HBOs ambitious work, Last of Earth live action video for the first time

The video of ‘The Last of Earth’ TV drama, which has been silent for a while, has finally been released.

On the 22nd, HBO, a premium broadcasting station in the United States, unveiled a new video of its own streaming service, HBO Max. The video, which was released on the official YouTube channel of HBO Max, introduced several topics, including the Steel Cut of The Last of Earth Drama. Although shooting scenes have been leaked in the meantime, this is the first time that a scene of a drama has been officially revealed.

In the video, Pedro Pascal, who appeared in the drama ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Narcos’, and ‘Mandal Lorian’, and Eli’s played by Bella Ramsey, who played Ryanna Mormont in the Game of Throne, also played the role of ‘Game of Throne’. You can see it. It also includes crossing the snowy bridge, the scene of Joel teaches the shooting by holding the gun to Eli, and the situation where Joel runs away from the attacks of the infected people with Eli. In view of the entire video, it is also worth noting that ‘The Last of Earth’ is being dealt with as much as it is as HBO Max’s work.


Details will be released later on the details of the Last of Earth Drama.