Announced the horror action ADV “The CHANT (The Cant)” that is entangled in cosmic fear!

KOCH MEDIA has announced the new horror adventure game “ The Chant ( The Chant )” developed by Canada’s Brass Token Studi. In this work, set on an isolated island of the sea, the players will solve the mystery of the strange cult of the island to contain the fears released by the failure of the ritual.

“THE CHANT” Synopsis and Features:

Me And The Devil // Cosmic Horror

The protagonist Jess Briers will participate in the spiritual retreat of Prism Science, who is living in a remote Glory Island to overcome the past. However, the chant sung at the ritual opens a psychedelic fear of psychedelic fear, which feeds negative energy, and turns into an endless despair on a calm weekend. In order to survive this fear, we must do everything to unravel the strange cult history of the island, rewind the ritual and close the dimension.

Explore the islands that have been invaded by cosmic fear: Survive the eerie creatures that crawl out of the darkness and the madly manipulated cult followers. Eliminate the mystery of the mysterious history.

Fight or run away: Use supernatural weapons and abilities to fight for survival. Collect and craft materials to prepare and challenge close combat. Otherwise, you have to panic and run away.

Train the spirit, body, and soul: harmony is most important. Tit for fear and panic with strong mental strength, protect your body from physical threats, sublimate your soul and meditate to get supernatural abilities and strengthen your mind and body.

Modern psychedelic horror world view: This work is inspired by the psychedelic horror of the 1970s. Enjoy the natural and colorful Glory Island scenery and the electronic rock style BGM composed by Paul Lasky, who has a number of awards.

The “CHANT”, where spiritual nightmares begin, will be released in the fall of 2022 for Windows (Steam)/PS5/Xbox Series X | S.


Revision of the Cadence of Hyrule – Link two stages to grandeur

First of all, I have a bone to choose with the way people talk about this game. I saw it called a “crossover” more times I can count. I understand why, but it’s not a cross. A crossing implies, at least for entertainment media, the appearance of a well -known in another well -known. This is not what cadence of Hyrule is. Cadence of Hyrule is an amalgam, that is to say a mixture or a mixture of two things. Qualifying it as crossover is a bad service for the game and potentially gives people a false impression. In this review, I hope I can give you the right impression.

So we go with the amalgam. The reason is that cadence of Hyrule is really a crypte of the Necrodancer Game, and it is also very The legend of Zelda Game. The way you move in the world and fight the monsters, associate your movements at rhythm is pure Necrodanceur. This is probably the determining element of necrodanceur. But the world in which you move and explore is pure zelda. Cadence of Hyrule is the perfect mixture of two different games. Its operation is remarkable because it uses the most remarkable elements of each of them and merges them in a way that only a genius or a madman could consider doing.

Developed by brace Yourself Games, the fight is fueled by the excellent soundscaping by Danny Baranowsky. The same skillful level used to merge Zelda and Necrodancer is also clearly displayed in music. Cadence of Hyrule takes up some of the best known themes of Legend of Zelda and gives them just a little touch so that everything works for a game fed in all respects by music. Music dictates how you move and how you move dictate how you fight. It is essential to learn enemy’s patterns and determine how he reacts and tries to approach you, then dance around the screen by launching skillful strikes from your weapons or using your objects with intelligence for to survive. Once the screen is clear, the music stops demanding that you train on you and can explore freely.

It is in this exploration that the game overflows zelda sensitivity. There are dungeons, secrets, objects to find what you need to have access to other mysteries. There are bosses to fight, puzzles to solve and many characters to wake up, start of course with your choice between Link and Zelda. The game opens up on Cadence, one of the heroines of crypte du Necrodancer, finding itself in a foreign country. A sorcerer reduced the world to slavery and she must find her way. She quickly finds Link and Zelda both asleep and awakening one of them, the game starts seriously.

Each Playythrough gives rise to a mixed planetary world map, so that nothing is ever in the same place. You will explore the card every time you play, looking for the objects you want, the bosses you want to kill and the dungeons you want to explore to discover their secrets. You can find special points that you can also distort, allowing you to quickly browse the different sections of the card. You can even find a magic lute that will allow you to do so from anywhere.

The game also works on an interesting opposite difficulty curve. I predicted a free time from 5 to 6 hours to anyone who felt comfortable with the movement and the combat mechanisms, longer for those who begin to master them for the first time. You may die a lot, but the objects and weapons that you will discover will remain with you, a cruel aspect of the whimsical games abandoned for years. Cadence and you can see why. The tip for cadence of Hyrule does it have a large attraction, that you play, it will become easier. A larger sword can allow you to slip three squares at a time, while a lance allows you to attack from two squares.

The difficulty here is, in a way, completely optional, you may have to get bandaged a little before learning enough to understand this element of the game. The real content for most people who are attracted by These types of games will be the hardcore tracks. A life, and only a life, to get everything you need and defeat the last boss – a major challenge. I expect to see people do shopping where they give up each object and weapon of the game, a bit like the Soul Level Level 1 _ Sombers_ do the community to make us look like idiots.

For those who prefer a more comfortable race, you can deactivate the synchronization of times, and the enemies will only move when you move, thus leaving you time to think about what you want to do while enjoying the discovery and the ‘Exploration taking place on the screen. Heart of the game. The difficulty is well designed, and the game seems to have been designed to please people of all ages and all levels, which is pleasant to see for a system with a user base as large as Switch.

While you play, you also collect diamonds and gems that allow you to buy objects in stores. The objects purchased with diamonds will remain after your death, while those purchased with precious stones will be lost. This allows you to progress every time you play, even if you find the game very difficult but you do not want to make your task easier. It is this element that makes Hyrule_cadence the perfect game for shorter play sessions. Do you have ten minutes to kill? Light it and win a few diamonds.

ALL HEART CONTAINERS and Where to Find Them in Cadence of Hyrule!

Frankly, I have nothing negative to say on cadence of Hyrule, and I enjoyed the 15 hours that I have devoted to it so far. There is enough crypte of the necrodancer and The legend of Zelda here to satisfy the fans of the two, but the more difficult contours of the two were worn to provide us with more accessible and faster entertainment. It’s an excellent game, with an attractive design, and if you had planned to get it, I would highly recommend it.


Gyeonggi -do, open e -sports festival

Gyeonggi -do and Gyeonggi Contents Promotion Agency will hold the ‘Gyeonggi e -Sports Festival’ to expand the base of esports at the Goyang KINTEX 2 exhibition hall from 12th to 15th.

The Gyeonggi e -sports festival is a festival where Domin enjoys e -sports culture. The festival, which is held in conjunction with PlayX4, consists of various events such as disabled e -sports competitions, influencer Invitational (celebrity invitations), and campus competitions.

All events will be held at the e -sports festival special stage at the Play Expo B2C exhibition hall. In addition, various events will be held in which visitors participate in the festival.

First of all, with the opening ceremony on the 12th, the ‘Disabled E -Sports Competition’ will be held for the vulnerable group. This competition is divided into participation stocks depending on the type of disability. ‘Cartrider Rush Plus’, which can be easily understood and enjoyed by anyone with intellectual disabilities, and ‘FIFA Online 4’, which is popular for the people with delimits and hearing impairments. The organizer will operate various convenience facilities for participants, including a wheelchair stage slope.

On the 13th and 15th, the ‘Campus Competition’ finals will be held, which will cover the strongest e -sports of the metropolitan university. The finals are the winners of the winners who have won the university and the online qualifiers. The campus competition is divided into team and personal sports. First of all, ‘FIFA Online 4’ is a tournament, and ‘Eternal Returns’ is a round score. League of Legends, the team event, will be held in a tournament.

On the 14th, ‘Influencer Invitational (Celebrity Invitation) will be held with famous streamers and professional gamers. The competition, which is held as a short -term tournament, consists of a variety of attractions, ranging from famous game BJ events to retired pro gamers and campus competitions.

Стоит ли покупать игровое кресло?
Meanwhile, the Gyeonggi e -sports festival can also participate online. The Gyeonggi e -Sports Festival official Twitch channel and the Gyeonggi Contents Promotion Agency YouTube will be broadcast live during the festival.

Ryu Kwang -yeol, head of the economic department at Gyeonggi -do, said, “I hope more people will enjoy the game culture through the Gyeonggi e -sports festival.”


PlayStation: start date for new plus

With the new PS Plus model from PlayStation, the subscription service is given a refreshment. Now it is clear when it is time and what options are open to you.

PlayStation: New model is available from June

Sony would like to offer the subscriber from PS Plus more in the future and has therefore completely revised the subscription model. As part of which we dissolved the streaming service PlayStation Now and integrated into the PS plus service, and you can expect several subscription levels from which you can choose the right one for yourself **:

PlayStation Plus Essential * (8.99 euros per month) corresponds to the previous model.
PlayStation Plus Extra (13.99 euros a month) includes an additional 400 PS4 and PS5 games that you can download.
PlayStation Plus Premium (17.99 a month) includes all the features mentioned so far. In addition, you will also have access to over 300 Playstation classics for the PS1, PS2 and PS3.

Until then, you don’t have to wait too long. On the official PlayStation Blog, Sony announces that in Europe will be targeted for implementation in Europe on June 22, 2022 . (Source: PlayStation Blog)

What else do you need to know about the new model? We tell you in our practical overview.

_Ih plays a lot online? Then there are certain things that you should consider: _

PS Plus: What happens to your current subscription?

Что дает PS PLUS на PS5 - 6 фишек и как отключить автопродление PS PLUS

If you already have a subscription, you don’t need to worry. This is expected to be automatically converted into an essential subscription in June. But if you want to upgrade to extra or premium , according to Sony, this is possible without any problems. This emerges from an email that RESETERA user Kolx received:

“You can easily switch to a higher tariff at any time. To do this, you have to pay the difference between the current plan and the new plan, adapted to the remaining term of your subscription. ”

(Source: Resetera)

How the whole thing works in practice is not yet quite certain.

_Welcher subscription service offers what? We show you in our video: _

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Log Wave, Kniques W

Rogue Wave Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Dong -hyun), a game developer, will be recruiting pre -booking users for the formal service of the domestic service of the mobile MMORPG ‘Yeolgangho W’, which is developed and prepared for its own service, from April 25 to May. It was officially revealed.

There are three types of pre -booking events, and first of all, the first stage is to enter the user’s information in the ‘Public Preliminary Reservation Pre -Reservation’ and click the ‘Pre -Book’ button to complete the procedure. The company pays all the users of the user, a game item ‘Hwaryongdo Gift’, which will provide great help in the early days, and 300 people are Starbucks Americano Giftcon, 500 GS25 Mobile Gift Certificates, and 2,000 Vita 500 for Vita 500 Gift cone is presented.

Secondly, the ‘Public Invitation Event’ will meet the conditions of participation when a friend or acquaintance who delivered the first URL is to meet the pre -booking. The invitation delivers 50,000 won of Google Play Gift Card. For more than 10 users, we will deliver the BBQ Golden Olive Chicken Set by adding gratitude.

The third “Kang Ho -yeo, respond to the call of Hwaryongdo” is a way to pay 100% of the prizes to all preliminary reservation users when the target level is achieved. If you break through the 500,000 pre -booking applicants, you will receive a “Shiny Dragon Box” and additionally recorded 100,000, 300,000, and 500,000 counts.

The user delivers 100,000 won of Google Play Gift Card. In addition, one of the users will be drawn separately to present the “Hot Blood Limited Limited Edition Figures”, which contains the autograph of the enthusiastic artists.

The pre -blooded river W, which started pre -booking from today, is based on the powerful fandom of the classic comic ‘Old -Blood Ho’, which has been serialized for 28 years since its first episode in May 1994, and the game characteristics of the classic MMO genre are highly completed mobile games. It is characterized by the reproduction.

Above all, the key is to expand the storyline of the original comics focused only on the main characters and the main character. The user encounters a strange ties facing the “parallel universe” that transcends time and space during the original scenario, and has to go through the original story of the enthusiastic Kangho W, which was not seen in the original.

In addition, the classic MMORPG system, such as the characteristic characters appearing in the heat -blooded steel system, and the composition of the alliance against Shinji, such as a dynamic story that provides joy and inspiration in comics, etc. It is planned to be delivered to the people.

Wave Planning
The Log Wave Hot Blood Ho -U Development Team is a studio founded for the development of MMORPG, which was founded by the core developers who participated in the development of Lineage M, Blade & Soul, 2, and Changcheon Development. Representative Kim Dong -hyun is in charge of producing.

In April 2020, we signed a license license agreement with Tygon Mobile, a subsidiary of Longtu Korea, an IP mobile game business owner. It is expected to be the best work in all aspects of the world’s worldview and the volume of the project.

As a result, Tigon Mobile, a hot -blooded IP mobile game business owner, will also cooperate with the support and resources for the successful launch so that the hot -blooded Kangho W can be imprinted on users as a stable and competitive game.

Meanwhile, Rogue Wave will start recruiting testers ahead of the “Closed Beta Test” scheduled for early May. Users who wish to participate in the pre -experience and testing of the hot blood Kangho W can be applied through the Advancement Preliminary Reservation page.


The controversy subscription “GTA +” for GTA online is most likely likewise on the computer

The suggestion of the subscription was not great. However, Superstar intends to continue according to a job summary and now bring the subscription to computer gamers.

The controversial subscription service for GTA online need to possibly be spread out for a larger target group.

What is that a subscription? A few weeks back, Rockstar Gamings presented the paid subscription “GTA +”.

GTA + on PC?

This is brand-new: Compose on Twitter Videotech _, who deals with web content around the Gamings of Rockstar Gamings, that GTA + does not vanish. Because the group is currently trying to find an item manager by vacancies.

The description of the work likewise recommends that the solution will eventually appear on the computer in the future. It says:

The subscription product supervisor will certainly help to advertise the program and product method through the implementation of functions in our own stores on the Net, our PC application and the in-game shops in addition to the shops in our video games companions. […] >

GTA+ is a MASSIVE SCAM for EVERYONE! (GTA Online Subscription)
While this is not a straight verification for GTA + on the PC, however it is extremely evident that you intend to broaden the service to this target market. Since you are currently seeking an item supervisor for this, the magazine on computer seems to be even additionally away.

This is exactly how the subscription shows up: Compose our associates at the Gamestar: Rockstars subscription service “GTA +” is extra dangerous than believing.

We felt you on Meinmmo in a survey on the brand-new solution for the video game on the tooth. Over 2,000 individuals have gotten involved and their perspective to GTA +. Looter: You do not have a gobook on it.

What is that a subscription? A couple of weeks earlier, Superstar Gamings introduced the paid subscription “GTA +”. Just for PS5 or Xbox Collection X | S offered, the subscription attracts with certain benefits. > The subscription product supervisor will aid to promote the program and also product strategy via the execution of functions in our own shops on the Web, our PC application and the in-game shops as well as the stores in our video games companions.

Shortly after the statement you headed out of a negative April Foole in the area. Players can not believe that the terrific statement did not act over more info regarding GTA 6 or brand-new content for Red Dead online. The reasonably tiny incentives for a rate of 6 EUR each month caused a tiff.


Digimon Survive already has a launch date

_ DIGIMON SURVIVE _ was originally announced in 2018. Since then, Bandai Namco’s title has been delayed on three different occasions. Fortunately, it seems that the expected game will finally reach our hands in a matter of a couple of months, since _ Digimon Survive_ already has a new release date .

According to V-Jump magazine, _ Digimon Survive_ will be available at PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on July 28, 2022 . Although at the moment there is only mention of a launch for Japan, the Games of Bandai Namco usually come to the West on the same day. We only need to wait for a more concrete announcement for our doubts to be clarified.

Originally, Digimon Survive was going to arrive in 2019, but a delay moved the date to 2020. Then the same thing happened, moving it to 2021. As far as little, last year the game suffered from a delay until 2022. This delivery It combines the elements of a graphic novel, with RPG that will give us the control of different Digimonsters.

_ DIGIMON SURVIVE_ will be available at PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on July 28, 2022 . On related topics, here you can check the most recent trailer of this game. Similarly, Bandai Namco talks about why this title was delayed.

Digimon Survive Release Date Revealed - Dim Card Leak [Digimon VB/ Digivice V]

Editor’s note:

The idea of combining the graphic novel with the RPG is something that catches me. However, to be a game of this type with a duration of 40 hours, this must be a great story that not only managed to satisfy Digimon fans, but all the interested parties.


Test Chrono Cross The Radical Dreamers Edition: A remill without real ambition

While the young Serge is full of semi-gallant appointment with Lena on the beach bordering their native village, he suddenly loses consciousness and then resumes his mind alone, in the same place. At least it believes at first, but the return to the village will quickly raise serious questions. Not only does LENA do not recognize it, but it teaches him more than the Serge he claims to be died ten years earlier at the age of seven. This starting point is that of an adventure worship, who plays with parallel dimensions just as his famous predecessor Chrono Trigger played over time. Chrono Cross is a Japanese role play with a rich scenario, filled with endearing characters (including the many playable heroes), which takes place in a fantastic world (in both directions of the term), and which offers some important choices leading at multiple purposes. All his qualities are of course intact in this remill, which we welcome with all the more pleasure that the adventure had never been released in Europe. It is finally possible to enjoy legally, and in French that is more!

The visual improvements of this remill are pretty shy and disappointing. The character models have been reworked with more detailed textures, certainly, but they still remain as little polygonated. As for the previously pixeled 2D funds, they have obviously been passed to the artificial intelligence reel…

This is not the only asset of this edition which, as its name suggests, also includes Radical Dreamers. Until today, this essentially textual adventure dedicated to the Chrono Universe was available only in Japan on Satellak, a satellite device dedicated to the Super Nes. Suffice to say that not Grand Monde had yet had the opportunity to benefit from us. And we did not know what we were missing! This unpublished section, which resumes (with a twist) of the characters and situations of the main game, has indeed really packaged. Its structure recalls the part games on the table of yesteryear, the system of lifestyles hidden behind simple sentences is very smart, the shelf life extends from four to twelve hours depending on the number of purposes that the purposes. We try to reach, and the French translation is worthy of the greatest praises. She dares the simple past (“I defended myself”, “we arrived”…) and offers phrase turns and a vocabulary much more sought after than the average of current video productions.


But let’s go back to the main adventure, whose fighting system must also be greeted. It consists above all attacks divided into three levels (low, strong, and formidable), whose chances of success are inversely proportional to their power. But the percentage of success, which is clearly displayed on the screen, increases for all levels after each shot worn. The basic technique is therefore starting with a weak attack to increase the chances of successful strokes, but sometimes it can also be paid to try to place a big shot directly. This is not all because the game also offers a system of items, which correspond to both spells that can be used once per fight and consumables whose use is limited only by their quantity. These elements can be of different colors, which is of crucial importance since a gauge called field effect and divided into three sections allows, if we play fine, to increase the power of attacks. Indeed, when an enemy or an ally uses an element, one of the sections takes the corresponding color. And if one happens to fill the gauge of one and the same hue, the efficiency of the group of elements of this color then increases substantially. In addition, each character also has an “innate” color and is more renowned against the attacks of the opposite color. It is therefore important to have elements of each color with oneself, and make it tactical to maximize the efficiency of our blows.


good background, but small shape

And since we are talking about efficiency, it is worth paying tribute to the quality of life improvements made by this remill. With a simple support on a stick, it is possible to disable (and reactivate to envy) random meetings, this typical JRPG concept having quite aged. Better yet, an option just as easily accessible makes it possible to trigger an automation of the fighting. It is obviously to avoid in major clashes, but it makes it easier to pass the simplest or unbalanced battles, from those that are settled by threading without thinking of basic attacks. Especially that this option is compatible with the acceleration function, which also saves time during exploration phases. A “combat bonus” option is even available for players who have trouble with the balancing of yesteryear. It is similar to a cheat code since it allows in particular to avoid all adverse attacks. Purists will not only be able to do without all that, but also launch the game without any modern graphics improvement, a conventional mode being proposed in the main menu.

It is not possible to zap in real time between the visuals of yesteryear and those of today, an option nevertheless often present elsewhere and very practical (whether to compare this or that point, such or such scene., or pay a nostalgic little trip from time to time). The visual improvements of this remill are pretty shy and disappointing. The character models have been reworked with more detailed textures, certainly, but they still remain as little polygonated. As for the previously pixeled 2D funds, they have obviously been passed to the artificial intelligence reel, since we find the “watercolor” effect typical of this automatic upscaling method. From afar that works well, but looking closer to the result does not really seem very natural. This lack of manual overhaul was also betrayed in the image format, which remains confined to 4/3 (even if a zoom option is available). Square Enix is therefore content with the minimum service from the point of view of the renovation of facade. But the worst comes from the framerate, particularly low and unstable. While a game dating from the last century and displaying an extremely simple 3D should turn 120 fps on PC and lounge consoles and 60 fps on switch, it’s only the 30 frames per second and drops regularly below the 20, what whatever the platform used. For the shot, here is a return to the past that we preferred to avoid…


Bandai Namco works on a remake of a Nintendo game

Bandai Namco and Nintendo have a good relationship. Notably, these two companies have collaborated in super smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, and _ Super Smash Bros. Ultimate , as well as _Mario Kart 8 and arms. Finally, Bandai Namco developed Pokken Tournament and new Pokemon Snap. Now, a new report notes that those responsible for Tekken and Pac-Man are working on a remake of a 3D game of Nintendo.

According to two job requests, one for project planners, and another visual artists, bandai namco is working on a remake or remasteration of a 3D game from Nintendo. This was what was mentioned about:

“As a visual artist for a 3D action game project with a Nintendo contract, you must perform a remastery / remake in HD of 3D Funds”.

At the moment there are no more details about it. It is unknown exactly what kind of game this treatment will have, although the fans have speculated that it could be treated for f-zero GX of Gamecube . If this project is remistering, we could see an improved visual style and perhaps some additional features. While a new remake would involve a more extensive review.

On related topics, Nintendo expands its main offices. Similarly, here you can see a new look at Super Nintendo World in the United States.

Nintendo Hires Bandai Namco For a HUGE Remake!

Editor’s note:

A remake or remasteration of a 3D game is interesting. If we talk about remastery, we are probably talking about a game of GameCube, Wii or Wii U, while a remake would be N64. Personally, I want to see f-zero gx, although it is likely that this does not happen.


Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus: руководство по мосту Slumber Spirit’s Bridge (Show of Force) — Hues of the Violet Garden Event

The Genshin Impact event “Shades of the Violet Garden” opens the Andanzum for the rest of the teivat by the magnificent Gerodori festival. It works from from April 7, 2022 to April 25, 2022. and open for all players Adventure rank 30 and above which completed Eugene Plan Archont Search Segment: Chapter II: Act I – Militant God and Eternal Eutemy.

If you have not fulfilled the story quests of the character of Inadzum, you must access the event from fast start button in the lower left corner of the event menu.

how to unlock theater machine

The Theater Mechanicus mini-game can be unlocked by following the event. What left blue flowers . This directly follows the strange fairy tale about the tincture of Suikou’s Tipsy Tincture.

Unlike previous iterations Theater Mechanicus, the mechanics of this round is slightly different. The joint mode is no longer allowed, and Mystic Arts is replaced by Fortune Sticks, which cannot be improved. At each stage there is a simple mode (demonstration of force) and complex mode (entry into the Horde).

How to go through Slumber Spirit’s Bridge (Show of Force)

wands good luck

You can use any Fortune Stick that you like, but here are some recommended options to take advantage of damage from freezing:

  • Fortune Stick: underwater flow
  • Good luck wand: swelling
  • Fortune Stick: Busty rage
  • Good luck wand: hail
  • Fortune Stick: Frosty Granule

Accommodation mechanics

At this stage, it is recommended to use damage damage to stop fast moving enemies. Start by deleting all Binding Mechanici, then configure the scene to look like on the image above. You can play with the accommodation of Hydro and Cryo Mechanici. Crackshot is also optional, but perfectly suitable for applying additional damage.

Behind the bridge you can place Binding Mechanici and Crackshots at your own discretion. Nevertheless, you can also defeat the enemies that seep through collapse from the bridge with the mechanism on the second floor.

Theater Mechanicus Easy Guide | Stage of Brilliance: Slumber Spirit's Bridge |【Genshin Impact】

Beware of hunters for the ruins as they move very quickly. You need to turn off the bridge on time, otherwise they will be held. If you do not disconnect the bridge on time, do not worry – you need only 2500 points to get all awards.

If you have any problems with the previous stage, see our Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus: Whiter The Wind Wends (Show of Force) – Hues of the Violet Garden Event.