Gothic Horror Barrage STG “Death Smilees I II” STEAM version June 23 release. Limited package version comes with mouse pads and arrangement soundtracks

City Connection announced on April 18, “Death Smilees I II” STEAM version released on June 23rd. The price is tax included 4950 yen. Limited package versions that attach DLC and original mouse pads are also scheduled to be released.

※ Household version PV published in August 2021

The Death Miles series is a horseshoe scroll Gothic Horror STG, which emits an end to “Death Miles” released for an arcade in 2007 from Cave. In the country’s national national national country, which is the stage of this work, it was often lost from the earth. The Earthman who came to Zillbalad has a special magical ability. Therefore, the old man Dior living in Silvallad was a livelihood that he developed a non-livelial child and contributes to the country with their magical power. Also, with the power of magic, a peaceful day continued in Jillbalard. However, a legendary demon appears on a certain day Jill Ballad, and starts human beings. A battle like hell of children and demons that were in the god hell was about to begin.

The main character Widendia has a 13-year-old girl who lived in London. She get lost in Jillbalad, and she will fight with a demon using the power of the wind. In addition, in the sequel “Merry Christmas of Death Smilees IIX Makai”, a new battle is expanded on the stage after the first work.

This series is a barrage STG of horizontal scrolling. At the start of the game, select the operation character from the girls with different characteristics. The purpose is to defeat the enemy using shots and bombs while avoiding enemy attacks and clear the stage. As a characteristic system, a mechanism for branching by selection is introduced. In addition, Cave smartphone work “Gothic is a magical maiden-Sasate! A common view of the world is used.

This work “Death Miles II II” contains the “Death Miles” series and the arrangement mode contained in the past home version. PLAYSTATION 4 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch has been released in December 2021, and the STEAM version is a portable version. Recording and modes are the archage / normal / ver 1.1 of series 1st “Death Miles”. Arcade / Normal / Ver 1.1 of the first version upgrade version of “Death Miles Mega Brack Label”. The sequel “Death Miles IIX Merry Merry Christmas” Arcade / IIX / Arrangement and a total of 9 versions of the 5 works can be played. As a game mode, a training mode capable of setting the state of itself or stage, and an on-line ranking is also introduced.

In addition, in this work, if you introduce the paid DLC “Additional Self-Opening Character” Gothic Magical Maiden “5 Maiden Set”, “Gothic is a magical maiden-Sasimitsu! ~ “5 characters appear as yourself. Five people, Catreat / Souffre / Plumeria / Rosalie, called 5 Maiden, are available in Ver 1.1 and Normal mode of “Death Miles Mega Brack Label”. Those seem to have voice and demo scenes.

“Death Smilees I II” STEAM version is scheduled to be released on June 23, tax-included 4950 yen. In addition, the limited package version is reserved for 7980 yen including tax from April 18th. As the contents, in addition to the main and DLC “Additional Self-Main Anime Character” Gothic Magic Maiden “5 Maiden Set, it comes with an original mouse pad and an arrange soundtrack (CD and DL code). A4 clear file is also available as the first purchase bonus. Besides that, some dealers also have shop benefits.


Basic Free Mobile Suit Fight FPS “Gundam Evolution” Steam Store Page Published!

Bandai Namco Entertainment has published the Steam store page about the PC version of the basic free match Gundam FPS “ GUNDAM Evolution ” to handle.

This work is a 6-to-6 basics free match shooter game with the “Mobile Suit Gundam” series theme. Players take from MS (Mobile Suit) with various characteristics, and challenge the battle that will be focused on a single-person perspective. Corresponding platforms are wide and will be delivered at PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S.

Gundam Evolution - 45 mins of hero shooter gameplay

For the PC (Windows) version, the network test will be held prior to the console from 11:00 to 11:00 00 00 00 00 00 **. The participation is decided by lottery, so the applicants need to apply from the official site by 16:00 March 28, 2022.

In addition, official delivery is also decided according to this. It is said that new content information and performers will be played.

“GUNDAM Evolution” is scheduled to start service 2022 for PC (Windows) / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox ONE / Xbox Series X | S. In addition, at the time of article writing, it is not compatible with Japanese.


Pac-man museum + takes date and will be available in the Game Pass

Bandai Namco has just unveiled the release date of Pac-Man Museum +, compilation of 14 PAC-Man games that will be available on May 27th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and Steam. The collection will also be accessible to Game Pass subscribers the day of its release.

Believing Bandai Namco, Pac-Man Museum + is presented as the fine flower of all that Pac-Man could generate as games in more than 40 years of history. In addition to the emblematic arcade game that has launched everything, we find titles like Pac-Man Battle Royal, who contrary to what his name can suggest appeared in 2011 on arcade terminal and not in response to a trend more recent.

The compilation also includes Pac-Land, 1984 2D platform set that released the character of his labyrinths filled with pac-gums and ghosts for the first time. Pac-Man also tried at Tetris type reflection game with the 1993 CAP-Attack before finding the 16-bit sauce platform a year later in the French Studio Kalisto Pac-In-Time. The collection stops on Pac-Man 256, imagined by Bandai Namco Studios Vancouver in 2015, which revisted the concept of Toru Iwatani with some surprises.

Players can navigate between the Pac-Man Museum + games while walking through an arcade room interface, which can be customized for terminals or decorations. A progress system based on the accomplishment of missions will reward players with parts that will unlock other missions or objects that players will be able to place in their virtual arcade.

PAC-MAN Museum + - Release Date Announcement Trailer

Pac-Man Museum + – Trailer Exit Date