Pokemon Go: Kapu-Toro Konter – The 20 finest attackers in the RAID

When is Kapu Toro? Kapu Toro will be discovered for the first time in the Level-5-RAIDs in Pokémon Enter the period from 12 April 2022 to 25 April 2022.

In this overview you will certainly locate the 20 best counterattack versus Kapu-Toro Inpokémon Go. We from Meinmmo reveal you which monsters ought to be best made use of versus the epic Pokémon as well as which Movesets are particularly appropriate.

What is Kapu Toro for a Pokémon? At Kapu Toro is an epic Pokémon from the 7th Gamings Generation.

Defeat Kapu Toro in the RAID – the 20 best counterattacks

  1. Mega-Bibor with toxin butt as well as mud bomb

  1. Mega-Gengar with burden and mud bomb
  2. Crypto Sarzenia with acidity and also mud bomb
  3. Roserade with poison butt and also mud bomb
  4. Crypto Giantor with acidity as well as mud bomb
  5. Crypto-Sleimok with toxin butt and also waste hit
  6. Crypto-SKKTANK with Giefthieb and also Matte Bomb
  7. Toxiquak with poison butt as well as mud bomb
  8. Genggar with worry as well as mud bomb
  9. Mega-Glurak Y with fire vortex and Lohekanonade
  10. Sarzenia with level of acidity and also mud bomb
  11. Crypto Metagross with cartridge steel and also starwork

Kyogre vs Groudon duo in rain
13. Crypto Smogmog with acid as well as mud bomb
14. Cerapendra with poisonous substance butt and also mud bomb
15. GIFLOR with acidity and mud bomb
16. Crypto-Ho-Oh with pressure reserve and also dive trip
17. Crypto-lavados with fire whirls as well as skies sweep
18. Crypto Bibor with poisonous substance butt and also mud bomb
19. Amfira with poison butt and also mudwoge
20. Crypto pionragi with toxin sting as well as mud bomb

In this overview you will certainly discover the 20 best counterattack against Kapu-Toro Inpokémon Go. What is Kapu Toro for a Pokémon? At Kapu Toro is a famous Pokémon from the 7th Games Generation. Just how many instructors do you require? ** With the top enemies and a high fitness instructor degree (Degree 40+) you can currently defeat Kapu Toro for 2 or 3rd.

There is Shiny Kapu-Toro? No, the rainbowlike form of Kapu Toro is currently not available in Pokémon Go.

Weak Points of Kapu Toro: Considering that Kapu Toro belongs to the Pokémon of the Type Plant and also Fairy, it is especially weak against poisonous substance attacks. You can likewise place on flight, fire, steel and also ice strikes.

The number of instructors do you require? With the leading opponents as well as a high instructor degree (Degree 40+) you can currently defeat Kapu Toro for 2 or 3rd. We advise that you told one or the other gamer more.


Raid Guide Pokemon Go: Top Counters and Weaknesses Tranquill

Tranquill, Pokemon Flying Type from the Yuna region, is now available as a raid boss in Pokémon Go. Also available brilliant shape of this Pokemon, so that lucky players can catch green Tranquill after a successful raid battle.

Raiga Guide

Tranquill) – Pokemon flying and normal type. This means that the best attacks against it Stone , Ice as well as Movement of electric type . Pokemon himself will use mostly offensive movements of flying type in the raid battles, but it also has several unique movements, such as steel type movement. Steel wing and fire-type movement Heat wave .

Trekville Reception Set

Quick attacks :

  • Steel wing (steel)
  • air strike (flying type)

Charged attacks :

  • Heat Wave (fire type)
  • Air AC (flying type)
  • Heavenly Attack (Flying Type)

The best counters for use

Fast Attack :


Charged Attack :

Lightning strike

Fast Attack :

Charging beam

Charged Attack :

*TAPU LELE* COUNTER GUIDE! 100 IVs, Counters & Moveset | Pokémon GO

Wild charge

Fast Attack :


Charged Attack :

Rock Slide

Fast Attack :

Zen strike head

Charged Attack :

Discharge gun

Fast Attack :

Charging beam

Charged Attack :

Lightning strike

Fast Attack :


Charged Attack :

Wild charge

If none of the listed Pokemon is not available, it is best to take in the Pokemon Raid, who have electric or ice-type moves **. They will apply the greatest damquill damage and facilitate the victory in the battle.

Interested in raid guides for Pokémon Go and want to learn more? Check out the Pokémon Go Raid Guide: Tornadus (Theran) Best Counters and Weaknesses on Pro Game Guides!


Pokemon Legends Arceus: Gone Astray in the Coastlands Request Guide

Open-world games and secondary missions go hand in hand, and there are many optional requests to accept in this new Pokémon entry. Some requests provide very few details on how to solve them, so we are here to help you with this. Here is How to complete the Gone Astray in the coastlands in Pokemon Legends Arceus .

Pokémon Legends Arceus Gone Astray in the coastlands

Despite your best efforts to help you at Crimson Mirelands, Zeke’s sister, Wanda, will be lost again at Cobalt Coastlands. Once again you will have to ride in Ursaluna and use her sense of smell to find Wanda, where she is.

Fortunately, we have saved you the hassle of having to search throughout the area to find it and complete Gone Astray in the coastlands. This is the exact location of Wanda on the map:

This time, Wanda has somehow found on an island in Cobalt Coastlands. More specifically, she is in Castaway Shore, just south of Veilstone Cape. The easiest way to get to it is using Basulcion to swim through the water from Ginkgo Landing. To unlock BASCULEGION as a Pokémon for a walk, simply follow the search for the main history on the coasts.

Once you have found Wanda, she returns with Zeke to receive a reward. This time, she will give you a star piece for completing the request. Since this has become a real search line, you can be sure that Wanda will be lost again in the future.

That’s all you need to know about How to complete the Gone Astray in the coastlands request in Pokemon Legends Arceus . Be sure to check our wiki guide to find more tips, tricks and other useful information about the game while traveling through the HISUI region.

You can also take a look at the items related below to read more about our Pokemon Legends Arceus coverage.

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Request 58 Gone Astray in the Coastlands Guide - Pokémon Legends Arceus

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Zarude is the newest mythical Pokemon

Last updated there is February 28, 2020

新しい神話のポケモンが明らかになりました! Zarudeの起源と伝承の説明!

A new mythical pokemon, Zarude, was revealed for Pokemon Sword and Shield. This ad is one of the pokemon day celebrations of The Pokemon Company. Pokemon Day is February 27th.

The new mythical Pokémon has been revealed with a trailer launched today. Zarude is a Dark / Grass Pokémon. The new Pokémon is a great creature of a height of 5’11 “. The “Voyou monkey” has a color palette mainly in black and white. The trailer shows the mythical Pokémon that runs and fights various other Pokémon in the game.

Pokemon has included a Pokedex style description with trailer.

“Zarude is a Dark and Grass pokemon that can grow vineyards at the back of his neck, his wrists and the plant of his feet at will. The vines are solid and flexible and are useful for many different situations. They can be used to wrap around tree branches to move and enter remote branch bays, and even have healing properties. »

A mythical Pokémon is a class of Pokémon even rarer than legendary Pokémon. The most famous mythical pokémon is Mew, but there are about 20 other mythical in the series.

The ad does not specify how players can capture their own zarude, but it indicates that the new creature “can not be encountered in the normal gameplay”. Zarude is available in the contents of the Expansion Pass for Pokemon Sword and Shield.


Pokemon Go: Johto tour brings good Evoli

The new info consists of a development bonus for Evil. For this, the programmers presented some Pokémon, that will see them more frequently throughout the event.

What is brand-new? On January 20, Ni antic released more details regarding the Great Photo Tour, which will take area in February 2022.

Pokemon Go starts the big Photo tour in February. Ideal there is a development bonus offer at Evil, who is well obtained by instructors. We show you the new information.

Nectar and Piano during Photo tour easier

These are the benefits: In the upgraded post, the programmers of Ni antic of the complying with bonuses write: Some popular Pokémon, which were very first discovered in the Kant area, have advancements that originate from the Photo area. In the Pokémon Go Trip: Photo, some Pokémon are extra common in the wild, which were very first located in Kant. On the complying with Pokémon you meet from 09:00 to 21:00 local time much more frequently:

Write us your viewpoint below on Mango in the exchanges and remarks you with other coaches from the area regarding it.

There is a bonus offer for Evil. During the occasion, there will certainly be no kilometer need when developing Evil to Nectar or Piano. Generally, you contend least 10 kilometers have been covered for targeted developments of these 2 Pokémon if the one-time name knit is no more readily available.

If you might also hit medium growths Quartz and also Duller as Shiny, to the discussed wild generates wrote instructor that would certainly be much better.

Thus, the instructors: react to the reward for Nectar and Piano, trainers react positively to Reddit. Jre47 writes Okay, that’s good and highlights that Nectar as well as Piano can find out old community day assaults via developments.

Pokemon Go starts the big Photo tour in February.

If your ticket has a ticket or not, it does not matter. These spawns will be noticeable and also fishing for all players.

  • Quartz
  • Combat
  • Duller
  • Lemon
  • Unix
  • Hangar
  • Sermon
  • Bicolor
  • Prison
  • Evil

What is new? On January 20, Ni antic published more information concerning the Great Photo Tour, which will certainly take area in February 2022. These are the bonus offers: In the updated blog site article, the developers of Ni antic of the adhering to rewards compose: Some prominent Pokémon, which were first located in the Kant region, have developments that come from the Photo region.

How do you like the view of the big Photo tour? Can Ni antic make you yummy with bonuses like the Growth Reward for Evil or Wild Pokémon like Hangar, or are not the best material for you?