Erfurt is first – el

Meuselwitz was noticeable, but people had the ability to put in minute 48 to the connecting goal. The ZFC now pressed, the visitors countered. After one more corner kick, NKOa headed the 3-1 for the Thuringian state resources (74th). The cherry put a straight complimentary kick from Mergel in added time on Erfurt’s showing off lotion cake.

We only compose the 3rd matchday, however the season of promoted Rot-Weiß Erfurt can confidently be called a success tale. On Saturday at ZFC Meuselwitz, the involuntary with the assistance of the challenger was likewise offered, Felix Müller falsified an edge right into his own goal in the 12th minute. Erfurt stayed on the trigger, Mergel pushed the sphere over the line from a brief range in the 23rd minute after a quick speed.

Atilagan opened up the second stage of the game, which pressed a header extension from Ziane with the exact same part of the body into the internet (51. ). Leipzig was currently money grubbing for also more goals, after all, Sirch was permitted to enter the goal marker listing in the 88th minute, once again a header.


A bit like acidic milk should have tennis Borussia berlin the appearance at 1. FC Lok Leipzig. Although the violet with Eke Uzoma was a recently obliged and also, as it were, popular beginner was quickly in the beginning line-up, yet the engine steamed unimpressed through the Bruno Plache Arena at a fast rate. When Tebe slowly entered play shortly before the break, Pfeffer ended up a sprint with a placed reduced shot to 1-0 (45. +1).

el-Jindaoui: First goal and also misfortune

At the Berlin city battle between Hertha BSC II and FC Viktoria Berlin, what was most likely to make a couple of waves on social media took place in the 38th minute. Of all, it was the turn of the third department transfer, Baca responded a corner kick in the 10th minute. He had to see how Seiffert was not to be stopped in the 28th minute as well as shot the visitors once more in front.

The game was shot in the 42nd minute, and also again the brand-new goal scorer had his feet in the game. In the 75th minute was also the end of the day for the right-back, after a foul he saw yellow-red. The visitors pushed for the equalization, the thickest opportunity had Mattmüller in the 81st minute, yet Hertha caretaker Kwasigroch conserved the triumph with a fantastic response.

goalkeeper Bätge hits the last score

On Friday, SV Babelsberg 03 as well as VSG Altglienicke met for the top game of the Regionalliga Northeast Beide had previously collected six factors from two games. For Babelsberg, it resembled nine points from three video games after 95 minutes, yet then Altglienicke-Keeper Bätge came ahead in the last campaign of the game as well as attained the deserved 2-2 equalization.

The guests ended up being significantly the leading group in the training course of the initial fifty percent, as well as therefore likewise deservedly took the lead. They profited from an own goal of Ibraimo, that steered the ball over the line after a cross to 0: 1 (26th). Gladrow can even take care of the 2: 1 (63rd)- keeper Bätge was not cost-free of guilt for this goal.

At the battle FSV Luckenwalde versus BSG Chemie Leipzig, there was a department of factors, although it resembled a success for the home group from Luckenwalde. A 2-0 lead was kept in mind on the scoreboard. Becker had actually fired his team from around 25 meters 1-0 (15th), clumsy vigorously established the 2-0 on top-a been entitled to lead after a weak very first half of the guests. The Leipziger showed willpower in the second round: Eshele produced the 1-2 link for the drug stores (56th), the game was then progressively extensive, and also numerous cards were the outcome. So Bury saw the traffic control card around 15 mins before completion of the normal having fun time, which was responsible for the 2-2 equalizer (63. ), and also Flath needed to go down with smooth red in added time at Luckenwalde. In the long run it remained with the department of points, both of them are still without triumph this season.

Due to the pull in the top game, the Chemnitz FC had the ability to overtake the duo on points as well as also take over the lead over night. The CFC won narrowly yet deservedly won 1-0 versus Meister BFC Eager Beaver – Brügmann was a shooter of the golden hit.

Berliner AK needs to do without staff until now

On Saturday at ZFC Meuselwitz, the involuntary with the assistance of the opponent was also given, Felix Müller falsified a corner into his own goal in the 12th minute. Erfurt stayed on the trigger, Mergel pressed the sphere over the line from a brief range in the 23rd minute after a quick speed.

SV Lichtenberg 47, on the other hand, needs to gather itself after the current 0: 5 pack against Erfurt in the conference with Energie Cottbus. At Wollitz-Elf, goalkeeper Alexander Sebald falls short with a knee injury up until more notice, yet his depictive Elias Bethke did his task in the recent 3-0 win in the first house game against Luckenwalde.

The Greifswald FC just recently won its first point in the brand-new league versus Chemnitz. He anticipates the climber with the tailwind of a 6-0 win, recovered against Tennis Borussia Berlin.

Meuselwitz was noticeable, however people were able to place in minute 48 to the attaching goal. Leipzig was currently money grubbing for also more objectives, after all, Sirch was allowed to enter the goal scorer checklist in the 88th minute, again a header. The game was fired in the 42nd minute, and also again the new goal scorer had his feet in the game.

The Berlin AK 07, the 3rd group amongst the 18 teams with an optimum yield up until now, additionally has a possibility of the lead. In the house game against one of the most lately unsatisfactory Germania Halberstadt, the lead. Nevertheless, there is a construction site at the Berliners: The Japanese Rintaro Yajima and also Shinji Yamada and also Jamaican Michael Seaton have not yet been made use of, since the trio has just been a temporary job as well as home permit until completion of February 2023. However, the organization requires approval by the end of the game year. It is still open whether the building website will certainly be fixed by Sunday. We are working with the subject with high pressure, says Benjamin Borth, technological supervisor at BAK. Julian will most definitely be canceled against Halberstadt, who suffered a jaw fracture in the recent derby victory versus the BFC.


DFB Cup: Butyric acid

Before the DFB Cup final in Berlin, buttery acid was presumably buried by unknown people at the fan festival of the finalist RB Leipzig.

The British Tanks HAVE EXPLOSIVE SHELLS Filled With ACID ???????? (War Thunder Ground Forces)

There were no injuries, said a spokeswoman for the “German Press Agency“. There are two witnesses.

It is believed that it was butteric acid. First, the “Bild” newspaper reported on the incident on the Hammarskjöldplatz at Messe Berlin.

The background of the incident is still unclear, said the spokeswoman. The investigation is underway. There is no evidence of a refan from Leipzig’s fan scene in the final on Saturday evening in the Berlin Olympic Stadium, SC Freiburg. According to the Leipzig, around 3000 followers had celebrated at the Fanfest.

In the immediate vicinity, on Theodor-Heuss-Platz, several thousand Freiburg fans gathered for a fan march at the same time.

The police and security forces ensured that the fan scenes did not meet. The police spokeswoman said.


Viktoria Berlin descends from 3rd league

The fourth and final relegation from the 3rd football league is promoted Viktoria Berlin.

The capital club – at the beginning of the season, briefly leaders – defeated 3: 4 (0-0) against SV Meppen on the 38th and last matchday. With 37 points, the Berliners took the 17th and fourth -last place in the table.

Morgan Faßbender (48th) and Luka Tankulic (52nd, penalty) scored the gates to 2-0 for the Emsländer. Christoph Menz (65th) achieved the interim goal for Viktoria, Lukas Krüger (68th) provided the Meppener 3: 1. Tobias Gunte (85th/90th) scored to 3: 3, but Richard Sukuta-Pasu (90.+1) made the Meppener Siegtor.

Viktoria Berlin: Untergang & Rettung Dank Investoren! | Analyse
In the remote duel with Viktoria Berlin, SC Verl (40 points) kept the upper hand against the MSV Duisburg by 1: 1 (0: 1) and thus celebrated the remaining class. Moritz Stoppelkamp (33.) put the Meiderich in the lead, Ron Berlinski (49th) scored 1-1 for the Verler.

Previously, the Würzburger Kickers and TSV Havelse had already relegated. Türkgücü Munich had left the game during the season for economic reasons, all games were taken out of the rating.


Streich puzzles over Var: Maybe Im visually impaired

It runs the 23rd minute in the duel between SC Freiburg and Union Berlin. At 1-0 for the guests, Freiburger Roland Sallai will find its teammate Lucas Höler with a high pass. In the penalty area of the Berliner, Höler heads the ball from a short distance to the head of his opponent Paul Jaeckel. The ball jumps back, on the striker’s upper arm – and rolls right in front of his feet. Höler pushes in for supposed compensation.

However, the SC cheer only takes a short time. Var Markus Schmidt intervenes and continues to referee Felix Brych that the Freiburg is a criminal handball. Brych collects the hit. The question: Was it punishable handball or just a contact on your shoulder?

The tricky scene, which is also difficult to clarify with pictures. AFP via Getty Images


According to the DFB rules, “the border between the shoulder and arm (when the arm is attached) runs at the bottom of the armpit”. So if the ball jumps on the arm below the armpit and, for example, “immediately after he has touched the ball with his hand/arm (whether intentionally or not) in the opposing goal”, the gate must be revoked.

Streich: “This is not a hand”

For Christian Streich, the matter was clear after two views on TV: “I only saw the ball on the jersey by Lucas.” The trainer tapped his shoulder in the press round after the game: “This is not a hand.” That is why he was “completely puzzling” why the supposed hit did not count.

Above all, the SC trainer got upset about Var Schmidt: “That he doesn’t even say that Mr. Brych should look at that again.” It was a “probably game -decisive scene”. “They later led 2: 0 and 3: 0 in this game. That’s why we need the 1: 1,” said Streich, whose team ultimately defeated 1: 4, “and he takes it away. Maybe I’m visually impaired, but Taking this gate away – it’s amazing. “

Instructive Endgame Puzzle ♚ Improve Your Chess ♚ Cool Chess Puzzles

The gate was correctly revoked

DFB apprentice Lutz Wagner in conversation with the ball

However, the referees are clearly different. DFB apprentice Lutz Wagner explained in an interview with the ball: “Referee Felix Brych really noticed it on the square. Var Markus Schmidt and his team then determined in the Cologne video center with doubt that the ball from Lucas Höler Below the armpit and thus in the criminal area of the upper arm. The gate was correctly revoked. “

Regardless of his great trouble over the Höler scene, Streich granted a deserved defeat and criticized the renewed defensive susceptibility of his team. Due to the defeat, RB Leipzig can already displace the Breisgauer from the Champions League places on Sunday evening in the game against FC Augsburg (7.30 p.m., live! At ball). A tie is enough for the Saxons.


Forsberg about future plans and Tedescos Secret

How important Emil Forsberg is for Leipzig, on Wednesday in the semifinals of the DFB Cup, when the Swede in the detention time passed the ticket for Berlin. “I’m not a header,” he says himself about his special gift. “I do not have to train that, but it just comes to me when it’s needed. If I have to make a goal with your head, then I’ll do it.”

Especially when players come from the bank, as he in the cup, the mental way is very important. “You have to know that if you get in, you can make the difference. I can only show that I can love these great games and you can decide. I’ve already proven that a couple of times.”

But Forsberg did not forget the serious start to the season. “The first six months were difficult for everyone,” says the 30-year-old over time with coach Jesse March. “For player and club it was not a good time. It was like in a roller coaster.”

Forsberg: “Everyone wants to show that he can play”

For the new coach Forsberg is full of praise. “The coach has brought us back to us,” he lets you look through and explains Tedescos Secret. “Each player has immediately felt that he is important again. This is quite important for a player, very important. That’s why we also turned many games through bankers. Everyone wants to show when he gets in.”

Even in the game preparation, things seem to have changed. “Since Domenico and his staff are here, we have always had a super match plan for each game and I’m sure we’ll have a good match plan for tomorrow.” He advises the absent coach on the press conference: “EMIL in turn and win” – even if he would actually be much rather in the starting eleven.

Forsberg over remuneration: “If you are young, you have many dreams”

Secret Between Me And Schneider Tunes Revealed And Future Plans!

ForSberg feels more than ever the association and possibly remembered, which used to be very well, he pushes aside today. “If you are young, you have many dreams,” he says. Today he is quieter. “I have another three years contract, do not see me elsewhere and have goals with the club.”

After seven years he is a veteran in the club. “That makes me pride. We have great before and now title chances. I was almost at the whole journey, I have to stay natural.” He could even well imagine, even after his active career in the club, but that has time. “My goal is to play a long football.”


DFB Cup, semi-finals

The SC Freiburg stands for a 3-1 in Hamburg for the first time in the final of the DFB Cup. Christian Streich is facing the coronation of his life’s work.

Here you will find the live sticker for the game!

At the wild curve party, Christian Streich hopped in front of the fans and off, the red T-shirt with the printed Berlin Olympia stadium held the cult coach but only in the poor: the SC Freiburg has torn the Hamburg SV from all title dreams and stands for the first time in its club history in the final of the DFB Cup. The Breisgauer won the semi-finals in the second division after a sovereign notion with 3: 1 (3: 0) and attacks on 21 May in Berlin after the Golden Pott.

“I can not say what went through my head,” said prank, who is now in front of the coronation of his life’s work: “It sounds funny, but some of my guys were already in the A-youth finale, after that we have Always watched the professionals. I have no concerns that they will be too nervous. And if we do not win, we were at least in Berlin. “

The Freiburg’s hits before 57,000 spectators in the Volksparkstadion scored Nils Petersen (11th), Nicolas Höfler (17th) and Vincenzo Grifo (35./foulelfmeter). For the HSV Robert Glatzel (88.). “That’s indescribable. We write history that the Sc Freiburg has never done yet,” Höfler said.

Last opponent of the SC in front of the possible first great title of the club history is RB Leipzig or Union Berlin, which faced each other in the second semi-finals on Wednesday (20.45 o’clock / ARD and SKY). In the capital, coach could prank, the service elder of all Bundesliga coaches, his life’s work on SC crown.

The HSV had to bury his hopes on the first final deduction since 1987, on the other hand, the semi-final curse of the reds stops. Since the Cup victory 35 years ago, the hitherto last title of the former Bundesliga dinos, the Hansee stood for the fifth time in the final part, but the dream of the fourth title after 1963, 1976 and 1987 burst again burst.

“The roles are clearly distributed,” HSV coach Tim Walter had said before the game. Freiburg is on the way to the Champions League, his team as a second division of the “challenger” – and exactly this class difference became clear on Tuesday evening from the beginning.

SC Freiburg: Höfler ensures clear conditions early

Although the second division six, who will probably be missed in series the Bundesliga return for the fourth time, was quite printed out for the first time over two years Volksparkstadion for the first time over two years and brought the arena with first half-opportunities by Robert Glatzel (5th) and Sonny Kittel (6.) Early to quake. But SC-Oldie Petersen set the volume of HSV fans immediately with the first Freiburg chance noticeably down.

The attacker used the disorder in the Hamburg defensive after a corner football and achieved its 12th hit for the SC in the DFB Cup – so he moved as Freiburg Cup record scorer with Alexander Iashvili.

And from the point of view of the guests was even better. After a crosslock of HSV-Keeper Daniel Heuer Fernandes Höfler did not tumble now long and made with his faked shot after a good quarter of an hour for clear conditions.

Freiburg impressed vs. HSV | Hamburger SV vs. SC Freiburg 1-3 | Highlights | DFB-Pokal Semi-Final
While the approximately 5,000 military Freiburg fans long sang by Berlin, the fully freestanding Ansi Tapio Suhons (26th) for ten meters offered the great opportunity for the Hamburg connection goal. Instead of adhering the HSV party, Grifo declined the majority of the audience with the 0: 3 before the break.

Because HSV defender Moritz Heyer met the back of Nico Schlotterbeck at a clarification attempt unhappy, Deniz Aytekin showed the point in view of the video. “I understand every HSV fan, who says that is not a penalty. But the rules are so,” Ard expert was Bastian Schweinsteiger.

In the second section, the HSV struggled and came to some opportunities. However, Freiburg did not burn anything and managed the lead, without getting big in the Bredouille. Glatzel rewarded the HSV, at least with his hit, married Ermedin Demirovic on the opposite side hit the post (90th).

HSV – Freiburg: The listings

Hamburg: Heuer Fernandes – Heyer, Vuskovic, Schonlau, Vgnoman (82. Muheim) – Meffert – Suhons (85th Chakvetadze), Rice (69th Business Man) – Jatta (82. Alidou), Glatzel, Small. – Trainer: Walter

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* Walter before DFB Cup: “Have Bock on the game”
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Freiburg: Fleckken – Schmid (90th + 2 Sildillia), Lienhart, Nico Schlotterbeck, Günter – Maximilian Eggestein, Höfler – Sallai (64. Höler), Grifo (79. White Haupt) – Jeong (79th Haberer), Petersen (64. Demirovic). – coach: prank


1. FC Cologne: Dominique Heintz calls reasons for failed return

On Friday (20:30) Union Berlin receives the 1st FC Cologne in the Bundesliga. Dominique Heintz will be particularly focus, after all, the defender once played for the Rhine countries. As the Defensivallrounder now confirmed, he had the opportunity to go back to the cathedral town.

Instead of returning to 1. FC Cologne, Dominique Heintz moved from Sc Freiburg to Union Berlin in January. He signed a contract until 2024 in the Irern, a return to Cologne was quite an option.

“Yes, that’s true, the FC was also on me. I thought about Cologne and Union. There were a few conversations – but one, two people in the club were not for me,” said the 28-year-old in the Interview with the “Express”.

Especially after the difficult last months at the SC Freiburg, Heintz would have needed a club, “who familiar me 100 percent”. “Union ultimately convinced me completely. The club really wanted me, that was not like that in Cologne, that’s why it was difficult for me. It did not fit with the FC, even if everyone knows I like to come to Cologne again Would be “, so the central defender.

Heintz needs responsibility and wool on the court every weekend. “In Freiburg this chance was not there anymore,” he called the reasons to say goodbye to the Union Berlins club.

Heintz is looking forward to seeing you again with the 1st FC Cologne

At Union Berlin you build on him again. “Union had tried to get me in the summer, and is always doning. I had good talks with coach Urs Fischer and Manager Oliver Ruhnert,” revealed Heintz.

With a lot of anticipation, the Routinian looks at the upcoming meeting with the Cologne. “I am pleased to meet the boys with whom I have played together. It is always nice to see the Cologne fans in the guest block. This is definitely a special game for me.”

In the duel between Union and the 1st FC Cologne there are also important points in the race to distribute the European Cocal courses. The table sifted from the Rhineland currently has two counters lead to the Berliner.


First reunion with “Schleicher” Max Kruse

On Thursday, the 1st FC Union Berlin was on the program for the entire team regeneration. Two days after moving into the semi-finals of the DFB Cup against the second division FC St. Pauli (2: 1) still after and after the next Bundesliga game on Saturday (15.30, live! At Wolfsburg) at the VfL Wolfsburg in the viewpoint.

The confluence of the table-twisted Wolfsburg against the seven-placed Köpenicker does not sound like a briller. But the Personalie Max Kruse gives this game a lot of whistle. For the first time since its last minute change from Union to Wolfsburg at the end of January, Kruse will dulate with his ex-colleagues.

Fisherman relies on the press conference on Max Kruse

Kruse has not made friends at Union with his primarily financially motivated finish. In addition, he complained about too little playing time. This has probably made coach Urs Fischer more than he likes to admit.

On Thursday at the press conference, however, Fischer behaved in this regard. “To the topic was enough told and said. I will not comment on that. It is important to accept the task and the way of playing Wolfsburg. Max is part of this style,” said Fischer. “We know what to expect us. We know Max. But we focus on the game, not again with max.”

Max is a bit of such a deletion for me, who always moves somewhere in the rooms and tries that no other.

Urs Fischer

In the media public Union training, Kruse was never the most diligent. In the 45 competitive games between summer 2020 and January 2022, he usually delivered (19 goals / 12 templates). In this respect, Union will try to narrow Kruses circles. “Max is a bit of such a lanyut for me, who always moves somewhere in the rooms and spaces like no other,” Fischer explained. “This is important to keep in mind. But at the end it’s about the whole. We can not only focus on Kruse. Also Maximilian Arnold is responsible for the balance of Wolfsburg team.”

After the 3-1 victory against the 1st FSV Mainz 05 and the progress against St. Pauli, Union in Wolfsburg could retract the third victory within a week. With then 40 meters, the practically long-reaching class content would also be theoretically secured. This should be an additional incentive to meet and score in the fourth mandatory attempt for the first time in Wolfsburg.

In personnel terms, fishermen should be rotated compared to the cup of cup on Tuesday. Torwart Andreas Luthe is sure instead of Frederik Rönnow in the box. On the right exterior, Julian Ryerson mumbled the crude “hunter” instead of Captain Christopher Trimmel. For the front, Cup victor gut andreas Voglsammer may be ahead for Taiwo Awoniyi ran. Only the midfield actors Keita Endo and Andras Schäfer (both knee injury) are struck.


Against the Hertha-Remis against VfL Bochum: “Brutal annoying”

Hertha BSC has missed the hoped for liberation in the Bundesliga descent fight. The capital club had to satisfy himself at the kick-off of the 21st matchday against the promoted VfL Bochum with a disappointing 1: 1 (1: 0) and is continued after five competitive games in a row without victory in the crisis. Accordingly, the mood was among the Berliners.

The votes to Hertha BSC – VFL Bochum 1: 1 (1: 0)

Niklas strong (Captain Hertha BSC Berlin)…

… go to the goal: “Brutal annoying. A long ball comes, Polter then does that well too. But then it’s a piercing that is misplaced unhappy. It is damn annoying. It was also the first shot in the second half. That was not so good in any case. “

… to the game: “It was so that we did not go so aggressive, so snappy and with the intensity as in the first half have gone into the bunks and behind the balls behind. Maybe we did too much Powerplay in the first half And could have played a few situations a bit quieter. But still we could have done it, but then lost the thread. Nevertheless, I would say that we also had our chances in the second half. Then you can then calm the 2: 1 make. “

… to Marc Oliver Kempf: “We already know each other forever. It is for six years that we have played together, but we know each other, we do well and we know more or less, as the other thing is playing Well, to have him next to me. The next games can come. “

Marc Oliver Kempf (Hertha BSC Berlin)…

… to the game: “After the first half, in which we were clearly the better team, we did not get the connection in the second half. Then you collect with a shot shot, which is a bit dangerous, the compensation. More Did not you admit, that’s why it’s all the sadder that you only stand with a point. “

… on his first days at Hertha: “The acclimatization was good, I did not mind me. I know many guys from earlier and the coach from Stuttgart times. I tried to introduce me well, go and give commands well, I did that quite well, but that an goal annoys me scary. Too zero would have been all the better. “

Tayfun Corkut (Trainer Hertha BSC Berlin)…

… to the game: “We played a really good first half with a lot of energy. We had a good intensity, a good two-beam guide and played very clean forward. It was actually under control. And with the only shot on Our goal we got the balance. Then the game changed. It was a competitive second half with switching moments on both sides. Unfortunately, we have to live with the point, but if you look at the first halftime, would certainly be more in it been.”

… to question why it did not matter to victory: “This time it was not necessarily the stability. The goal was the only ball that came to the gate. We got away from our game in the second half, But it was not due to stability. “

… to arrive new access Marc Oliver Kempf (before the game): “That was not difficult. He is an experienced Bundesliga player. I know him from my time in Stuttgart. He and the other new entries have been very well received.”

Arne Friedrich (point Director Hertha BSC Berlin)…

… to leave his decision to leave Hertha at the end of the season (before the game): “It’s a decision that sometime is matured. Fredi Bobic and I had a very open conversation. I originally returned in 2019 and honestly had not planned to stay two and a half years. Then there were two and a half years because it was just a great time, a turbulent time. I have learned a lot and hope I could give a little something. I have the feeling that now I have the feeling that now very, very much Good structures are laid, especially through the athletic realignment. I am actually very optimistic about what the future of Hertha is concerned, even if you may not see it directly. “

… to ask what he wants the club to say goodbye (before the game): “Stability. That was one of the reasons why it has always been a bit shaky. There are a lot of people and gone a lot of people, both at the player level and on the line level. But to get really stability, you also need peace in the environment. Fredi Bobic has come with his team. I appreciate him very much and he knows what he does. And I hope that one That looks as soon as possible, but it needs everything his time. You have to say that. ”

… to his future (before the game): “Even if I’m gone in the summer: I will always remain wonderful to the club. I like to be in Berlin, Berlin is my home. It was much speculated: Wrapping Arne completely? I have not done such plans at all. I did not do any plans because I’m at the Hertha until the summer. “

… to question whether he could draw a conclusion to his activity (before the game): “For this it is too early, on the other, the other people should decide. I’m still there. It is always said again and again That it’s a pity that I’m going, but I’m still there until summer and we still have a lot. We are still in a very difficult situation. “

Thomas Rice (coach VFL Bochum)…

… to his semi-period language: “Of course I was angry that we did not accept the two-fighting. These are the basic one, that belongs to football. We have done the ball, we have no access. Then we get a standard gate It was also prepared for the team. That’s very annoying. Then it became a bit louder. But the team has then implemented that very well in the second half and that’s why I am satisfied with the point. “

… to the game: “At the first half, I was absolutely not satisfied. There was no passion, we’ve had all the two-fights lost. We only had the luck that Hertha could not create so many chances of chances. We have in the second half turned a bit a bit and then I was satisfied with the way, even if it was certainly not a nice football match because of the many long balls from our side. But in our situation away is I do not care. Main thing, we have one Point taken. And that was not undeserved due to the second half. “

… to ask why the VFL defends so passionately (before the game): “We have our mission statement where we say: we want to be indomitable. We want to defend it with all the power, but also build something, if I am glad The guys also look for the defense. Of course, our offensive players want to shine more in the offensive, but we have to work as a newcomer with all in both directions. We do that well and you can see that we can be an unpleasant opponent. “

Gerrit Holtmann (VfL Bochum)…

… to question whether he was satisfied with the point: “From the course of the first half ago, we just not good enough and had no chance. Hertha did it pretty well. We had no pressure on the front and so Hertha can simply play through. In the end, we have happy, but also deserves the point from the course of the second half. “

… to weak first half: “Already at the warm-up you have noticed that we are not right. You have seen until half time that we have not consistently pulled our game. There we are again that we are offensive still have a lot of air upwards. “

Sebastian Polter (scorer VfL Bochum)…

Hertha Berlin - VfL Bochum 1-1 | Highlights | Matchday 21 – Bundesliga 2021/22

… to question whether he is satisfied with the point: “After the bad first half definitely. We can ultimately be really satisfied with the point. A with-relegation candidate that deals with us downstairs and at a distance The away – that’s very neat. Nonetheless, I believe that we did not play a good first half and can live with the point due to the second half. “

… for conversion at the half-time break: “We have certainly played the worst half in the first half. We wanted to come to the depths and behind the defensive chain. That did not succeed us. We have been clearly and clearly addressed in the halftime We need to change that to score. Thank God we have done and are very satisfied at the end with the point. “

Sebastian Schindzielorz (Executive Board point VfL Bochum)…

… to the latest transfer phase (in front of the game): “It is always a hot phase, the phone is not quiet. You have a lot of information, trying to sort and get the best for the club. We chose with us continuing continuity that has been awarded us in recent months. We have shown in the Territory that we are absolutely competitive. We did not want to go to the structure there and see us well. “

… at the previous season (before the game): “We communicated at an early stage, that for us as a newcomer will be a very hard season. We are aware of this and so we went to the season. We did not go to the left And looked at the right, but focused on ourselves. That has worked quite well so far, but there are still some games to play and we need to score. “