How to increase the level of fractions in the cycle: Frontier

In Cycle: Frontier there are three different fractions that offer powerful equipment and awards. Of course, you will look forward to receiving all this equipment. However, for this you will need to increase your reputation in order to increase the level of fractions.

The next guide will indicate some methods of increasing the level of fractions in The Cycle: Frontier. It is better to start early, because in the end you will return to the faction for their awards.

How to increase the level of fractions in the cycle: Frontiers

There are several ways to increase the level of fractions in The Cycle: Frontiers.

The first and rather obvious way is to fulfill all the missions of the campaign associated with the fraction, the level of which you want to increase.

Secondly, refrain from the disposal of any objects that you will find on the planet. Instead, you can sell these items of the fractions to get their blessing and reputation points.


If you want to increase the level of fraction as quickly as possible, there are some tips that need to be followed when performing the campaign missions.

As for fractions with a high level of strength, note that you can choose and activate up to three missions from one faction. This makes the collection and retention of objects much more effective to fulfill all three missions at a time.

In addition, you can always keep 3 piles of each item with you. This will help you hand over them as soon as the mission is unlocked. Therefore, saving you from re-launch.

Finally, sell everything that you will find on the planet to increase the level of your chosen fraction. The only exception to you should do is to preserve your active quest objects (obvious) and craft materials that will enter your armor and improving investments.


A special chainsaw man will arrive next week

While we hope that the second part of the sleeve of _ chainsaw man _ comes to our hands in the summer of this year, it has been revealed that Tatsuki Fujimoto, Mangaka responsible for this work, already has a special 200-page Ready to be published next week.

According to Shihei Lin, editor who worked at chainsaw Man, on April 11, a special 200-page of this work will arrive at the Site and the application of Shonen Jump + in Japan. At the moment there is no information about A translation into Spanish or another language, but considering that the special prior of this type of Fujimoto came to Manga Plus in various languages, is very likely that this is repeated again.

Out of the date of premiere, the only detail we have about the story, is that will be starring a female character, for what we could see Makima, Power, Quanxi, Himeno, Rez, or even Kobeni. In the same way, it is unknown if this will be a prologue for the expected second part of the manga, or a story that develops in this world, but without relation to Denji and company.

We just have to wait until April 11 so that our doubts have an answer. In the same way, At some point of this year, the anime of chainsaw Man will be transmitted, which is in charge of Mappa. On related topics, this is how the Gallery of Chainsaw Man is seen in Paris. In the same way, the last season of attack on titan will have a third.

Official Manga Trailer | Chainsaw Man, Vol. 1 | VIZ

Editor’s note:

Considering that almost two years have passed since the last chapter of chainsaw Man, I am excited to see what Fujimoto is ready for us. Along with this, the second part of the sleeve and adaptation to the anime will arrive this year, so 2022 is a great year to be a fan of chainsaw Man.