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One Piece Odyssey: new images for the RPG, there are big monsters to fight

It was a month ago any battery: Bandai Namco Entertainment announced the existence of One Piece Odyssey, a RPG that recalls a lot of one Piece World Seeker in its approach, and which is developed by the ILCA Studio.
If the first trailer has hardly shed the crowds despite the name of Eiichiro Oda to the design of characters and monsters, many fans are hoping for a title to the quality of the lively and manga.
Today, we can have a 2nd glimpse of the game, its protagonites, but also from some of the creatures to face through unpublished images.
As usual with One Piece, the choice of animals is often saurated and their size always very imposing.
Not enough to scare Luffy and his crew, who do not stop taking from the cycle as they go through their journey.

One Piece Odyssey - Announcement Trailer
The exit of One Piece Odyssey is not specified yet, but we leave it out on PC and all the consoles, except the switch.