Former PlayDead ADV SomedVille 5 new works & VAMPIRE SURVIVORS Xbox version new! Xbox / PC GAME PASS lineup in the first half of November 2022

On November 1st, Microsoft published a lineup added in the first half of November 2022 on the Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass subscription service, where hundreds of titles games are unlimited. Did.

SF ADV 5 new works such as GHOST SONG and Somerville

This time, as a new work that will be supported from the first day of the release, Taiwanese pirates are the leading action adventure The Legend of Finding , and dangerous planets Ghost Song , Soccer Club Management Simulation Football Manager 2023 / Football Manager 2023 Console , RPG Sentiment in the 16th century Germany stage, and the end of the Somerville set in the end of the world. Five are scheduled to be delivered.


The Legend of Finding , which is currently being distributed from November 1, is 2D developed by Taiwanese CGCG, depicting Taiwanese 廖 丁 as a pirate that existed in the early 20th century. Single play action adventure in horizontal screen format.

This work is compatible with PC/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/Cloud. The play report when the PC / Switch version appeared in 2021 is now available.

GHOST SONG , which is scheduled to be distributed from November 3rd, is a dead suit that wakes up from a long pause in satellite Dorian, and adventures a world where dangerous aliens are lurking. Play action adventure.

It is said that it is influenced by metroidvania due to power-up elements such as obtaining close and remote weapons and customization by module. Compatible with PC/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/Cloud.

Football Manager 2023 , which will be distributed from November 8, is a series of single and multiplayer-compatible simulation developed by Sports Interactive, which runs a soccer club and aims to win.

The custom version of Football Manager 2023 Console , which specializes in the transfer market, tactical board, and pitch, is also distributed simultaneously. Continuing from the previous work, it also supports the sharing of play data between Xbox and Microsoft Store PC. The compatible platform is Football Manager 2023 only for PCs. Football Manager 2023 Console can be played on PCs and clouds in addition to Xbox.

Sentiment scheduled to be distributed on November 15 is Grounded and the past Fallout: New Vegas , which are officially formulated in October and being distributed to GAME PASS. A historical mystery RPG set in Germany in the early 16th century given by Obsidian Entertainment, which developed.

As an illustration painter, the player approaches the conspiracy of a serial murder case that shows a different story development depending on the choice. The target platform is PC/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/cloud.

The Somerville scheduled to be distributed on November 15 is the developer of Limbo and Inside , the developer of Limbo and Inside . A single play adventure in the end of the world developed by JUMPS HIP, which was established by Dino Patti.

In this journey, which aims to reunite a family, it will elucidate the mystery of visitors from aliens. This work can be played on PC/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One.

The Xbox version of the popular action vampire survivors is being distributed

From November 10, the Xbox version will be added to Vampire Survivors , which is currently supporting PC Game Pass and officially distributed by Microsoft Store PC version.

November 1st

November 3rd

November 8th

November 10th

November 15th

For details on how to join Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass that can be used from 850 yen per month (100 yen for the first month), you can check the list of compatible titles here. Click here for how to use the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, which allows you to play not only on PCs and game consoles but also with the corresponding speed online line and smartphone or tablet device.