How to Become a Professor in Bitlife: A Step-by-Step Guide

One of the main goals of the test Catch them all is to become a professor in the game.

To do this, you need to contact the universities at the subsequent visit to the higher school.

How to enter graduate school in Bit life

To enter graduate school, you must maintain a good indicator of intelligence above 90 throughout your life.
After entering the school, use learn more diligent annually on the Action tab to improve the intelligence parameter.
In addition, visit the library or join the discussion club to be on the school years.
After graduating from high school, it’s time to go to college.
Apply for specialization in English, they stated mathematics when navigation on the list of available courses in college.
Finish the college with honor using the same option to study more diligent at the university.
The next step will be the admission to graduate school.
Visit the Education tab from the vacancies section and choose the highest school option.
You will be allowed to enter graduate school if you still supported smart statistics above 90.


How to become a professor in Bit life

After graduate from graduate school, the time came to become a professor.
By default, the game does not allow you to become directly, as it requires more than ten years of experience in the educational field.
You can gain this experience by starting as a school teacher or teacher of history.
During this time, you can get a promotion or change work, for example, become an assistant director, the main assistant to the superintendent to put himself in the best position when applying for a professor’s position.
Having gained the necessary experience, you can look for a post called Professor (University District) from the vacancy section.
If you still follow everything strictly, you will successfully pass an interview and become a professor.
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