[e -sports trend] Is it a profit or a real? Double Lift LCS Rumor Rumors

tory is a series of corners that can collect important news in the e-sports industry last week. In addition to the news of the entire e-sports industry in Korea and abroad, we introduce various information and stories such as domestic e-sports-related events and policies, issues of the fan community, and news of each game team. In addition, we will also inform the domestic and overseas e-sports competition scheduled this week.

■ News of e-sports at home and abroad

◎ LCS Legend ‘Double Lift’ Rumor
There was a foreign report that ‘Double Lift’, the legend of -LCS, will break the two-year gap and return to the professional scene. Double Lift, who announced his last retirement in TSM in 2020, has been loved by local fans through his straightforward criticism of LCS while acting as a streamer. As he reports that he may return to LCS, LCS fans are responding positively, and there is an expectation that his return will help LCS ratings.

◎ Nixon, K-League 2022 Grand Prize Award
-Nixon received an audit award for the K-League. Since the beginning of the year, Nixon has joined hands with the Korea Professional Football Federation to formalize the youth soccer support project ‘Ground. N’ of FIFA Online 4. Through this, Nixon conducted various K-League youth-related projects starting with the youth soccer winter training support program in January. The award was recognized for his contribution to the expansion of Nixon’s youth football.

◎ Rolled Cup Final, LCK Civil War
-2022 Rolled Cup semi-finals, T1 defeated the LPL’s JDG and led the LCK civil war after a long time. This has been a good time since 2017. The LCK teams, which had been sluggish in the Rolled Cup for a while, had no connection with the Rolled Cup before and after the 2020 Damon Kia (Damon Gaming). The finals without LCK had also been in a row for two consecutive years. However, this time, the Civil War between the LCK team is scheduled to take place for a long time on the final stage, so it is attracting the attention of domestic fans. On the other hand, the LPL gave the title of the world’s best league, giving the right to advance to the Rolled Cup finals, which had not been missed once since 2018.

◎ RNG sale theory appeared
-LPL popular game team RNG is again involved in the sale. According to rumors, RNG has already been named for auctions several times, and the place that has emerged as a leading owner is byte dance. The Bite Dance is a subsidiary of TikTok, a global short form, and a subsidiary of Mutton, which has been criticized for being too followed by League of Legends. In many ways, fans are interested in rumors that a company that maintains a relationship with Tencent is showing interest in selling RNG.

◎ Challenge the franchise G2, VCT Challengers Circuit?
Even though -G2 was eliminated by the 2023 VCT America franchise, it is still burning the desire for VCT. According to foreign sources, the G2 is trying to participate in the VCT America Challengers. It is already a coach, and the goal is to promote the VCT America League in the top of the league. The G2, meanwhile, was eliminated from the VCT review after former CEO Carlos Rodriguez opened a party with a celebrity known as a female hate. Rodriguez, CEO of the controversy, resigned from the team.

■ This week’s e-sports schedule

■ esports sources

◎ LPL commentator ‘Faker’ LPL misunderstanding
There was a controversy that the -LPL commentator made a remark on the ‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk. When the ‘Faker’ used the flashing in the second set of the T1 and RNG, the commentary ‘Miller’ wrote the remarks. The LPL said, After confirming the scene three times, the remarks were not inappropriate words. The word ‘but’, which is similar in pronunciation and pronunciation, added that Xiao did not blink, but the Faker wrote, he added. The T1’s CEO Joe Marsh also agreed to the LPL’s announcement and the controversy ended.

◎ ‘Faker’ Back Wilson Rumor, North American officials deal with
-‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk had a talk show for rumors that he had been suggested by the LCS game team. They pointed out that ‘Faker’ still did not leave T1 even though he had been offered a large salary from various local leagues as well as LCS. In addition, the rumor of the LCS’s Back Wilson proposal is true, and the maximum two teams have participated here. It is unknown whether their remarks are true.

◎ CARMINE CORP, failure to join LEC
-The news reported that Carmine Corp, a popular team in the French LFL League, failed to join the LEC. The team’s CEO and famous streamer ‘Cameo’ informed them. Carmine Corp is a team that is as popular as LEC’s popular game teams. Former C9 ‘LS’ showed regret through personal broadcasting. I think Riot Games is shooting myself. Carmine Corp’s popularity would have given a lot of positive effects on the success and influence of LEC, which means that he missed it.