcome also reflected in the sales figures of the business?
Existing files from Sony and Microsoft provide info.
In 2022, Microsoft was able to make $15.56 billion with the Xbox division-an extreme decrease compared to the previous year.
Sony, on the other hand, has a sales of $24.41 billion in the very same duration (source: Steamtown).
Here, too, sales decreased slightly compared to the previous year-by around $200 million-but not as strong similar to the Xbox.
With this outcome, Sony lies around 57 percent prior to Microsoft’s gaming division in terms of sales.
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PS5 vs. Xbox Series: Who is at the front?
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Sales figures PS5 vs. Xbox Series: Microsoft is covered

However the sales figures are not the only metric in which one could measure the success of the two challengers.
The sales figures for Xbox Series and PS5 would likewise provide an essential indication of the popularity of the consoles.
Just Sony plays with open cards.
Far, around 32.1 million PS5 consoles have been offered.
Neither PS5 nor Xbox Series have a possibility against the old consoles when it pertains to bare sales:
Microsoft, on the other hand, is quiet on this topic.
Nevertheless, it is currently presumed that Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X have now sold over 20 million times.
However, there are no official figures, they are only quotes (source: chart).