Fortnite Today the live starts

FORTNITE runs today, on December 4, the big live event to the end of Chapter 2 (Season 8) and the start of Chapter 3. We show you when the event starts and at what time your Debase should be.

What is this for an event? At the end of a season or a chapter, Fortnite regularly launches great live events. Players can participate in Fortnite at the same time and experience the event together or watch it in the stream at the great Fortnite Streamers and pursue their reactions live on the spectacle.

When will the live event start? Today, on December 4, the big live event runs before the start of Chapter 3. At 22:00 German time you can participate in the event. This time confirms Fortnite even with a countdown you will find with you in the lobby and also on the map.

Game mode The end — so take part

You can join in: Anyone who wants to live the event live in the game should log in time. Depending on how big the rush is, it could come to crowded servers, which could bring queues.

To the final of Chapter 2, there will be an event mode called the end (the end). You will not be able to start this mode from 21:30. He can accommodate up to 16 players.

Can you repeat this? No. The end is a unique event and offers itself no option for repetition. If you want to re-view the end of Chapter 2 later, you should record it yourself or rely on video on YouTube. We will share a video for the event on Mango here.

You get gifts: as a reward for your participation in the end event, you get a special charging screen and a painting. The fight against the dice queen is worthwhile for you.

Streams to the live event The end in front of Chapter 3

Here you can watch: If you do not have the opportunity to pursue the live event in the game, then you can also watch the great Fortnite Streamers.

Twitch Stream EU Sphere
Twitch stream to loser fruit
Twitch stream to Ninja


What happens to the live event the end?

This is known: Fortnite itself already released a teaser trailer for the end. You expect a fight against the cube queen. This initiates the end of Chapter 2 and the start of chapter 3.

In the trailer we see armed characters like Scale, which opposes courageously of the cube queen.

The queen threatens to destroy the map from Chapter 2. So it is well possible that the entire card is destroyed or completely changed at the event. So there would be a brand-new map in Chapter 3 Season 1.

There are also some leaks that deal with the end of the Fortnite Map. There are trailers that show how it could go on with a new map in Chapter 3.

Others talk about that there is again a black hole event and then to reach Fortnite a few days. Such an event had been Fortnite once in 2019 as after the end and before the start of a Season only a black hole could be seen and nobody could play.

How can you join the big live event today? Do you look at the spectacle yourself in the game or are you rather in a live stream and looks at your favorite Creator with many other spectators? Write us your opinion here on Mango in the comments.