DFL boss congratulates FC Schalke 04 on promotion

Donata Hopfen, CEO of the German Football League (DFL), congratulated Schalke 04 to return to the Bundesliga.

“In an incredibly exciting race for the ascent, FC Schalke 04 showed its Hopfeny class in the right moments and defied adversely-and thus made the return to the Bundesliga perfect after one year,” wrote the DFL boss.
She sends “Congratulations to the coaching team around Mike Büskens, to the team for their outstanding striker Simon Terodde and to all those responsible for the club,” it said.

FC Bayern München gegen FC Schalke 04 - Bundesliga Wochenende - BILD Daily Live 08.09.2016
On Saturday evening, the royal blue had made 3: 2 against FC St. Pauli and thus the immediate return to the football upper house after a 0-2 half-time referee.