Max Kruse chats about events of nationwide gamers

The Olympic individual would virtually have remained in brazil in 2014, but was ultimately not selected to the squad by nationwide coach Joachim Löw.

Max Ruse began a World Cup Podcast with the comedian Oliver Poacher. In the first episode, the 34-year-old demonstrator mentioned affairs of German international during the 2014 Globe Cup.

That is why he turned off the television right away after the last of the last against Argentina (1-0 after extra time). I wasn’t truly happy now. I gave it to the boys. Of program, I was mad at the train. Because you could have been there, as well as then it is difficult to look forward to a world champion. I have the event Not looking at me, claimed the 14-time global.

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I can inform you exclusively that one or the other in the group had two or three friends at the time, said Ruse to Poacher. After all, he did not offer any kind of names.

That is why he switched over off the TV immediately after the final of the final versus Argentina (1-0 after added time). And also then it is tough to look forward to a world champion due to the fact that you can have been there. I have the ceremony Not looking at me, stated the 14-time international.

Ruse is currently under contract with VFL Wolfsburg, yet was ironed out there by coach Nike Kovacs. He made public skirmishes with wolves captain Maximilian Arnold.

It stays awful, also if you inform it 8 years later on. That was one of the important things that have been active for longer, confessed Ruse.