Vll Wolfsburg: Routines maintains searching in smiths

Wolfsburg proceedss director Marcel Schäfer from VfL Wolfsburg proceeds to keep covered with the prospering of the follower to the Wolfsburg proceedss director Jörg Schmadtke, that is frustrating in seven months.

Schäfer and Schmadtke have been functioning with the Bundesliga club because 2018. The veteran VfL professional Schäfer is always traded as a logical successor as well as the most encouraging prospect.

After such a tough period, the processes with the brand-new team of coaches and the brand-new staff team are the most essential. Summertime preparation and squad preparation overauf is our entire focus. Every little thing else that remains in the future, for instance in January 2023, we will Talk about eventually, stated the 38-year-old ex-international in a Sky interview.

In Might, the Wolfsburg proceedss supervisor was considered supporters of this option when the Florian Kohfeldt was divided in May, while Schmadtke originally wanted to continue dealing with the train. I believe it is my responsibility as the Wolfsburg proceedss supervisor of VfL Wolfsburg to give my evaluation on specific topics and I do it, honest and internally, stated Schäfer. Last decisions after that have the administration, yet we have actually been doing this given that 2018. We occasionally discuss controversially, however we constantly involve a joint choice.

The connection in between both has actually not dealt with the showing off issues of the past couple of months. We have actually been interacting really effectively because 2018 from a challenging last period in which we have relocated much more closely with each other, said Schäfer.


Schmadtke comments on the Wolfsburg coaching question

The search for the coach at VfL Wolfsburg could drag on.

“I think we need a little time for it. Because it is a difference whether you will change a team in a current season or whether you are doing it now after the season,” said Managing Director Jörg Schmadtke of the “Wolfsburger Allgemeine Zeitung “.

“We have to show ourselves again: What do we want? And what do we get in the end? On Sunday, the Bundesliga club surprisingly ended the collaboration with coach Florian Kohfeldt. In October of last year, the VfL leadership presented as successor two days after the separation from Mark van Bommelt Kohfeldt.

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According to information from the “Bild”, Thomas Reis, currently a coach at VfL Bochum, is said to have sparked Wolfsburg interest. “If there is an inquiry, I would listen to everything,” said Reis. “That is part of the business.” Ex-VfL striker André Breitenreiter is also said to be a candidate. The 48-year-old had recently led FC Zurich to the title in Switzerland. In addition, Matthias Jaissle (Salzburg) as well as Adi Hütter and Sandro Schwarz are considered candidates.


Schmadtke calls for a different attitude of stars of VfL Wolfsburg

Managing Director Jörg Schmadtke demands a rethink in the team after the mixed season of VfL Wolfsburg.

“Another attitude is needed so that we can create physical conditions that enable us to implement our game in 90 or more minutes,” said the 58-year-old of the “Wolfsburger Allgemeine Zeitung”.

The current table-13. The Bundesliga has to develop a game idea that we are not only convinced of in theory, but also on which the team also has a great pleasure. “

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Schmadtke blamed a “fitness problem” for the inconsistent season with a change of coach, inconsistent performance and relegation battle, which was a constant companion. “On the one hand, the athletic requirements that you simply need in the Bundesliga have not been reached. And on the other hand, there were a variety of egoisms in our group.”

The international participation would have led to a convenience among some players. “One or the other may have said: Fourth place internationally three times in a row, we did it, we did it, we know how to do it.” The Champions League participation in this season with a supposedly lighter group did not bring participation for the round of 16: “In the end, that was something like a fire accelerator. And we almost would not have been deleted this fire,” he said about the problem of the problem Convenience