Hamburg SVs Volksparkstadion Hosts The Sea Devils For Their Opening Elf 2023 Home Game

A cooperation with the HSV makes it possible for: The video game in between the Hamburg Sea Devils and the Than Fire from Düsseldorf will be played on June 11th in the Volksparkstadion.


There the Sea Devils had played their home games in NFL Europe in between 2005 and 2007.
This fulfills a big dream, and our thanks go to the HSV accountable, who actively support us in implementing at all levels. Something is clear: this will be a day that no one will forget, stated Max Spaatz, General Manager of
Sea Devils.
HSV sports director Jonas Bold is looking forward to the very first highlight of the European League of Football: I would like a terrific backdrop and a strong indication of the sports city of Hamburg. In view of the Sea Devils story in the Volkmar, you could state: Football’s getting back!

Of course, this advancement can also be seen with benevolence at the league.
When it was founded in 2021, the objective was to play in the biggest and most gorgeous stadiums in Europe.
We see it as a milestone for the league, and it proudly satisfies us to be able to host a video game of the Routine Season in an outstanding arena as the Volksparkstadion in the third year of the League of League, said eleven handling director Hello Arabica.
The HSV is an incredibly strong partner, and we hope that this joint occasion with the Sea Devils also ends up being a design for other locations.
Locations are readily available in eleven from the third season 17 from nine countries.
With the Munich Ravens (Germany), Milano Sesame (Italy), Prague Lions (Czech Republic), Helvetic Guards (Switzerland), Federal Dethrones (Hungary) and Paris Saints (France), 6 new groups start.
The Istanbul Rams recently announced their retreat.
The brand-new season starts on June 3.
The National championship will happen on September 24th in Duisburg.
The first last locations were Düsseldorf and Klagenfurt.
There the Sea Devils had actually lost the final.

February 202301: 17: 16 hours

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FC Bayern Not Bayern Like Ripe counts defense

When FC Bayern moved 35 million euros to the VfB Stuttgart in the summer of 2019 in the summer of 2019 to secure the services of Benjamin Award, not a few experts marvel. However, AWARD became the right to the regular player right away, with the dealers won the triple and justified the high transfer. In the meantime, however, the 25-year-old Frenchman is increasingly confronted with criticism.

2021/22 Benjamin Award is not yet one of the constants at Bavaria, undisputed tribal force as long as Hans Flick is the world champion from 2018 under Julian Nagelsmann, at least by far no longer. For reporter virgin Marcel Mature no surprise. Perfect, the 72-year-old can not win the performance of the defense player.

Award is a changing question mark, opens mature in the picture podcast Ripe is live. Award has already become world champion, but have outstanding games delivered, but then again and again a runner, from which nothing comes from — neither forward nor back.

Award could not be described in these games at best as a good, by no means Bayern-like, so ripe in the run-up to the upcoming Bundesliga summit between Borussia Dortmund and Serial Master FC Bayern.

Star of FC Bayern not so lapidary replaceable

In the duel with the worst pursuer, FC Bayern has to do without Midfield Leader Joshua Gimmick, which is still in quarantine after a corona infection. For ripe quite a big disadvantage. No team in the world can simply replace a Gimmick in top form so lapidary, is mature safe.

Whether the FC Bayern can cope with the failure, will show on Saturday from 18:30. The BVB is ultimately no less than the spreadsheet on the game. However, the Munich is likely to travel with massive self-confidence in the Purport. Of the last nine league games, the record champion won eight.