FC Schalke 04: That says Kramer regarding the exchange

But after 67 minutes there was a change end for the ex-Kölner, head coach Frank Kramer chose to replace. For Dealer, striker Sebastian Porter entered into the game, which had been recuperated for VFL last period. An excellent decision, Porter made a 3-1 final score in added time.

Due to the fact that there was difficulty about scorer Dominick Dealer. It was the midfielder who had brought the royal blue in the home game versus Bochum after 38 minutes. The 32-year-old likewise encouraged, that repetitively promoted the attack game in the first round.

Take a breath a sigh of alleviation at FC Schalke 04 after the initial win of the season in the Bundesliga! But after the 3: 1 (1: 0) in the area duel versus VFL Bochum, S04 was not pleased all over.

Nonetheless, the decision was anything but well obtained by Dealer. The professional went normally towards Schalke-Bank, where he altered some words with team manager Gerald Samoa.


Kramer: That would certainly be unfortunate

It was typical that his midfielder was disappointed about the alternative and also intended to proceed playing in this warmed environment. Kramer revealed that you can recreate the scene once more: You can discuss it one more time.

The Schalke fitness instructor validated his action: After that Dome likewise understands that some things went well. We are delighted that a team can not just win with eleven men, yet likewise add something to it. Everything has worked totally.

It was the midfielder who had brought the royal blue in the house video game versus Bochum after 38 mins. The 32-year-old likewise persuaded, that repetitively promoted the strike game in the initial round.

Head train Frank Kramer after that downplayed the mad reaction of his goal marker. After the video game you look onward to slapping and also takes your arms, priced estimate the WAS the 50-year-old: It would be negative if I changed a player who hugs me and states: ‘Thank God Did you take me down.’ That would certainly be sad.

For Dealer, demonstrator Sebastian Porter came right into the game, which had actually been recouped for VFL last season. Head coach Frank Kramer after that played down the mad response of his goal marker.

After Dealer’s lead objective, Simon Roller (51st) had actually brought Bochum back right into play in the meantime, however Ethan Masonic subsequently underwent a bitter very own goal (73.) before Porter made everything clear shortly before the end.


Ponomarevs lawsuit, an offshore

Sometimes football is very quick. Before the new leadership of the KFC Uerdingen, which was passed in the spring of 2021, the former President and investor of the club, Mikhail Ponomarev, reappeared elsewhere: in Austria’s 2nd league, at Klammen FC Wacker Innsbruck. Ponomarev had meanwhile led the DFB Cup winner from the 5th to the 3rd division from the 5th – but also left a lot of chaos at the KFC. In the end there was an over -indebtedness of almost 8.7 million euros in the books in February 2021.

In the meantime, the Krefeld public prosecutor’s suspicion is pursuing the bankruptcy privacy in the GmbH responsible for the game, while the bankruptcy proceedings of the e.V. has been completed. The takeover of Ponomarev’s KFC shares in spring 2021 by a new investor, the Noah group from Armenia, did not work.

Just a few months later, in July, the Tyrolean daily newspaper said: Ponomarev position of the battered Spielbetriebs-GmbH of FC Wacker Innsbruck at a “survival-essential bridging loan” in the amount of two million euros. But soon it crunched, in January 2022 the Austrian second division announced that he separated from Ponomarev. With the exception of Thomas Kerle responsible for finance, the entire board also resigned. A new team led by Kevin Radi and Bernhard Dornauer moved in, and a company called Blockrock-GmbH should also be involved in Radi and Dornauer. A new investor should be integrated via the block rock: the Stuttgart medical entrepreneur Thomas Kienle.

money apparently did not come – league refuses Wacker license

According to Wacker information, 3 million euros should initially flow in February, which would have been extremely important for the Klammen club. A further 5 million should follow later. Kienle should have received 50 percent on Blockrock GmbH, which in turn should take over almost 50 percent of Innsbrucker Spielbetriebs-GmbH, since the 50+1 rule also applies in Austria. But the money has apparently not come. In the first instance, the Austrian league denied the license, the Alpine Republic is much sharper than, for example, the German football league, which gives its clubs on the way.

After the Innsbruck objection, the league now decided on Wednesday evening: no license, “for financial reasons”, as the club website says. “We are currently examining all options and solutions to appeal against the judgment within the next eight days (deadline for arbitral tribunal, editor’s note). To present and thus obtain admission for the second division, “the new president, Radi, is quoted there.

Kienle confirmed: “License for League 2 or restart in League 3”

All of this looks strange and nebulous. Because last week, after the first -instance refusal of licensing, Kienle showed himself in good spirits: “According to today, FC Wacker Innsbruck will receive the license for the second division, all financial ‘contaminated sites’ are paid and a financial cushion will be present, In order to be able to shape the future organization of the entire association. Then it is up to those responsible to initiate the course for a successful future with the means provided. “

Just a week later, the license is still missing, for financial reasons. So what happened? Didn’t Kienle pay? Or did he pay and the league does not accept the money for whatever reason? Kienle repeatedly compared to the Wacker: “Wacker Innsbruck will either receive the license for League 2 or start a restart in League 3. All debts are paid and the association will be equipped with sufficient capital for the next few years.” He does not want to go into detail at the current time. In any case, the situation looks threatening for the club itself. So far, five players have dissolved their contracts after the association could not meet a deadline to pay salary residues.

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Ponomarev complains against Wacker

Once donors in Uerdingen, now plaintiffs against Wacker Innsbruck: Mikhail Ponomarev. Imago images/photo stand

And it could come even thicker for the new board members. In the meantime, Ponomarev is complaining to Wacker Innsbruck GmbH at the Innsbruck Regional Court, as a spokesman for the court confirms to the Wacker. There seems to be an amount openly from the bridging loan that the former KFC investor had made available and which should be replaced with his departure. As the plaintiff, Ponomarev’s Austrian company “Private Capital Partners Holding” appears. Spicy: It is based in Vienna, just like AVIO GmbH. This is the – reasonably puzzling – company through which the Armenian Noah group had wanted to shop in the KFC Uerdingen before moving back pretty unexpectedly.

Shortly afterwards, Ponomarev suddenly appeared as a lender in Innsbruck. But not only the Viennese company played a role in this bridging business, but also an offshore company according to Wacker information: the “Mentaro Trading & Investments Ltd.” By seat on the British Virgin Islands. Ponomarev did not answer why he returned to a company from the tax paradise at the business in Austria. He also left open questions. The Krefeld public prosecutor said that neither the Viennese company nor those of the Caribbean have so far become important or known for the local investigations. Not excluded that this still changes.