## BVB vs. RB Leipzig: Bundesliga LiveTicker – Gregor Kobel out with Muscular Problems

Borussia Dortmund needed to do without Stem keeper and support Gregor Nobel in the Bundesliga leading video game on Friday evening versus Leipzig.
As the club announced on Friday evening, Nobel needed to fit due to muscular problems.
Replacement goalkeeper Alexander Meyer started.
In the setup graphics one hr prior to the beginning of the game, Gregor Nobel was still in package of the black yellow.
There were clearly complications when you warm up.
Muscular issues struck protect against use.
After his muscle mass fiber torn in September, it is the second time that the stammer goalkeeper has to fit troubles as a result of songs.
At that time he was missing seven games in BVB and two in the Swiss National Outfit.
Alexander Meyer represented him in all 7 video games.

In one eighth he was alternative to Nobel at halftime.
The 31-year-old expert pertained to the 5th Bundesliga mission of his profession.
In the 2-1 win of BVB against RB Leipzig, which suggests the lead before FC Bayern Munich at the very least overnight, Meyer executed strongly.
Right before the game, Meyer learned that he would protect the BVB goal, he stated at DAZN.


Greg wished me good luck. For me, it was a jump right into the cold water. We played great football in the very first half and defended really passionately in the second. The team made it very easy for me. It was a great night.
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Even in the run-up to the game it was clear that Donnell would likewise miss out on the game.
In training, he had attracted an impact onto his ankle as well as stopped working with it.

Greg wished me luck. For me, it was a jump into the cold water. We played perfect football in the initial fifty percent as well as defended extremely passionately in the second. It was a wonderful night.