Animal crossing: new horizons

Get Ready for Animal Crossing: New Horizons Plush – New Friend of the Island Joining this Summer!

We do not understand if a person remained on this quantity crossing: New Horizons has this sort of resistance, but it is clear that these charming little creatures are going anywhere soon.
They commemorate their appeal continues with an additional cooperation Build-A-Bear.
Yes, you heard us-there will certainly be three charming islanders that you can purchase on the Build-A-Bear internet site.
We understand that are the very first two due to the fact that Isabelle as well as Tom Space have currently appeared in the store and are rapidly exhausted, yet who is the third?
Our hypothesis, like numerous various other, is that OK Strider will certainly make a cozy appearance.


The only downside is that OK would not feature a spotted clothing.
Possibly he would be packed with his guitar?
The last time, the Animal Crossing collection has been placed online with fairly little papal, so watch on the Build-A-Bear page if you require these stuffed close friends in your life.
If you want Isabelle or Tom Nook, you can register currently to be informed when they are back in supply, however if you desire the third plush, you will probably need to do a lot of fixed trips.
When the brand-new toy is introduced and photos of it are displayed on the site, you can get in a virtual batten area as well as wait for an opportunity to let go.

Assuming you are picked, of course.
The earliest you enter the dates room, the ideal are the possibilities that you get one.
And also don’t desire to acquire just one plush from each deluxe, so choose the one you choose.
If you could choose Simple which Villagers Animal Crossing to appear in the Build-A-Bear collection, who would it be?
Let us recognize in the comments or call us Twitter or Facebook.
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Animal crossing: new horizons

How to Make Animal Traps for Survival in Sons of the Forest

You will certainly require pet catches to accumulate food for survival in Boys of Forest.
You can place hundreds of such animal traps in the woodland and also wait until some pet is captured.


Animals are an exceptional resource of food, so in the kids of the woodland it is very important to be able to make pet catches.

how to make a pet catch

Making animals in Sons of the Woodland is very straightforward;
You just need a couple of sticks as well as five mins.
Currently, to build traps, you require gathering sticks.
On this island, sticks are spread throughout the planet.
Sticks are required for the manufacture of catches, which can additionally be obtained by reducing trees.
Equip your ax from your inventory to slice trees as well as gather sticks.
To install a pet catch, you will need 14 sticks in the children of the forest.
If you had more sticks, for instance, 25, you might use them to make a fish catch in the sons of the forest.
You can position catches for little animals on a level surface area, while fish traps need to be completely immersed in water to work.
Below we will certainly stick to animal catches.
Having actually received things, open the guide, click the Ix button to switch to choose traps as well as prefabricated objects.
Discover the perfect location for the catch by relocating the ghost catch.
Press E a number of times to fold the sticks.
If you don’t have enough sticks, the structure will continue to be in position as well as will certainly not crumble, so you can leave it in the center of the setting up to go as well as accumulate even more sticks.
The placement of these traps around your camp (construct your camp in the area lived in by bunnies) as well as putting a number of catches for a higher possibility of catching target serves.
To raise your chances of survival, build a fencing for your animals in Children of the Forest.

Animal crossing: new horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Nintendos Desperate Attempt To Placate Fans After Long Wait For Update


The habitual sadness of Monday morning continues even in mid-week for fans of Animal Crossing New Horizons.
In fact, Nintendo created certain expectations with an announcement about the game, but that hype has been reduced even faster than the announcement has forgotten, since it simply does not contribute anything to the game.
This time there are no updates, new articles or inhabitants, something that fans have not finished

An ‘useless’ update for animal crossing new horizons

After announcing it a few hours ago, Nintendo seems to want to create packages that do not help you at all.
In a Tweet after the announcement of a Mario Kart package, Nintendo’s official account revealed a new package for animal crossing new horizons.
The package contains the base game, as well as its DLC Happy Home Paradise.

Most of the time, the interest of this type of packs is to make money and give a reason for new players to try animal crossing.
However, here the game and its DLC simply come together for the same price, which means that the only thing that saves this pack are a few clicks on the Nintendo Shop, news that has disappointed many.

A cruel lack of content for animal crossing?

Following this tweet, many players knew that they expected more from Nintendo for the license, which however worked very well during confinement.
The last installment of Animal Crossing has not received a renewed content since its free update 2.0.0 launched on November 4, 2021, and, meanwhile, Nintendo has been content to correct rare errors.
An idea that arises a lot in fans’ discussions is that Nintendo could easily add the animal crossing pocket came furniture, of which there are so many, and allow New Horizons players to furnish their island with these articles.
After this disappointment, many followers expect Nintendo to seriously relax the development of their last game and announce content in the near future.

Animal crossing: new horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Review – Living In The Island Time, Why Animal Crossing Is Still A Cut Above The Rest After 20

Louisville looked quite sterile, so I left for a puddle sweater to find brand-new pals.
They are not extremely convincing, and soon you will have a whole stable of charming neighbors.
But they want to live in houses.
And the furniture, as if they might not simply sleep on the ground, for any reason.
I was completely enthusiastic about the idea of enlarging my city, till I realized the HHH, the work involved.
Ever since, I have triggered the brakes, however I did not stop, no sir.
Can Louisville can constantly end up being larger and much better, do you understand?
I would be furious if another video game made me work.
However, in Animal Crossing, work is the fun part.
Discovering land, collecting products and picking the area of the furniture is both satisfying and relaxing.

Now to be fair, my experience has actually not been ideal.
The background music is so sparse that it is paced, protected in a corner of an enormous plate.
The game took a couple of hours before having enjoyable.
For some people, it is a genuine break.
In fact, if you have no anticipation of Animal Crossing as a franchise, you might even miss it.
The developers basically depend on the universal nature of these games to alleviate the bumps of the opening act.
Fortunately, I knew enough to persevere.
As I said at the very start, it is almost difficult to print this game against everything other than against itself.
Other companies have already attempted to bite this style, however no one has actually truly prospered.
To this end, how excellent an animal video game benefits New Horizons?
You develop everything, from homes to important infrastructure.
You recruit locals, construct stores and save the museum.
Furthermore, you choose the look of your own home, to the wallpaper.
Furthermore, you can fish, dig, harvest and transfer your path to independent wealth.
In other words, you can do whatever.
I have actually constantly known animal crossing games as something you play, thirty minutes a day optimum.
Take fruit, chat with your next-door neighbors, call them one day.
This game will resume your entire life, but in a really fun way.
If you have actually already had a breath for this franchise, Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be an absolute slam.
Do not sleep on it for a second.

Even after twenty years and a lot of inadequate clones, there is still absolutely nothing like Animal Crossing.
When you take a seat to talk about these video games, the only exact points of comparison are relaxed simulations and other air conditioning titles.
More than any other genre, tracing lines between these titles and the rest of the computer game is a worthless company.
To this end, how does Animal Crossing: New Horizons are beside its predecessors?
Well, although I am the last individual you should request, it could be the very best in the entire series.
Certify part of this last declaration.
I am not a type of crossing animal.
Never before this series of games has handled to catch me.
Nevertheless, and this is very essential, this is absolutely the case now.
Where I never desired, New Horizons now keeps me awake in the evening.
The enormous tangle of embedded systems is frantically convincing.
I admit, I was put off at the start.
The gameplay loop was extended and inclined to drag the heels.
The very first hour or 2?
I was really a little bored.
It was corrected as quickly as I did two things.
The very first is that the video game carefully guides you towards success, as long as you do not ignorance the clues.
The 2nd thing I discovered is that your resources are nearly endless.

Back a little: you are not just putting the secrets to a mounting chain by spitting bells.
Rather, you are accountable for revitalizing the island you landed.
This island (hereinafter referred to as Louisville) requires equipment, housing and residents.
Because of these honorable objectives, you slowly have the power to create, harvest and develop your little town from absolutely no.
And it is here, buried in between the weird cell phones of Tom Nook and the sleeping airport of the island, that I found the Proverb Golden goose.
I will not enter into ditties or grittier on this front.
It suffices to say that even piracy and scams like me managed to roll the ball in Bell town in a brief time.
Without burying yourself, what can you do in New Horizons?
If you wish to enter this video game and produce your own Louisville with no anticipation, it is your last chance to leave you before digging in genuine deep mechanics.
There is now a crazy craft system, along with the deterioration of tools.
Yes, this suggests that you will make a long chain of stone axes for the rest of the time.
Get ready for that.
The benefit is that you can do a lot of things.
Beds, tables, bird baths, clocks, toys, mirrors, stools, fireplaces, fishing walking sticks, cabinets and cupboards to call just a couple of.
You can paint naked wood things if you do not appear proper.
There is likewise a huge choice of things to purchase.
Radios, wallpaper, flooring, drummers on base, all 9 meters.
You can dress your carpet with everything you like if you seek advice from the stores regularly.
But how can you enable you these fanciful things?
Why, with this daily pattern of sales of course!
Fish, insects, fruits, flowers and gross building products are readily available for picking.
If you gather in an enduring method, this sauce train will never ever end!
I began with a fierce radiance in my eyes, figured out to pass from the camping tent to the home in record time.

Possibly it took two hours?
I truly wished to begin selecting wallpapers, you see.
How could I handle this so fast?
Well, Tom Nook is very good.


In fact, after hearing all these stories of him as an implacable owner, I was shocked to find how cool and accommodating.

Not just Nook offers unanswered loans like Halloween sweets, however he rewards you for simply, doing routine tasks!
Like your genuine filling station and your grocery store, you can win Nook Miles to do things you would do anyway.
Take images?
To fish?
Chop wood?
Express tickets for Nook Miles!
The abovementioned secondary currency is a necessary addition, which you can exchange for clothing, airplane tickets and brand-new DIY dishes.
But why would you require plane tickets, you ask?
Well, how are you going to recruit new villagers?

Animal crossing: new horizons

Exactly how to locate Aries Pieces in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

To make them drop with the fragments of typical stars, you need to continue to want the stars throughout a meteor rain. Wanting constantly while the stars fall is the ideal method to make them appear. The following day, surf your coastline as well as try to find those that stop working on your coast. Because they can continue to wash while you run, you want to browse your whole island a number of times.

Aries fragments and also celebrity fragments are uncommon, simply like meteor rains themselves. You desire to save all the ram fragments that you will certainly discover to see if you can do something special with them later on inNe aux Horizons.


Aries’ fragments are rare celebrity pieces in which you can fallNe aux Horizons _, as well as they just appear in April. There are 2 pieces of various stars that you can receive when you desire in the meteor rainfall: pieces of stars as well as large pieces of celebrities, which birth the name of the indicator of the month-to-month zodiac. From March 21 to April 19, you will receive pieces of Aries.

You can discover a range of resources inpet Crossing: New Horizonsthat you can make use of to develop your island, by making brand-new things as well as furnishings that you can reveal in your home or place them in the atmosphere. When a meteor rainfall occurs in the video game, you have the possibility of wanting that pieces of celebrities fall from the skies. However, you can likewise go down fragments of ram.

Animal crossing: new horizons

Guide to Two Point Hospital Flemington

Flemington is the third hospital you will find in the second world of the point-to-point hospital. To unlock this hospital, you need to reach the star level at Tumble and Mitton Universities.

In this guide to Two Point Hospital, you’ll find all the details you need to know about Flemington Hospital, such as its best plan, star goals, staff training tips, and a step-by-step guide.

Best Two Point Hospital Layout for Flemington

Each hospital has a different layout; some players want to customize it to their needs. But to make things a little easier for you, we’re just creating a Flemington layout that we think is the best.

Below you will find the best floor plan of Flemington at Tupoint Hospital.

in First Plot Hospitals, there will be an entrance and general practice rooms, as these are basic needs. Plot 2 can be set according to your needs. You can make an emergency here.

Plot 3 will be the diagnostic area where you will diagnose various illnesses and diseases. Use Lot 7 to create treatment rooms and large patient rooms.

You can make an administration building on the top of the map, and the area you leave can be used for a second diagnostic area to deal with emergencies and additional patients when needed.

You always have to go somewhere so that you can grow according to your needs.

Flemington Star Goals

1 star Goals

*Hospital cost $1,000,000
* Reputation 70%
* Heal 10 patients with animal magnetism
* Launch a marketing campaign


  • $10,000
  • Kudosh 100
  • Could
  • Meltdown
  • Cafe (Room)

2-star goals

  • Hospital cost $2,000,000
  • Reputation 80%

* Heal 20 patients in the fracture department
* Launch two marketing campaigns


  • $20,000
  • Kudosh 150

3-star goals

*Hospital Cost $5,000,000
* Reputation 90%
* Heal 30 patients in the injection room
* Launch 3 marketing campaigns


  • $30,000
  • Kudosh 200

Flemington Staff Training Tips

Training Staff is another mechanic in Two Point Hospital that is unlocked after reaching level 3. Now that you can train your staff, start with the receptionist first.

Be sure to upgrade his skills such as emotions, intelligence, and stamina. As a physician, you must combine skills such as general practice and diagnostics.

You can train a janitor to increase his skills such as mechanics, maintenance, endurance training, and emotional intelligence. They can repair cars and other things by increasing these skills.

The janitors are the backbone and you will need to invest in them to keep the hospital running smoothly.

You must take steps to reduce their workload. You can place fire extinguishers in the room where they are needed so they don’t have to run for a long time in an emergency.

Just upgrade the abilities of all the staff in the hospital when you have a chance to get the most out of them.

Flemington: how to manage staff morale

To manage the morale of your staff at Flemington Hospital, you must make sure they are happy. Even if you pay them a little less, you need to make sure you provide them with basic amenities.

You can provide them with a staff room where they can relax. The staff room should have benches, a flyer stand, a drinks machine, and a snack machine. While providing these amenities, make sure you also have trash cans nearby.

Not just for staff, make sure you have everything you need for patients. Because if the patients are unhappy, they will move to another hospital.

Raise the salary of employees whenever possible to make them happier.

Flemington Walkthrough

At Two Point Flemington, disaster awaits. However, some of the most common illnesses you will see include pandemic, animal magnetism, pseudo stardom, passion’s anatomy, rock bottom, and mood poisoning.

But given your goals, the strategy you’ll follow here is pretty simple. You will start with pest control research and will be required to launch a marketing campaign once it is completed.

You must click Disease Marketing and then select Animal Magnetism. This will help you with 3 goals that you must complete.

As you treat more patients, your reputation will grow and your marketing campaign will help you reach more patients suffering from Animal Magnetism Disease. The goals are not limited to just that.

They will also require you to increase the cost of the hospital. The value will continue to rise as the patient load increases, but you also need to be prepared for this.

Make sure you have enough staff to deal with patients every time. You will need to make sure that all staff are equipped with the desired skills, for example, the nurse must have the skills of separation, injection and treatment.

If nurses or doctors do not have these skills, you should start training them as part of your patient strategy. You can complete tasks even faster if you place pest control and diagnostic rooms on the same lot to reduce walking distance.

This way you can heal Animal Magnetism pretty quickly. Once this objective is completed, you can move this room to a healing site. It’s a great idea to place it where needed.

Animal crossing: new horizons

Dungeons & Dragons: Tiamat obtains an adorable plush of Wizkids

The five -headed goddess of chromatic dragons comes to hug you through a new and adorable stuffed animal. Today early, Wizkids revealed a new 16 –inch Tiamat stuffed teddy, which reinterprets the famous queen of chaos as an adorable creature with open eyes. The new stuffed animal is the last of the Phunny Plush By Kidrobot series and will launch this November. This marks the largest Phunny Plush to date, since the previous stuffed animals (which included a Beholder, a Mimic and a Beast Displace) were all 7 -inch stuffed animals. No public sale price has been announced for Tiamat stuffed animal. You can see the teddy below:

Tiamat is one of calabozos y Dragones’ better known villains. The alleged creator of chromatic dragons, Tiamat appears typically as a huge five -headed dragon, with a head that represents each type of chromatic dragon. Tiamat is currently trapped in the first level of the nine hells, known as Avernus, and her cult tries to find ways to bring her back to the material plane. Tiamat was the first antagonist to appear in a dungoons & dragons fifth edition adventure and appeared more recently in the 2019 adventure Descense to the Averno. The famous player character of actor Joe Manganiello, Arkhan el Cruel In that adventure trying to help the dragon goddess to return to the material plane.

Gargantuan Tiamat - WizKids D&D Icons of the Realms Prepainted Minis
Tiamat could appear later this year, since Dragonlance’s next adventure, Shadows of the Dragon Queen, also refers to an aspect of Tiamat. It is assumed that Takhisis, the evil dragon goddess and the main antagonist of Dragonlance’s novels, is another aspect of Tiamat.

Tiamat is also a recurring antagonist in the 1980s. Wizkids also recently produced a great table figure that presents the dragon goddess in all the five -headed splendor of her.

Animal crossing: new horizons

An AOC MP Visit Animal Crossing: New Horizons Islands

Due to the effects of the COVID-19 crisis, rallies of almost all kinds are either canceled or advanced. Even politicians went to digital meetings and briefings, answering questions by phone or video. The member of the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Congress began to interact with her voters and supporters in a slightly different way. She said she had recently obtained a Nintendo Switch and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Then she started making home visits. On Twitter, she announced that she would open her DM for four minutes so that people can send her a message with their dodo codes.

Her avatar has brown hair and a bangs, with a pretty purple shirt she made with AOC letters inside a bubble of dialogue. She began to catalog her visits in different islands with photos and presentation texts. His visits involved rapid discussions, photo sessions and fruit exchange. AOC has published images of its visits to the island on Twitter by taking photos of its real screen. Maybe take screenshots next time, a member of the congress. However, it’s good when senior officials as they take the time to interact with people on the head.

Who knows how many Dodo AOC codes obtained during these four minutes? It could be occupied for a while with visits to the island. The Congress member was also invited to the Digital Talk show of Gary Whitta, Star Wars screenwriter. Other celebrities have made their presence on Animal Crossing known: New Horizons, like Elijah Wood visiting the islands with good prices for turnips. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is now available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.


What other celebrities or public figures do you know who play Animal Crossing? Let us know in the comments below.

Animal crossing: new horizons

All confirmed characters for Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is almost there. With just over a month before the release, longtime fans of the series hope to see their favorite villagers in March. The series started in 2001, giving it almost 20 years of established characters. There are new faces and faces that return to the new episode. And there are many.

Because it’s such a long list, we divide the list into special and village characters. The special characters have an additional function for the game, whether it is an establishment, to host functions or to govern. The villagers, on the other hand, are the neighbors of the player and can be seen perform similar tasks. The list is compiled from the data from the animal crossing wiki and the list of prima games.

All confirmed special characters:

  • Celeste
  • Gulliver
  • Harvey
  • Isabelle
  • Kicking
  • K.K. Slide
  • The beautiful
  • My beauty
  • Resetti
  • Zibeline
  • Sahara
  • Timmy
  • Tom Nook
  • Tommy
  • Strand

All experienced villagers:

  • Agents
  • Agnès
  • Alfonso
  • Amelia
  • Angus
  • Antonio
  • Apollo
  • Apple
  • Aurore
  • Avery

  • Baabara

  • Bracelet
  • Handsome
  • Bettina
  • Bianca
  • Invoice
  • I amaze
  • White
  • Candy
  • Budding

  • Bunnie

  • Mommse
  • Burdish
  • Carmen
  • Caroline
  • Carrie
  • Cashmere
  • Celia
  • Caesar

  • Chadder

  • Goat
  • Chief
  • Chops
  • Chrissy
  • Claude
  • Claudia
  • Coco
  • Cole
  • Colton

  • Cranston

  • cube
  • Curlos
  • Dry
  • Dobie
  • Doc
  • Crazy
  • Egbert
  • Eunice
  • Croc

  • Fauna

  • Aveline
  • To return to
  • Flora
  • Francine
  • Franc
  • Freya
  • Friga
  • Frita
  • Fuchsia

  • Gabi

  • Gaston
  • Genji
  • Gladys
  • Goldie
  • Greta
  • Hamlet
  • Hazelnut
  • Hopkins

  • Hopper
  • Hornsby
  • Iggly
  • Jay
  • Julia
  • Julien
  • Keaton
  • Kevin
  • Kid Cat
  • Kiki

  • Kitt

  • Kyle
  • Leonardo
  • Lily
  • Lobo
  • Money
  • Lopez
  • Mallary
  • Margie
  • Marina

  • Marshal

  • Melba
  • Merengue

Every Villager & Character Confirmed for Animal Crossing: New Horizons So Far
* mint
* Mira
* Molly
* Muffy
* Nibbles
* Octavian
* O’Hare

  • Olivia
  • Pancetti
  • Peaches
  • Peanut
  • Pecan nuts
  • Pee Wee
  • Pekoe
  • Penelope
  • Phil
  • Phoebe

  • Purchase

  • Pietro
  • Cornemuser
  • Pippy
  • Poppy
  • Queenie
  • Renée
  • Rhonda
  • Ricky
  • Roald

  • Rocco

  • Rod
  • Rolf
  • Rosie
  • Rowan
  • Ruby
  • Exit
  • Sandy
  • Sheldon
  • Skye

  • Snake

  • Point
  • Pinion
  • Static
  • Stella
  • Sterling
  • stitches
  • Sylvana
  • Tammy
  • Tank

  • T-bone

  • Tasha
  • Teddy
  • Tiffany
  • Timbra
  • Truffles
  • Tybalt
  • Vesta
  • Vivian
  • Wendy
  • Whitney
  • willow
  • Wolfgang
  • Zucker

In its current state, there are 171 confirmed characters for animal Crossing: New Horizons. Others may be tackled as the release date approaches.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available for pre -order now and will be released on March 20.

Animal crossing: new horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons May 2022 Update: All new events, fish, bugs and items

Aprilschauer können Maischauer bringen, aber es bringt auch eine ganze Reihe neuer Dinge mit sich Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Wenn der April zu Ende geht, werden Sie eine ganze Reihe neuer Käfer, Fische und mehr finden, die Sie im Spiel in die Finger bekommen können.

Werfen wir einen Blick auf all die neuen Kreaturen, die in Kürze Ihre Insel bewohnen werden, sowie auf die neuen Events, an denen Sie teilnehmen können! Das Leben eines Inselbewohners dreht sich zwar mehr um Entspannung als um alles andere, aber Sie haben viel zu tun!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Was ist diesen Monat neu?

In der Welt von Animal Crossing finden Sie jeden neuen Monat eine neue Reihe von Käfern, Fischen und Gegenständen, und hier sind die Neuzugänge, die Sie im Mai sehen werden, neben ihren Verkaufspreisen;

New Fehler – 22. Mai

Käfer der nördlichen Hemisphäre

  • Großer Purpurkaiser – 3000 Glocken
  • Gebänderte Libelle – 4500 Glocken
  • Teichläufer – 130 Glocken
  • Tauchkäfer – 800 Glocken
  • Geigenkäfer – 450 Glocken
  • Königin Alexandras Vogelflügel – 4000 Glocken
  • Rosalia Batesi Käfer – 3000 Glocken
  • Skorpion – 8000 Glocken

Käfer der südlichen Hemisphäre

  • Damselfly – 500 Glocken
  • Maulwurfsgrille – 500 Glocken
  • Vogelspinne – 8000 Glocken

Newr Fisch – 22. Mai

Nördliche Hemisphäre

  • Frosch – 120 Glocken
  • Wels – 800 Glocken
  • Knabberfisch – 1500 Glocken
  • Kaiserfisch – 3000 Glocken
  • Betta – 2500 Glocken
  • Regenbogenfisch – 800
  • Giant Trevally – 4500 Glocken
  • Arbeit-arbeit-6000 Glocken

Südlichen Hemisphäre

  • Bitterling – 900 Glocken
  • Kugelfisch – 5000 Glocken
  • Thunfisch – 7000 Glocken
  • Blauer Marlin – 10.000 Glocken
  • Fußballfisch – 2500 Glocken

Tiefseekreaturen – 22. Mai

Nördliche Hemisphäre

  • Seeigel – 1700 Glocken
  • Schiefer-Bleistiftigel – 2000 Glocken
  • Gigas-Riesenmuschel – 15.000 Glocken
  • Gefleckter Gartenaal – 1100 Glocken
  • Vampirkalmar – 10.000 Glocken

Südlichen Hemisphäre

Animal Crossing New Horizons: 6 UPDATES & CHANGES in May 2022 (Details & Tips You Should Know)

  • Seegurke – 500 Glocken
  • Seeschwein – 10.000 Glocken
  • Dungeness Crab – 1900 Glocken
  • Schneekrabbe – 6000 Glocken
  • Rote Königskrabbe – 8000 Glocken

New Veranstaltungen – 22. Mai

Kindertag: 28. April – 5. Mai

    • Karpfenbanner
    • Helm aus Zeitungspapier

Maifeiertag: 1. Mai – 7. Mai

    • Schließe die May Day Tour für den Rover-Preis ab

Muttertag: Variiert je nach Region, 8. Mai für die Vereinigten Staaten

    • Danke Mama Tasse
    • Nelken

Internationaler Museumstag: 18. Mai – 31. Mai

    • Schließe die Briefmarken-Rallye ab, um Plaketten des Goldmuseums zu erhalten

Käserollen: 22. Mai – 31. Mai

    • Doppelter Gloucester-Käse

And off you go! Alle neuen Inhalte kommen im Mai und werden sehr bald für Sie verfügbar sein! Für diejenigen, die das Spiel schon eine Weile nicht mehr gespielt haben, gibt es so viele neue Inhalte, die sofort einsatzbereit sind, vom Kochen und Putzen bis hin zu einer ganz neuen Insel, auf der Sie helfen können, Traumhäuser für Ihre Lieblingsdorfbewohner zu schaffen !

Animal Crossing: New Horizons ist ab sofort exklusiv für Nintendo Switch erhältlich.

Angriff des Fanboys / SPIELFÜHRER / Animal Crossing New Horizons Mai 2022 Update: Alle neuen Events, Fische, Bugs und Items