Buffon about the proudest moment of his occupation: blows rather of Globe Mug

What happened? Buffon’s after that club Juventus Turin got a delicate 0: 3 residence defeat in the Champions League quarter-final of the Champions League versus Real Madrid. The chance of the semi-finals as well as thus likewise Buffon’s first Champions League title for the old woman dropped to a minimum.

Gianluigi Buffon becomes world champion and several times Italian champions. The proudest minute of his job is different.

Madrid 2018 is the game that I am most pleased with when I still don’t understand why umpire Michael Oliver referred me to the field, said Buffon in a discussion with the Italian daily paperLA Stampa _.

World champ in 2006, ten times Italian champ, five times Italian cup winner, plus record gamers of the collection An and the Italian national team and also FIFA world goalkeeper of the year 2017-Gianluigi Buffon is among the best as well as most successful goalkeepers in the previous 20 years.

Title about title, the now 44-year-old home in his lengthy occupation. In this he experienced minutes that he can be pleased of. The proudest minute of his occupation was, according to his own declaration, a video game that finished two times inglorously: with a red card which in the Champions League.

Juventus equalizes 0: 3 from the first leg

According to a presentation by Cristiano Ronaldo, the Lucas Vazquez, which is entirely free in the charge location, is reduced by Juventus defender Medhi Benatia. This additionally strikes the play devices a little but additionally the opponent on the shoulder. The case is clear for the English umpire!

On April 11, 2018, one of the most incredible Champions League games in recent background took location in the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. Every little thing indicated an extension at the third min of deduction time.

Buffon: I really did not insult him

Buffon’s then club Juventus Turin obtained a sensitive 0: 3 residence defeat in the Champions League quarter-final of the Champions League against Real Madrid. The possibility of the semi-finals as well as thus also Buffon’s first Champions League title for the old lady dropped to a minimum.

For Buffon, Oliver had no heart, rather a trash bin in the vital scene. Although he removed the chance to add the Champions League of his title collection, this video game was the proudest minute of his job complete satisfaction and also his colleagues, who will Madrid’s miracle.

The Englishman made Buffon out as the leading bird and sent him from the square with red because of his tough objection, which Buffon can not comprehend years later on. After the end of the video game, Buffon left his outrage over the given penalty in public. If you don’t have that, you don’t deserve to be on the pitch, claimed Buffon at the TV terminalBEIN Sports _: You Can’t whistle that.

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After the end of the video game, Buffon left his outrage over the given charge in public. Only the umpire has actually seen a foul. You have to have sensitivity and also an understanding of important minutes. If you do not have that, you do not be worthy of to be on the pitch, stated Buffon at the television terminalBEIN Sports _: You Can’t whistle that.

It occurred the means it had to. Cristiano Ronaldo practically transformed the penalty with the final whistle and also fired Juventus from the competition after a self-sacrificing battle.

The Englishman made Buffon out as the leading bird and also sent him from the square with red due to the fact that of his difficult criticism, which Buffon can not recognize years later on. I really did not disrespect him as well as I assume one of my colleagues missed out on one or two blows in his ribs. That was not me as well as I got red, said Buffon.


Klopp: There is absolutely nothing to be implicated of

The state of mind in the cabin is “extremely modest”, the trainer reported after the 0-1 defeat in Paris at DAZN. However: “_ ichalready see that we played a great period. It takes a minute for the young boys, however that’s human as well.”

A big red party will certainly happen in Liverpool on Sunday, which was currently specific prior to the Champions League final. And also after the lost Champions League final against Real Madrid, Jürgen Klopp made no organizations to ruin the event state of mind.

When the goalkeeper ‘Male of the Suit’ is, you recognize that something spunk has run.

Jürgen Klopp

Regardless of the Liverpool possibilities, he would have suched as to see even more clear degrees versus Genuine. “We had the clear majority of goal shots, yet just three or four actually good ones. That is what we charge ourselves.” The problem was the “harsh counterfeit danger” of the royal, he evaluated. Then he understands “a little bit that the main protectors did not actually move out, so the midfielder were a bit too deep.”

Rather than the long possible quadruple, the Reds “just” finish their season with the league cup and also the FA Cup victory, since both in the Premier as well as the Champions League, an opponent was minimally far better. “In 2 competitions, we have actually deficient really briefly.

three beats, a Triumph Klopp introduces 5th effort

And after that there was the overwhelming Thibaut Courtois. “When the goalkeeper ‘Man of the Suit’ is, you understand that something spunk has actually run,” claimed Klopp. “You can win as well as the goalkeeper will ‘Male of the Suit’, but it does not occur that often.” In an expansion, he would have seen advantages for his group: “I believe that we had physically more grains.”

Regardless of the Liverpool opportunities, he would have suched as to see more clear degrees versus Genuine. “When the goalkeeper ‘Guy of the Match’ is, you understand that something spunk has actually run,” said Klopp. With each other with 2013 (with Dortmund) as well as in 2018, Klopp already shed three Champions League final, only in 2019 he obtained the winning medal. “We’ll try it once more,” he claimed, initially to guarantee one more final with Liverpool: “You will certainly see another!

Jurgen Klopp INTERVIEW: Liverpool squad is very special | BBC Sport
Along with 2013 (with Dortmund) as well as in 2018, Klopp already lost 3 Champions League final, just in 2019 he obtained the winning medal. “We’ll attempt it again,” he said, initially to guarantee another last with Liverpool: “You will see an additional! You will see another once again!”


FC Liverpool worries before Champions League

FC Liverpool is worried about the Champions League final against Real Madrid next Saturday in Paris for Thiago. The 31-year-old playmaker from Spain was injured in the last Premier League game against the Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Liverpool 3-1 Wolves | Jurgen Kloop Post Match Interview | Finishing a point behind champions city

Thiago had to leave the place at half -time after injuring his right thigh shortly before the break.

“I think he’ll be out for the final, but I don’t know yet. He limps. It’s not the best sign,” said coach Jürgen Klopp after the game.

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Despite the 3-1 win against Wolverhampton, Liverpool missed the Premier League title because the leaders Manchester City won the parallel game against Aston Villa 3-2. Thiago had prepared Liverpools 1-1 by Sadio Mane with a brilliant chopping trick.


UEFA decides on European Cup

The controversial Champions League reform again heats the minds before the UEFA congress. The executive committee already clarified on Tuesday, but made concessions.

The controversial reform of the Champions League is tackled – but in a weakened form. This decision was made by the Executive Committee of the European Football Union (UEFA) on Tuesday, one day before the 46th congress.

The original idea, according to which two of the four additional starting places over a five-year ranking of the clubs should be awarded from 2024, was rejected after severe criticism.

UEFA's Plans To RUIN The Champions League
Instead, these additional places will go to the countries whose teams have best cut off in the previous European Cup season. If the current season were brought in, England and the Netherlands would receive another Champions League starting site.

“We are convinced that the selected format leads to a real balance and generation of solid income that is distributed to the clubs, leagues and the football base guarantees,” said Uefa President Aleksander Ceferin.

From the 2024/25 season, the new mode of the Champions League provides for an increase from currently 32 to 36 participants, the competition is played in the so -called “Swiss model” according to the suggestion of the EXKO.

Champions League reform: fans went to the barricades

The other two additional places go from the league to the third-placed people, who took fifth place in the UEFA ranking and to a national champion about the so-called “Champions Path”. The number of four to five is increased there.

The fans went to the barricades and did not want concessions for the big clubs. The Exko developed a compromise. In addition to the wildcards, however, the increase in the number of preliminary round games from six to ten initially caused violent displeasure. Now it will be “only” eight.

The preference of the powerful and finest clubs by the UEFA to prevent the large -scale outbreak of the large -scale outburst into a super league was a thorn in the side of the fan base. It is simply “unfair and contrary to competitive,” emphasized Football Supporters Europe.

This adaptation would “represent an unjustified second chance for some big clubs,” said European Leagues: “Sporty merits in the local leagues must be the only access to European competitions.” And the resistance had an effect.

Eintracht Frankfurt: Hellmann soon at UEFA?

“Today UEFA has clearly shown that we respect the fundamental values of sport and defend the core principles of sporting competition,” said Ceferin.

On Tuesday, the Executive Committee set the course, the mighty union of the ECA elite clubs had previously signaled approval. “Glock the presentation of the UEFA managers” and hope “to the best possible result for European football”, the ECA said after a meeting in Madrid.

With the royal class reform, the most important question has already been clarified before the congress, but from a German perspective, a question of personnel should still be exciting. According to information from the kicker, Eintracht Frankfurt’s board spokesman Axel Hellmann should replace the failed DFB presidential candidate Peter Peters in the UEFA’s clever liatization committee.

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Gladbach-Leipzig 3: 1

Leipzig never really found the usual dominant game in the remote duel around the Champions League with Leverkusen, who had a guest in parallel Eintracht Frankfurt. The starting eleven, which was changed by coach Domenico Tedesco compared to the 1-0 against the Glasgow Rangers in five positions, made many mistakes in the transitional game, the offensive around Dani Olmo, Nkunku and Silva therefore hung in the air for a long time. Gladbach, which acted compared to the 3: 3 at SC Freiburg with Stindl for Plea from the start, rarely made mistakes on the defensive, although there was also little initially.

M'gladbach Vs Rb Leipzig 3-1 All Goals & Highlights Bundesliga 2022HD

After eleven minutes, Lainer scented the guest goal for the first time, Gulacsi parried safely. Six minutes later, the Hungarian was powerless, the foals took the lead out of nowhere: with a little luck, Stindl put through to Embolo, who shot down centrally from ten meters. The deficit did not attract RB from the unusual passivity for the time being, initially only Gvardiol caused excitement. Hofmann, who was warned early on, went to the ankle and was lucky that Referee Martin Petersen did not put him off the pitch after 27 minutes. However, Tedesco took over six minutes later, Halstenberg moved into the triple chain.

And Halstenberg was also the one who initiated the Leipzig compensation: Silva made a wide ball from him well and passed through the course of Nkunku precisely. The Frenchman was unable to stop in the penalty area and shot down to the bottom left – it was the first shot of goal of the guests (36th). The goal was good for the game of the Saxons, but many balls were still lost in front of the penalty area. Shortly before the break, Leipzig also ran into a counterattack, Embolo sent Hofmann on the trip. Freely in front of Gulacsi, the Gladbacher ice cold shot down at the bottom left – 2: 1 for the Borussia (45.+2).

Silva fails on the Latte – Hofmann with the decision

On the second round, Tedesco took his second defense lawyer off the field, Klostermann replaced Simakan. Leipzig became more and more braver, and there was more dominant in half of the foals. Silva, who headed a angelino flank massively on the goal, came promptly. Summer tore up an arm and steered the ball onto the crossbar (55th).

RB remained the game -determining team, Gladbach only acted to tenth from the 64th minute: Elvedi was the last man to grab the hurried Nkunku in front of the penalty area, Petersen immediately showed the Swiss the red card. The Leipzig pressure made it even larger, but the Saxons did not really cause dangerous degrees. Gladbach was rarely able to free himself, but was invited by Kampl in minute 77. The Leipziger lost the ball at the foal’s penalty area to Neuhaus, the home side moved up with several players. Ultimately, Beyer Hofmann played on the right in the penalty area, who laced his double pack from a slightly pointed angle – 3-1 for the Borussia.

summer not to be conquered from a distance either

The Leipziger were therefore punished for the little consistent game in the last third and only dangerous in the final phase from a distance. Sommer was on the spot in the attempts by Dani Olmo (83.) and Angelino (84th). Gladbach was completely bogged down, Leipzig no longer got through – it stayed 3-1.

Due to the second league defeat in a row, RB slips to 5th place, but Freiburg is only one point away in two other games. On Thursday, the Saxons are about the second final in this season, at 9 p.m. the second leg in the Europa League semi-final is increasing against the Glasgow Rangers in the Ibrox Stadium. The foals are only in action on Sunday, at 3:30 p.m. they will be at Eintracht Frankfurt, which is also used in the Europa League on Thursday.


Champions League: Who transmits FC Bayern vs. FC Villarreal on TV and stream?

On Wednesday evening, FC Bayern meets the FC Villarreal in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. It is also serious for the FC Liverpool, Manchester City, Real Madrid and Co. Where does the royal class run live on TV and in the stream?

FC Bayern first hosts the FC Villarreal in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. The Spanish first division had thrown in the last round of surprisingly Juventus Turin (1: 1, 3: 0) from the competition. Thus, the Munich should be warned, since Villarreal won the Europa League last season.

The German record champion had prevailed in the eighth finale against RB Salzburg (1: 1, 7: 1). For Villarreal, FC Bayern wants to go the next step and qualify for the semi-finals of the Champions League.

In the past Champions League season for the Munich in the round of the best eight conclusion. At that time, FC Bayern failed after two extremely exciting duels (2: 3, 1: 0) to Paris Saint-Germain.

Where is the Champions League game FC Villarreal vs. FC Bayern transfer?

  • The first leg of Bayern at FC Villareal will be broadcast live at streaming service Dazn . At 21:00, the game starts at the Estadio de la Cerámica.
  • From 23:00, there is also the game in the Summary in ZDF in the magazine “Football: Champions League” to see.

  • Champions League reports on the game of Bayern at FC Villarreal as usual in the detailed live ticker.

Where are the other quarterfinal games of the Champions League on TV?

In addition to Bayern and FC Villarreal, six more top teams from Europe have qualified for the quarterfinals in the premier class.

The other parts do not live live in the free TV this year, but are all just looking through streaming service providers.

Here are the other quarterfinal first legs of the Champions League:

Tuesday, April 5, 21:00: Manchester City – Atlético Madrid | Live at Dazn

Tuesday, April 5, 21:00: SL Benfica – FC Liverpool | Live at Prime Video

Wednesday, April 6, 21:00: FC Chelsea – Real Madrid | Live at Dazn


Champions League: Police deployment and brawl? Krasser debrower of PSG-Boss Nasser Al

After the bitter in the second round of the Champions League, Paris Saint-Germain is a lot of frustration. That the nerves are blank with the French, shows an outriser of Club Boss Nasser Al-Khelaifi.

As several media reports consistent, the PSG boss is stormed into the catacombs of the Bernabéu after the 1: 3 defeat against Real Madrid.

First, he should have held a stability of the Paris team and succeeded in objects. Al-Khelaifi had not calmed down thereby – on the contrary.

He then tried together with Club Bosss director Leonardo to get to the referee cabin. There referee Danny Makkelie asked the duo to leave the room. When Al-Khelaifi and Leonardo refused, they had to intervene after several folders to calm the catalist businessman.

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With his outraster al-khelaifi, al-Khelaifi should even destroy refereequipment and thrown objects through the area. Some media even report that he should have beaten mackelia. The police had even been turned on.

Staff films Al-Khelaifis outraster

???? PSG is our enemy! Terrace Talk: Real Madrid
An employee of Real Madrid has taken the outraster with the phone and was then threatened by Al-Khelaifi.

The words “I will kill you” should please. Leonardos requirement to delete the video, ignored the staff and sent it to the UEFA instead, who wants to advise on consequences on Thursday. This reports the “Marca”.

Referee Makkelie has received the outraster of Al-Khelaifi in the protocol, which is probably the speech of a “very aggressive” behavior.

Benzema triple pack seals PSG-Off

Reason for his outraster was apparently the first goal of Karim Benzema. According to Al-Khelaifi, a foul of the French were preceded.

Three hits from Benzema (61 minutes, 76., 78.) Real secured the entry into the quarter-finals and provided the renewed king class k.o. From PSG. Kylian Mbappé was the lead for the guests after his 1-0 victory hit in Madrid (39.). After the break, Neymar and Lionel Messi barely ran for him.


Manchester United | Report: Ralf Rangnick doubts about Cristiano Ronaldo

Ralf Rangnick is said to lead Manchester United into the Champions League. Currently, the English record champion does not run around. In addition, a bad mood in the team is repeatedly reported. The focus is also Cristiano Ronaldo. According to a new report, the athletic future of the superstar is more open than ever.

Ralf Rangnick responds to three Manchester United transfer targets

With 15 goals in 31 competitive matches Cristiano Ronaldo plays a decent season at the age of 37 years. Nevertheless, the Portuguese seems to be dissatisfied with Manchester United with the athletic situation. Internally, those responsible are allegedly wondering how it should continue with the center-to-center.

According to “Manchester Evening News”, Coach Ralf Rangnick doubts that the club continues to set on Ronaldo in the coming season. Accordingly, the patience of the interim trainer dears. Ronaldo has a contract with the Red Devils until 2023. In addition, there is an option to continue to expand the cooperation for another season.

Ronaldo leaves future open

But how long Ronaldo will ultimately run in Old Trafford, remains to be seen. “I know, I do not have many years to play, four or five still. We will see, and I want to win more titles,” said the former world footballer last at “Dazn” about his future.

Manchester United is currently in fourth place in the Premier League, but has already completed more games than some direct pursuers like the FC Arsenal. In addition, manunited is already excreted in the FA Cup. A title becks Ronaldo only in the Champions League.

Apparently, CR7 and other teammates gradually grows the frustration. According to “Don Balon”, Ronaldo, Marcus Rashford and Raphael Varane should have already demanded rangnicks in the club leadership. The former Bundesliga coach is planned at the English top club until the summer as an exercise leader.