Burning Crusade Classic has opened a raid of the Sun well plateau

The release of fresh content update took place the rage of a solar well for Burning Crusade Classic, as well as a raid of the sun well plateau raid appeared in the game.

Sunwell Plateau Raid Progression So Far, Surprises - World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic

The solar well, the great source of sorceresses, endowed the highest elves for millennia by force, until the death knight Artas attacked their kingdom and defiled this sacred place. The surviving elves, led by Prince Kel’TAS, did not find another way out, except to destroy the ancient source. Over time, the survivors devoid of magic began to experience terrible suffering.

The new raid, intended for 25 players, the Sun well plateau offers Azerot heroes to fight with 6 bosses, including Kalesgos, Brutall, the Prophet, Eredara-twin, M’uuru, and Kil’jeden himself. In order to experience your strength in the new raid, you will not need to carry out preparatory tasks. All bosses on the plateau of the solar well will be immediately available.