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A vaccination certificate or inoculation certification is a health certification for the discovery of vaccinations, which has obtained an individual or an animal versus specific illness with a specific vaccine. Until now, the paper shape of the criterion is for this paper. As component of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Member States of the European Union with Guideline (EU) 2021/953 on 1 July 2022 presented the cost-free exhibit, testimonial and cross-border acknowledgment of digital COVID-19 certifications.

Whether jewelry, screws or shoes: Since retail 2G, it is difficult for uncovered to do certain purchases. But a kind of black market has long since developed.

NRW — Shopping service for Unpacked? At the latest since December 4, since retail in NRW 2G, users on eBay offer this unusual service. Because since the Corona rules have been tightened, it is not so easy for uncovered to buy certain things — especially in the pre-Christmas time a real problem. But as Shopping knows, Finding Helper in NOT have already recognized this problem and offer their services in many cities in NRW.

eBay: Shopping service for unvaccinated booming in NRW, since 2G in retail applies

Unvomoculated? We are buying for you! — Immerse yourself on eBay displays that are specifically focused on people who are not vaccinated against Corona. Because not only in NRW now threatens violent penalties if they disregard the Corona rules applicable to them. And although almost everything can be ordered on the Internet, the demand for the shopping service seems to be there — because appropriate ad is already available for many cities in Germany and NRW.

Dortmund alone offers potential for nearly 60,000 customers — of the approximately 500,000 inhabitants of the city over 18 years, according to the city, 443,433 people are considered completely vaccinated. And also the vaccination rate for NRW shows: at 76.5 percent (as of December 14, Germany, Federal Ministry of Health) completely vaccinated persons, there are still some who have not previously advised on the life-saving Picks (more news about the coronavirus in NRW Shopping).

In addition to Team Unveiled Embroidery or Job Ads, especially for Unpacked, eBay offers a lot of what the life of vaccine gusts — but also unintentionally uncovered — easier power. The abundance of the ads reveals: The networking of the people in Germany vaccinated against the coronavirus is great.

Corona in NRW: Service for Unfilled on eBay to bypass 2g

And so the offer of the shopping service is not missing. This is how it works: Persons who are vaccinated or recovered are offered by eBay avenged, for you shopping in shops in which 2G is to be done. Where what to buy is to clarify future business partners individually.

For example, it says in an ad: You may not enter a hardware store for 2G? Then just buy we — vaccinated and recall — for you!. Even tiles, mason mortar or radiators can be ordered. Supplements for extra heavy goods are not available according to the display.

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More than the pure source price, the clients should not have to pay in some display. Instead, the service is understood as an act of solidarity. Others offer the service for a small surcharge. However, some seem to be unsuccessful to want to whistle as a lucrative job: 25 euros and more requires some providers from their unvaccinated customers, so they do the Christmas shopping for you. Shopping is part of the editorial network from

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