Africa-Cup: Cameroon Sports Ministers Minister calls details about mass panic

A “reckless” open stadium gate has probably led to the deadly mass panic at the Africa Cup in Cameroon.

This gave Camerun’s Sports Ministers Minister Narcisse Moellelle Kombi on Friday on a press conference. Previously, it had been declared that a closed stadium gate led to the tragedy in which eight people came around.


The Stadiontor was apparently closed by the security forces “in the face of the onslaught of spectators temporarily closed, although other entry gates were in operation,” said Combi: “Overwhelmed by the onslaught of people, the security forces have made the ruthless decision to open the Southor, which to open to one Crowded. “

In addition to the death victims there were 38 injured – seven of them, according to the Ministry of Health, was difficult. The mass panic before the game between host cameroon and the comoros on Monday evening occurred at the stadium gates where the last ticket controls should take place.