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Rule Warriors: time of devastation

Rule Warriors: Time of devastation is the second part of the series and, like the predecessor, brings the action-packed hack & slash gameplay of games like Dynasty Warriors into the game world of the Zelda series. With twenty of the well-known characters, we can mow entire armies of enemies in the Story campaign, and we use ourselves of numerous special attacks. Each of the figures plays differently: for example, while linking to sword and arc, Princess Misha makes use of her water magic. In the demo you can play the first chapter of the story campaign, which tells the history of Breath of the Wild, alone or in the local coop as Zelda, Link or IPA.

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Little Nightmares II

Little Nightmares II is about two children who have to make their way through a nightmare world to achieve a mysterious signal tower that seems to be the source of all evil. The horror game impresses at first glance through his graphic style, which brings it to work, at the same time cute and scary. The gameplay consists of creeps, platforming and small puzzles. Compared to the predecessor, the levels are much more varied. Among other things, we cross a hospital populated by scary dolls and a dark forest. In this forest also plays the demo in which we reveal the gloomy secret of the hunter.

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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

In contrast to Monster Hunter Rise, Monster Hunter Stories 2 is not a typical representative of the series. Instead of making monsters in action-rich real-time hunts, we collect their eggs here and take care of the hatched specimens, which then accompany us in the Pokémon style into the round-based tactics. The story revolves around a mysterious egg, from which a creature could slip, which causes the end of the world. In addition to the campaign there are also local and online multiplayer. In the demo you can try the beginning of the game. If you decide you later for the purchase, you can transfer the score to the full version.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Try for free in the Nintendo shop

Immortals Deny Rising


In Ubisoft’s Open World Hit Immortals Deny Rising we explore a game world based on Greek mythology. Each of the four regions we visit is subject to another God and has its own landscape and architecture on its beings. Our job is to help the gods in the fight against a nasty demon. The gameplay reminds with its mixture of fighting, exploration and puzzles strongly to the Zelda series, especially to Breath of the Wild. The demo offers its own adventure not included in the main game, where we have to ventilate the secret of the cyclonic. We are familiar with all Gameplay elements of the full version.

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