Jim Ryan says that more than 200 Publishers will arrive at the new PS Plus

During the last days, the conversations surrounding PlayStation have turned around to the new PLUS , which will enter into a function next June. In this way, Jim Ryan, CEO de Sie, recently appeared at the Official PlayStation podcast, this with the aim of providing more information about this service .

In the talk of him, Ryan defended the new PS Plus, pointing out that This service will have the participation of large and small publishers throughout the industry . While a specific number was not provided, the CEO mentioned that more than 200 companies will be present here. This was what he commented on:

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“I can assure you that we have all the big publishers participating in the program; We have all the great names present. We have large publishers, but also small independent publishers. We have more than 200 partners who work with us to take their content to PlayStation Plus, so the alignment will be really solid. “

Out of names like marvel’s spider-man and miles moral, turnal and god of war, we still do not know the list of games that will be part of the new PlayStation Plus during its launch. Although Ryan talks about more than 200 Publishers, is more than sure that this promise is not a day one , and spend some time before seeing an extensive list of Third Party companies in this service.

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Editor’s note:

It will be interesting to see what kind of offer by Third Party studies we will see in the new PS Plus. Although it is certain that several first-class Indies are present, they are the proposals of the large companies that most call attention, and have seized the rumors of the fans.