Minecraft Beach Best Bedrock and Java

A good day on the beach can be as good in the game as in real life, and Minecraft is one of the best games for finding idyllic beaches. But why overcome thousands of quarters in search of an ideal beach, if you can start right next to one of them? To save you from walking, we have listed the best versions of Minecraft Beach Seeds for Bedrock and Java below.

List of the best sidov minecraft Beach

* Java 1.19
* Dolfin Beach:-4828625412458267839
* Mangrov coast: 6237570501287390526
* Spruce sea: 9061064535691782356

* Root breed 1.19 (Note: Bedrock seeds work in Java, but they generate structures in different ways)

* Golden coastline: 5713173535512237233
* Tropical Bay: 5072285883221473786
* Mangrovaya lagoon monsters:-7608991650668401545

Best Sides Minecraft Java Beach

Dolphin Beach

seed: -4828625412458267839

A huge beach that seems endless, with dolphins that appear everywhere in your initial place. This is an incredible respuna for those who want to immediately go sail, or simply impatient islanders, eager to expand their base near the shore. And there are many attractions, both in water and on land that you can discover.

Key places *
Underwater ruins: -285,-571
A combination of shipwreck and ruins: 389, 481
Cave with a mine: * 355,-135
Destroyed portal: * 64, 304

Magraure shore

seed: 6237570501287390526

The mangrove biom performs its function to prevent coastal erosion! This is one of the most natural combinations of the beach and the mangroves that we saw, and there are many discoveries in it. If there has ever been proof of the existence of a lost underwater civilization in Minecraft, then it is in this seed, since there are half a dozen underwater structures in less than several hundred quarters from SPAVN. This is definitely a great SID for adventure or research.

Key places *
Underwater ruins: -204,-545
Underwater ruins 2: -181,-834
Underwater destroyed portal and a fragment of the ship thrown ashore: *-253,-1260
Destroyed portal: -520,-1610
Monument to the ocean: -218,-207

spruce sea

seed: 9061064535691782356

Despite the fact that it would seem, a sea that has no access to the sea, this beach is still teeming with fish, turtles and random dolphins! But the beaches are not the only natural miracles in this starting position, with open caves and caves, frozen biomes and huge mountains, loosening nearby. And perhaps the most incredible is the coastal mansion of Woodland, which is nearby and offers incredible trials at the beginning of the game. In addition, if you go straight to the ocean, even more pleasant (or unpleasant) surprises await you!

Key places *
* BIOM Ice spikes and frozen shipwreck:-102, 657
Open the lush cave: 453, 408
Forest mansion: 466,-522
Monument to the ocean: * 192,-783
Monument to the ocean 2: 235,-1291
BIM of mushroom fields: 227,-1013

Best Sides Minecraft Bedrock Beach

Golden Coastline

seed: 5713173535512237233

An extensive desert leaving the warm ocean with corals and other underwater trophies. This place is so beautiful that the temple and the Illager Tower also decided to settle here. But why is it called the golden coast? Well, a biom of barren lands a stone’s throw from your starting location means that you will never have a lack of gold.

Key places *
Fire Earth: -291,-118
Desert Temple: 249,-134
Village: * 347, 115
Illager Tower: * 374, 295

Tropical Bay

seed: 5072858832221473786

Thick jungle, a broken ship and the beach on which you were thrown away. This can be an ideal place to start a new life in Minecraft! In addition to the atmosphere of the tropical island that this place radiates, there are many biomes nearby that can provide you with all the materials that you would like to start your base. And if you go to the sea, you need to see incredible mountain ranges that rise directly from the ocean.

Key places *
Shipwalk: -283, 107
Temple of the jungle: -840, 325
Mountain in the middle of the ocean: * 557,-266
Village: * 1218,-855

Mandy Laguna Monster

seed: -7608991650668401545

A huge mangrove forest is located just a few blocks from your starting location, and a huge beach passes through it. A number of islands are most of the Earth in this starting zone, but immediately behind them there are a huge number of resources and forests. The Mangrov thicket area opens into a huge lagoon, then goes into the jungle and, finally, into the desert.

Key places *
Destroyed portal: -252, 316
Combination of the village/Destroyed Portal: 47, 659

Desert Temple: *-741,-246
BIM of mushroom fields: -18,-633
Monument to the ocean: 136,-825
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