WM 2022: Julian Alvarez. After the semi-finals he was allowed to compare himself to Pele, now he can become

Julian Alvarez is a 20-year-old footballer from Argentina. He plays for his country and also for Spanish club Atlético Madrid.

Yes, he has currently seen her, his colleagues.
As Julian Alvarez apologized after his Mit-Kopf-Die-Wand objective against Croatia for the meantime 2-0, I could not easily overlook. I just went directly through.
From the middle through the middle with the title collecting, the active 22-year-old was in a hurry.
Just a few weeks after his professional debut for River Plate in October 2018, he was allowed to extend the final 2nd leg of the Copa Libertadores.
Against Archival Boca Juniors, his team kept the edge 3-1 after additional time, at the age of 18 he won his very first title.
In 2019 Alvarez won the Copy Argentina with River Plate, scored 3-0 in the last against Central Córdoba.
2 years later on he commemorated the success in Copa América with Argentina, in the exact same year he was selected top scorer and South America’s footballer of the year.

as an eleven-year-old with one leg on Genuine Madrid

Whatever could have turned out really differently.
None besides Genuine Madrid knocked on Alvarez in 2011, and he finished a successful trial period for the royal.


I played 5 video games at the Pearland tournament and scored two goals. We won the last against Bets and I prepared the goal for 1-0, stated the then eleven-year-old pride La VOZ from Madrid.
I likewise played a Classic against Barcelona.
His daddy Gustavo included: It would be a dream if he could stay. We are a working family. I operate in a grain business and my other half Mariana is a kindergarten instructor.

Alvarez didn’t remain.
Firstly, because the whole family must have relocated to get authorization to change.
On the other hand, nevertheless, Real’s club policy attended to the recruitment of talents from abroad a minimum of up until the age of 13.

The Little Spider has its legs all over

So the assailant that can be used both in the attack center and on the external lane went far for itself at home.
And a nickname.
His older brothers christened him Granite, the little spider because he seemed to have more than two legs.
The Croatian protectors Josie Jurassic and Born Sosa had to painfully discover in the 2-0 that Alvarez ‘bros struck the mark.
The Argentine day-to-day Clarín also discovered a toxin spider for the opponents.
Led by a wonderful Messi and a deadly Alvarez the Albiceleste moved into the final.
The Messi with whom he had actually made a picture together at the age of eleven.
Julian was impressive, he ran, fell into the battle versus everyone, Messi applauded the double goal shooter.
They can end up being world champions together on Sunday.

heavy stand at Man city

And then?
Could in fact land on the bench.
In January 2022, Manchester City obtained the transfer rights, however parked it at Stem River Plate for half a year.
Considering that summer he has also been dipping into the Citizens, who had been his favorite club along with Barcelona.
He doesn’t play that typically.
Erlang Haaland makes life challenging for him.
In the Premier League, Alvarez was only enabled to go 3 times from the start on twelve objectives (3 objectives) and only twice due to the fact that the Norwegian was struck.
It is an opportunity to play with him and gain from him, said the only 1.70 meter high striker in November.
In Qatar, on the other hand, he causes an experience along with Messi.
Alvarez crowned the youngest World Cup double packer in a semi-finals or last since then 17-year-old Pelé in 1958. We play the entire country, he stated after the last.
In any case: In the medium term, Alvarez will not be pleased with the joker function after this World Cup.
Will it ultimately deal with Genuine Madrid once again?
It would fit in some way.
He already understands the training location, Karim Benzema turns 35 the day after the World Cup final.
And young players from South America have likewise impressed the royal commitment of teenager Hendrick for the summer of 2024-ja.