“Disabled games, investment for all of us”

The National Rehabilitation Service provides a manual to help us use the elderly and disabled games. The National Rehabilitation Center has published ‘Everyone’s game, value game self-help meeting, “for improving game access to the elderly and disabled people on the 9th. Anyone can freely use the data of the National Rehabilitation Center.

Game Accessibility means that people with a variety of disorders or difficulties are to access the game to access or enjoy the unnecessary barriers. By increasing the game access, basically, hardware and software for gameplay are designed and fabricated to use various physical, mental characteristics and constraints for gameplay. Considering the specifications of a variety of devices, increasing compatibility, considering various play environments, building a variety of play environments, as well as building intuitive and easy interfaces, so it is not only a disabled, but also to all benefits.

The researchers are not only for the current disabilities group. We all have a limitation of physical ability, and may also be temporary or permanently experienced physical and mental changes due to unexpected incidents and accidents. ” “Therefore, to change the world so that everyone can enjoy the game without restriction, we all explained that we all enjoy the game freely and get a future pleasure.”

The manual is composed of a total of six. Chapter 1 describes the background to which this manual is published through an introduction to the self-help group. In addition, a basic environment setting prepared to play a game that has been participating in the self-help meeting is prepared to play the game. In Chapter 2, five brain lesions and their families have participated in the self-help meetings and introduce how they have played the game, and put the game on how to play games. Chapter 3 deals with training to ensure that the correct attitude and switch settings, settings, and equipment use are covered prior to starting the game.

Chapter 4 introduces the use of game machines and contents such as Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, iPad, and mobile games. Chapter 5 introduces the kind of game aids and use of a game aid that helps you easily access the game by connecting with the game machine. Chapter 6 analyzed the experiences of disabled people and their families who played games through self-help meetings. And anyone suggests that a variety of subjects should have to do for the world that can play games.

Home and Community Based Services HCBS What Are They and Why They Are Important? June 2021
Research ‘s research and development projects have been conducted from January to October last year. In the study, the cerebral palsy of the hand, hand operations, cognitive and visual abnormalities have been involved in the cerebral palsy between 15 and 25 years. The study was that family, games, treatment, education and psychological professionals were together for 10 months. Participating experts are Kaist Doyogy Professor, Professor, Department of Thermal Medicine, Department of Therapeutics, Medicine, and Kyung – Ki, and Kyung – Hwan Hwangho Special School.

According to the study, our game is difficult to access disabled compared to overseas consoles. The researchers are “Xbox, Playstations, and Nintendo Switches,” We offer a right convenience in terms of visual, hearing, body, and cognition. “I have analyzed it.” The researchers suggested that we have to discuss our game access.