What to do if you lost the remote Firestick control

If you would fill a stadium with people and ask who has lost its remote control before, everyone would raise their hands. All remote controls, including Firestick remote controls, seem to grow and hide. Ask your children either does it help because everything you will hear is I don’t know or I wasn’t me. Fortunately, there are alternatives that you can take advantage of if you lost your remote Firestick .

What to do if you lost the remote Firestick control

The good news is that even if you have lost its remote Firestick control, there are still some support methods that you can use, as detailed below:

Use your smartphone or tablet *
Use an old Fireck *

Use a keyboard and a mouse *

We will review each of these methods in more detail here.

Use your smartphone or tablet as support

Of all the available methods, this is, with much, the best and easiest way to get control of your Firestick. Most people carry a mobile device. More importantly, the complementary application for Firestick is available on Android and iOS.

Step 1 *: Install the Amazon Fire TV application. It is available on Google Play and App Store, for free.
* The file size is 40 MB and 89 MB, respectively.
Step 2 *: Make sure your Firestick and your intelligent device are connected to the same Wi-Fi and that the Firestick is on.

Step 3 *: Start the Amazon Fire TV application. He will automatically search his Firestick, so select it when he appears on the list.
Step 4 *: After selecting your Firestick, your TV will show a 4-digit code. Copy the code in the application, wait for it to connect and voila.

Now, the Amazon Fire TV application works almost identically to a physical remote control of Firestick.

Do you have an old Firestick remote control out there? Use it!

If you accumulate ancient devices, why not use a remote Firestick control of a previous generation? It works equally well. Actually, any remote control with an HDMI-CEC function will also work. The use of a previous generation firestick is undoubtedly the best option, since the remote controls that are not from Firestick will not admit certain functions.

To use a previous Fire remote control, all you have to do is restart it completely.

Step 1 *: In the remote control, keep the start, back buttons and left arrow simultaneously.
Step 2 : Release the buttons after 10 to 15 seconds.
Step 3 : Restart the Firestick and give the remote control a time to connect.

Control your Firestick with a keyboard and a mouse

A method that is a bit more complicated is to use a keyboard and a mouse to control your Firestick. Both wireless and wiring devices work, but cable keyboards and mice have a problem: the Firestick only has a micro USB port.

You can omit this in one of these three ways:

  • A device can be wired, the other wireless
  • Both devices are wireless.
  • Buy a USB divisor
    • If you are considering a USB divisor, keep in mind that it would be more intelligent to control the Firestick with a smartphone or tablet until you can pay another remote control.

Control your Firestick with Alexa

If you don’t mind feeling a little silly when talking to Alexa, you can control the Firestick with a Amazon Echo device. Similar to the use of your smartphone to navigate by Fire TV, both the Alexa and Firestick device must be connected to the same Wi-Fi.

And there you have it: What can you do if you lost your remote control Firestick . If you had to choose any of the previous methods, use a smartphone or a tablet. It is easy, free and needs nothing more than a device that most people have anyway. Anyway, you will not miss The Rings of Power when it is released in Prime Video.

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  • This article was updated on September 13, 2021