Bandai Namco showed the gaming process of tactical jrpg digimon survive

Bandai Namco has published an official gameplay trailer for the Digimon Survive tactical role-playing game. The video tells about some game systems, such as a map of the world, where players can choose one of several areas for research and study. Glittle scanning in the world can give tips to solve riddles or valuable objects.

Talks are an important component of the gameplay: the words chosen by the player determine the karma, the degree of proximity of the character and Digi evolution. With members of the detachment, you can talk during battles to increase their skill, and with enemies-so that they can go to your side.

In Digimon Survive, the main attention will be focused on the history of characters and their relationships with their digimons. During the battles, Digimons will be able to dihyvolution directly on the map. The battle course will be as smooth as possible, while maintaining the strategic mechanics of using the enemy weakest places.


Digimon Survive will also have dramatic plot parts in which players will learn more about characters and peace, like a visual novel. In addition, additional gameplay elements were added to the game, including large-scale battles between digital monsters.

Digimon Survive will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on July 29, 2022.


The game process One Piece Odyssey is shown

During Summer Game Fest 2022, Bandai Namco introduced the new gameplay trailer One Piece Odyssey, which will be released on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC in Steam in 2022.

One Piece Odyssey is an adventure role-playing game in which players have to go to a new adventure with the pirates of a straw hat. The game will appear new characters and monsters created by Eychiro Ode, the author of the One Piece manga. In addition, Motoi Sakuraba, known for the series Dark Souls and Tales, is responsible for the music.


The pirates of a straw hat, the main characters of manga and the One Piece anime, were stuck on an island called Waffled because of a strong storm, which, despite its beauty, is full of dangers. Luffy and his team are waiting for an unforgettable adventure. Will the heroes be able to leave the mysterious island surrounded by storms?

New world

One Piece Odyssey: new images for the RPG, there are big monsters to fight

It was a month ago any battery: Bandai Namco Entertainment announced the existence of One Piece Odyssey, a RPG that recalls a lot of one Piece World Seeker in its approach, and which is developed by the ILCA Studio.
If the first trailer has hardly shed the crowds despite the name of Eiichiro Oda to the design of characters and monsters, many fans are hoping for a title to the quality of the lively and manga.
Today, we can have a 2nd glimpse of the game, its protagonites, but also from some of the creatures to face through unpublished images.
As usual with One Piece, the choice of animals is often saurated and their size always very imposing.
Not enough to scare Luffy and his crew, who do not stop taking from the cycle as they go through their journey.

One Piece Odyssey - Announcement Trailer
The exit of One Piece Odyssey is not specified yet, but we leave it out on PC and all the consoles, except the switch.


Digimon Survive already has a launch date

_ DIGIMON SURVIVE _ was originally announced in 2018. Since then, Bandai Namco’s title has been delayed on three different occasions. Fortunately, it seems that the expected game will finally reach our hands in a matter of a couple of months, since _ Digimon Survive_ already has a new release date .

According to V-Jump magazine, _ Digimon Survive_ will be available at PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on July 28, 2022 . Although at the moment there is only mention of a launch for Japan, the Games of Bandai Namco usually come to the West on the same day. We only need to wait for a more concrete announcement for our doubts to be clarified.

Originally, Digimon Survive was going to arrive in 2019, but a delay moved the date to 2020. Then the same thing happened, moving it to 2021. As far as little, last year the game suffered from a delay until 2022. This delivery It combines the elements of a graphic novel, with RPG that will give us the control of different Digimonsters.

_ DIGIMON SURVIVE_ will be available at PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on July 28, 2022 . On related topics, here you can check the most recent trailer of this game. Similarly, Bandai Namco talks about why this title was delayed.

Digimon Survive Release Date Revealed - Dim Card Leak [Digimon VB/ Digivice V]

Editor’s note:

The idea of combining the graphic novel with the RPG is something that catches me. However, to be a game of this type with a duration of 40 hours, this must be a great story that not only managed to satisfy Digimon fans, but all the interested parties.


Bandai Namco works on a remake of a Nintendo game

Bandai Namco and Nintendo have a good relationship. Notably, these two companies have collaborated in super smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, and _ Super Smash Bros. Ultimate , as well as _Mario Kart 8 and arms. Finally, Bandai Namco developed Pokken Tournament and new Pokemon Snap. Now, a new report notes that those responsible for Tekken and Pac-Man are working on a remake of a 3D game of Nintendo.

According to two job requests, one for project planners, and another visual artists, bandai namco is working on a remake or remasteration of a 3D game from Nintendo. This was what was mentioned about:

“As a visual artist for a 3D action game project with a Nintendo contract, you must perform a remastery / remake in HD of 3D Funds”.

At the moment there are no more details about it. It is unknown exactly what kind of game this treatment will have, although the fans have speculated that it could be treated for f-zero GX of Gamecube . If this project is remistering, we could see an improved visual style and perhaps some additional features. While a new remake would involve a more extensive review.

On related topics, Nintendo expands its main offices. Similarly, here you can see a new look at Super Nintendo World in the United States.

Nintendo Hires Bandai Namco For a HUGE Remake!

Editor’s note:

A remake or remasteration of a 3D game is interesting. If we talk about remastery, we are probably talking about a game of GameCube, Wii or Wii U, while a remake would be N64. Personally, I want to see f-zero gx, although it is likely that this does not happen.


Will there be a sequel to Tales of Arise? After success in sales of this JRPG, its author reacts

The franchise of such of has actually been among us for many years, there is no question that Tales of Arise has actually risen as the most effective delivery of all. From Bandai Namco they do not let go of the numbers and also consider that, at the minute, will certainly not make a follow up

‘Tales of Arise’ is already the fastest selling game in the series
Register for the 3D game network on YouTube .

We will certainly be attentive to recognize the new plans of Bandai Namco around brand-new JRPG video games, although we can also anticipate information about the Stories of Preference. On the one hand, Tomizawa has actually not shut the door to the growth of remasters, although he has currently stated that the graphic style of such of arise will return only in future deliveries of the saga. When it comes to the game itself, we think about that the last distribution has taken care of to present itself as a transformative step ** in the franchise thanks to stunning combats, something that you can read in information in our analysis.

Although the franchise of such of has been amongst us for years, there is no question that Tales of Arise has risen as one of the most successful distribution of all. Leaving aside the good criticisms gathered by the review and also by the area, the video game handled to market greater than 1.5 million copies in just over a month. Nevertheless, from Bandai Namco they do not allow go of the numbers and also take into consideration that, at the minute, will not make a sequel

To achieve this objective, the research considers that it requires to “develop a cutting-edge title as a front runner that is improved the success of Arise, while providing a possibility to uncover the history of the franchise business.” The launch of such of arise does not indicate that Bandai Namco will forget the game for life, because they want to give reasons for players discover it on their very own **.

On the one hand, Tomizawa has actually not shut the door to the advancement of remasters, although he has currently claimed that the visuals style of such of arise will certainly return just in future deliveries of the saga.

The research study will certainly proceed with the challenge of […] acquiring new followers for a better expansion of the JRPG Yusuke Tomizawa This has been commented by the manufacturer of Tales of Arise, Yusuke Tomizawa , in a meeting granted To the magazine side (through gamesradar). It seems, the research study “desires to continue with the difficulty of […] getting brand-new fans for a greater development of the JRPG “. By doing this, the developer will continue to focus on this genre while checking out brand-new alternatives to bring in individuals.


Fast & Furious Crossroads is removed from the sale, less than two years after the launch

Bandai Namco has announced that it will retire from the sale Fast & Furious Crossroads on April 29.
As of this day, the game can no longer be purchased or PC, nor in PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, the platforms in which it is now available.
At the moment, players will continue to use the game, rediscover it if they have it purchased and access the downloadable content.
The closing date of the servers has not yet been announced.
The title premiered last summer of 2020 and focuses on action and driving, including a history mode inspired by movies with several of the most popular characters.

We Bought Fast & Furious Crossroads...And Then We Refunded It

However, the reception was quite negative, which may have precipitated the withdrawal of the game and its support.


Elden Ring Jellyfish Puzzle Guide: What to do in Stargazers Ruins

Developed by fromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco, Elden Ring is a completely new RPG that has just been released for PC and consoles. The game is developed in a huge open world named Lands Between, and is full of small secrets to discover, along with some riddles that can be perplexed. Here is What to do in Stargazers’ Ruins and how to solve the jigsaw puzzle in Elden Ring.

As you progress in the main story of Elden Ring, you will eventually arrive at a new area called Mountointops of the Giants. There is a lot to do here, and you will also come across the ruins of star observers, where you will find a spirit of Medusa that looks for Him’s sister.

What to do in Stargazers’ Ruins in Elden Ring

Stargazers' Ruins Puzzle Solution - Full Narrated Guide - Elden Ring [4k HDR]

  • If you have not already done so, make sure you talk to Roderika at the abandoned cottage near the entrance to the Stormveil castle.

Exhaust your dialogue to receive the Medusa Spirit Ash.

  • Locate the spirit of the jellyfish in the ruins of the contemplates, standing on top of the stairs that lead to the basement.

  • Invokes the spirit of the jellyfish and a notice will warn you that a seal has been broken.

  • Low the steps and opens the door to find a chest that contains a talisman.

That is practically everything you have to do. You can still conserve and convene the spirit of the jellyfish after completing this puzzle.

The Primal Talisman Glintstone Blade that you get in Stargazers’ Ruins is also a pretty good reward for magic users, as it decreases the amount of FP consumed by spells and weapons skills, although it reduces your maximum HP.

That’s all you need to know about what to do in Stargazers’ Ruins and how to solve the jigsaw puzzle in Elden Ring . Be sure to check our wiki guide to get more advice and information about the game.

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Bless unleashed

Best Classes In Bless Unleashed

Developed by the round 8 studios and published by Bandai Namco, bless Unleashed is a free MMORPG based on console, centered on the exploration of a vast world, embark on vast quests through various landscapes and unite with Allies to push countless monsters.. It can be played solo or with a group of your choice.

Bless Unleashed currently has five playable classes: Berserker, Crusader, Mage, Priest and The Ranger. This guide will establish the best classes to play, taking into account affect zone damage, single target damage, blessing potential (set of movements) and the general sensation of the character. In addition, we will examine what each class is best located on the battlefield.


The Rangers are expert survivors who specialize in distance combat – the unique target extraordinary class – the Ranger is, by far, the best of this category. Most of the enemies you encounter one against one with the Ranger will be a breeze. Even enemies that are some higher levels than you can be defeated with a reasonable effort. However, the Ranger has limited AOE damage. If you encounter groups of enemies alone, you will have trouble defeating all the group. The Ranger is especially ideal if your style of play is a lonely lolly mode. Overall, the damage of the unique Target of the Ranger are comparatively unmatched between the other classes.


Best Class To Start in Bless Unleashed

Mages are masters of arcane capacities and use the elements that surround them to take care of their enemies – exceptional AOE damage and global utility. In the last game, the mage excels in the potential of blessing. The combination of this and its remote arcane ability makes a character a force with which one must count. The weakness of the mage, however, is that he suffers during meetings with a single target. The Mage blends well with other heroes, and if you plan to play in cooperation with your friends, then use the mage in your group is the recipe for success.


Easily plus a higher level character, the forces of the Crusader reside in his potential for blessing and his group fights. Its AOE potential is limited, while its solo damage is moderate. The crusader works perfectly when it works more as a front-line support role with your team. The reason is the ability to overthrow the cross. This is extremely valuable when working in a team. Falling your enemies on the ground is a sure way to eliminate them in a timely manner when the rest of your team contributes accordingly.


The priest meets challenges when fighting against groups. The priest is specialized in shields, care and distance attacks – a real support class among the other classes. It is not recommended to play The Priest solo. However, the priest plays a critical role in a collaborative framework, among other classes that all play a specific role between them.


The damage on a single target and AOE are shabby with the Berserker. This class is remarkably slow and slow, which is struggling. The struggles are the most notable when you encounter hordes of enemies at a time or boss fights. The Berserker is intended to be played with a more strategic play style, and requires many more skills and awareness of the situation to prosper. If this is your first game in the game, then the Berserker may not be for you.


Basic Free Mobile Suit Fight FPS “Gundam Evolution” Steam Store Page Published!

Bandai Namco Entertainment has published the Steam store page about the PC version of the basic free match Gundam FPS “ GUNDAM Evolution ” to handle.

This work is a 6-to-6 basics free match shooter game with the “Mobile Suit Gundam” series theme. Players take from MS (Mobile Suit) with various characteristics, and challenge the battle that will be focused on a single-person perspective. Corresponding platforms are wide and will be delivered at PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S.

Gundam Evolution - 45 mins of hero shooter gameplay

For the PC (Windows) version, the network test will be held prior to the console from 11:00 to 11:00 00 00 00 00 00 **. The participation is decided by lottery, so the applicants need to apply from the official site by 16:00 March 28, 2022.

In addition, official delivery is also decided according to this. It is said that new content information and performers will be played.

“GUNDAM Evolution” is scheduled to start service 2022 for PC (Windows) / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox ONE / Xbox Series X | S. In addition, at the time of article writing, it is not compatible with Japanese.