Players sell Elden Ring Rings Rune

Like everything in life, people have managed to take a monetary benefit to _ Elden Ring _. A simple search on eBay has revealed that players have begun to sell runes on this site. These items are necessary to level up, and some people are trying to take advantage of all those who do not want to spend hours and hours killing hundreds of enemies by climbing a single level. However, this practice could well boost the accounts that participate in these acts.

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Prices vary on eBay, but we usually find offers as a million runes for $ 10 dollars. When paying, players exchange users, and enter a multiplayer session. Here, the seller releases several bags of runes, and the transaction comes to an end. In most cases, this is a process that is carried out, and many cases of people have been reported It simply stays with money and does not fulfill the deal.

However, This process goes against one of the terms of service that are necessary to accept to play . This is what is mentioned in article 10 of the document shared by Bandai Namco:

“No player will have the right to give, transfer, sell or buy to another, change the name by the name of another, or provide another a garment or other warranty, any of his rights as a player, and articles, characters and saved data Inside the game related to the software that is obtained in the services (including the so-called “real money trade”).

With respect to players who have carried out prohibited acts under this article, the company or third party that provides any of the systems used for services will be entitled, at their discretion, to warn these players, eliminate data recorded from These players, or make these players suspend or cease their use of services. “

Recretely, there are no cases of Baneos by Bandai Namco , but nothing assures that at an unforeseen moment, the Japanese company took a letter in the matter and punishes all those who have participated in these acts. We only have to wait and see how this is developed.

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