Woo relocates to Hamburg

Wohlfarth-Bottermann, called Woo, dipped into the MHP Giant Ludwigsburg considering that 2019. Formerly, the center, which had been released out of action for practically two and a half years by a stubborn injury from March 2016, was active in Frankfurt, Ulm and Berlin, likewise played in Rhöndorf and Bonn.

Wohlfarth-Bottermann is to play a crucial duty in the Hanseatic Boter under the new train Raoul Korner (from Bayreuth). In the last few years I have had a particularly protective role-DA my staminas. I make certain, but Raoul can also tease out a lot more out of me, he explains.

Currently he is opening a brand-new chapter in his career with the transfer to the Hamburg Towers: I had 3 actually good years in Ludwigsburg. When the offer originated from Hamburg, I really did not have to assume long. I have the towers in recent times Constantly adhered to with one eye. I am absolutely encouraged of the development and I am extremely satisfied to be part of it from now on, states the beginner.

DBB resurgence is an honor for the Neu-Hamburger

Now he is opening up a new chapter in his career with the action to the Hamburg Towers: I had three truly great years in Ludwigsburg. I have the towers in current years Constantly followed with one eye. I see the nomination for the DBB as an award for my stable growth in current years.


Jonas is currently in the very best facility age. In the previous five years, he has developed right into among the most continuous German huge males in the BBL. With his experience, he will absolutely give the team a lot of security, claims Towers employer the benefits of the 32-year old together.

For Woo there are moving everyday. I see the election for the DBB as an honor for my stable growth in current years.