BVB: Change or whereabouts? Bellingham

With Erling Haaland, Borussia Dortmund loses the most important player in the squad. Jude Bellingham, on the other hand, is preserved. This was now confirmed by the central midfielder in a media round.

“The only future I think is the next game with Dortmund. And I’ll be here next season. I’m ready,” said Bellingham. The 18-year-old ended speculation about a possible change in summer.

„What should be better, Erling?“ | BVB FIFA 22 Ratings presented by Jude Bellingham
Bellingham still has a long -term contract with BVB until 2025. However, due to its steep development, the Englishman has repeatedly been associated with top European clubs in recent months. However, the supposed interested parties have to be patient at least another year.

Bellingham will miss Haaland at BVB

So while Bellingham is preserved the Dortmunder, Erling Haaland joins Manchester City in summer. “I told him that I was very happy for him that he can take the next step,” the central midfielder commented on his teammate’s transfer.

Manchester City is “very lucky to have it,” said Bellingham. “He is a great player, a great guy, I’ll miss him,” said the BVB jewel about Haaland.

Bellingham strives for the BVB title

Although the Borussia loses its gate guarantor, Bellingham strives for the black and yellow title. “Ending the series of ten Bayern titles would be incredible for the club and for me, so we will attack it again next season. Ending Bavaria’s dominance would be an incredible success,” the eighth ahead took a look ahead.

He wants to continue as a leader. The role means “a lot”. “I realized how big the club is on the first day,” said Bellingham.


Bundesliga: BVB supposedly interested in Sergio Arribas from Real Madrid

Borussia Dortmund continues to make the squad for the new season. Has BVB targeted a talent of Real Madrid?

Borussia Dortmund has supposedly considered a talent of Real Madrid in search of further reinforcements in the offensive area. As the Spanish newspaper AS reports, BVB is interested in the 20 -year -old Sergio Arribas. The foreign striker in the reserve team of the royal in the third Spanish league is one of the top performers, in 33 season games he scored 14 goals and scored five more goals.

Arribas mostly plays on the right and then pulls inwards with his strong left foot – an action that is well known in the Bundesliga by the long -time Bayern star Arjen Robben. Arribas had already come to ten missions for the professional team last season, but this has so far been denied to him this season.

Nevertheless, according to the report, Real should not be interested in a sale, only a loan business would be an option. Arribas are still under contract with the Blancos until 2025. BVB has had mixed experiences with rental businesses from real professionals in recent years. Achraf Hakimi turned out to be a stroke of luck for BVB between 2018 and 2020, which could not manage a firm obligation.

However, the situation with Reinier looks different. The Brazilian has never fulfilled expectations since moving to Dortmund in the summer of 2020 and rarely came beyond the role of the supplementary player. The 20-year-old returns to Madrid in July.

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Prediction Starting Line Up REAL MADRID Next Season FT. Antonio Rudiger !!
Coach Marco Rose would definitely need the offensive outer lanes. Jadon Sancho’s departure last year could not be adequately caught, which is why Rose repeatedly experimented with a system change to a triple chain with rail players on the outside positions.


Karim Adeyemi to Dortmund? BVB and Salzburg obviously agree on change

The change from Karim Adeyemi from Red Bull Salzburg to Borussia Dortmund is now apparently in dry towels after months of talks. According to matching media reports, execution should be reported in the coming week.

????Breaking News????l BVB and Salzburg agree on Adeyemi deal? l Why is Adeyemi deal stalled?

As reported among others _ image_ and Sport1 report, both clubs should have agreed on a change of the 20 year old national player.

According to Pild, the Dortmund pays around 35 million euros. Possible bonus payments could increase the sum, according to Sport1 in the coming years, up to 41 million euros. Adeyemi, who played in the youth between 2009 and 2011 for FC Bayern Munich and later found the way to Salzburg via Unterhaching 2018, would thus be the most expensive transfer of Dortmund club history.

Adeyemi is scheduled to sign a five-year contract by 2027 at the black and yellow and receive an annual salary of five million euros gross.

With the obligation of Adeyemis, the Dortmund also set up for a possible disposal of TopTorogäger Erling Haaland. The Norwegian is mainly associated with Manchester City. In its part, Salzburg committed attackers Fernando Dos Santos Pedro from Shakhtar Donetsk in the past week of Shakhtar Donetsk as a potential Adeyemi successor.

Adeyemi plays a strong season in Austria and comes in the league on 16 goals and three assists in 25 games. Also in the Champions League he made his attention with three hits in the group stage and four highest penalties.

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Karim Adeyemi: Performance data in the season 2021/22 for RB Salzburg

Competition Games Goals Assist
Austrian Bundesliga 25 16 3
Champions League 8 3 2

ÖFB-CUP | 4 | – | –
Champions League Qualification | 2 | 1 | –


BVB: Conversations with Marco Reus not far advanced

The future of Marco Reus at Borussia Dortmund beyond his end of the contract 2023 is still open. This confirmed the BVB captain and simultaneously excluded a change abroad.

Marco Reus – Borussia Dortmund’s Loyal Captain
Conversations with the BVB on a further collaboration are “not far advanced until now. With the course of time you will see how it goes on. But there is no stress,” said the 32-year-old in the “Sky” interview.

However, reused Reus, he feels “scary well” at the BVB. He is currently seeing “no reason to go another step”.

Reus added: “I would like to finish my career in Dortmund, I said that a few times.”

MLS instead of BVB? Marco Reus: “You should never never say”

For the coming year, Reus has the end of his active career but “in no way” in the sights. “Fortunately, I’ve been injury-free for a long time, just have little setbacks and feel very good,” the offensive player said.

He wool “further help the team to win games and improve,” Reus announced.

In addition to a whereabouts at BVB, the former Gladbacher but also a change abroad, especially in the North American professional league MLS.

“You should never never say. But I’m very happy to play at Borussia Dortmund, that’s a privilege. If you can quit His career here, you really like and proudly,” Reus said.

Marco Reus wants “definitely” to the World Cup

Ambitious goals formulated the national player with regard to the Winter World Cup in Qatar. He wool “in any case” part of the German squad, says Reus. “A World Cup is an incredibly big event to be there very much.” With national coach Hansi Flick he stands “in constant exchange”, according to the BVB profi.

After the end of the era Löw in the upheaval DFB team has “a good troop that has found slowly,” said Reus. “Now it matters that we demonstrate that against stronger teams. I think we are ready and full of anticipation.”


Can the BVB already do without Marco Reus and Mats Hummels?

After an expected title-rose season, the calls of Borussia Dortmund the calls for a larger personnel change is louder. Two stimulus figures are captain Marco Reus in this context and defense boss Mats Hummels, in which the ghosts divorce. Should the BVB stick to the two routiners or let them pull?

Who has followed the headlines around Marco Reus and Mats Hummels since the beginning of the year, could easily conclude that the two long-standing leaders in Dortmund are only in the way. Each three DFB legends, the BVB duo recently questioned.

The beginning made Lothar Matthäus, who determined in mid-February at “SKY90” that the Westfalen would be missing “a real leader”. “The leaders have to do with themselves. Mats Hummels is often injured, Marco Reus struggles with himself and has no constancy. And such players should then lead the team? Very difficult,” the 61-year-old.

At least at Reus, Felix Magath, meanwhile Interim coach at Hertha BSC, agreed to the record international. He was “astonished” as the team captain is perceived in public, said the former chef coach of FC Bayern. “If there was something for international matches, he was not there. At Borussia Dortmund he won the trophy twice. But if that’s the scale for a top player, I do not know,” Magath explained his view.

Mario Basler, in turn, recently did not leave a good hair at Hummels. To the decision of national coach Hansi Flick, not to nominate the defender for the international matches against Israel and the Netherlands, said the 1996 European champion in the “double pass”: “I’m far away from bringing him back. I believe that at Mats the time international is over. There you should not get around it anymore, that he still comes back. It has decided that he is no longer there. “

So polemically the explanations of the critics may also come, they meet a wound point. Because: Reus and Hummels are – not least because of their injury susceptibility – for many Borussia fans and experts no longer undiminished. Some of one would endure a soon goodbye of the professionals bound only until summer 2023.

BVB: Hummels and the two sides of the medal

But can two such experienced players who have already convinced this season can actually be exchanged so easily?

Hummels, whom his tempo deficits are accused regularly, has completed cross-competition 30 games. 18 of them were won, eight more lost, four times the encounters remained without winner. No outstanding quota, but not a catastrophic.

Especially since a player only in the rarest cases is solely responsible for a defeat. Nevertheless, Hummels often came into crossfire after setbacks, then the backing of coach Marco Rose did not help.

Now it is not possible to point out that Hummels has lost hydration, not only from age, but also for injury. The knees prepare new problems for the 33-year-old every few weeks.

Mats Hummels has always struggling with blessurs

I pack my safe | Mats Hummels vs. Marco Reus
Bummel is non-doubt about every doubt. No other central defensive player of Borussia has comparable qualities in the game structure.

In this respect, a separation after the season for the BVB bosses would also be associated with a risk, because a replacement would be guaranteed expensive. Time away, apart from official circles, no hints have been made, which could indicate a premature end of Hummels’ second Dortmund episode.

Reus’ values at BVB are still extraordinary

No German worse is Marco Reus internally. No wonder: 349 mandatory games, 153 goals (second-time in the history of BVB), 108 assists – the balance of offensive allrounder in the Borussia jersey is exceptional. In the current season, the native of Dortmund collected 13 hits and templates each in 34 inserts. But his working paper ends 2023.

Reus himself stressed only a few weeks ago that he would like to extend again. “I’ve been extending my contract twice, especially in times when it is not very much rural athlete. Why should not I do it now?” Said the 32-year-old the “picture on Sunday”. He would like to finish his career in Dortmund.

Despite all this, the situation is not as clear as she may look at the first glance, after all, Reus tanks to the burdens of his professional career again and again. In addition to multiple compulsory breaks, which bring him out of rhythm, the allegation is all the charge to dive into important duels too often, hard on the team leader.

Critics think that the achievements of the national player no longer justify his lush salary (allegedly more than ten million euros P.A.). In the case of an extension, Reus would actually have to accept losses.

On the other hand, the extremely high opinion, the players and staff seem to have from the Routinian – at least, if one can believe the interviews and social media profiles believe. Boy praise him like old colleagues in the highest tones, from Jude Bellingham to Axel Witsel to Erling Haaland.

BVB from trend-setting negotiations

Both Hummels and Reus, in the upcoming negotiations with Matss director Michael Zorc and Co., should now be crucial as they see their role in BVB in the coming years. Possed both without salary on a punch warranty, their time could end up in black and yellow.

Basically, in both cases, however, more for a whereabouts in Dortmund – whether with or without extension. After all, the two executives at Borussia are still feeling well according to their own statement, with their bosses, they again enjoy the highest appreciation.

And still in the squad of the Westphalia, that must also have to recognize Matthäus and Co., no players who would make Marco Reus and Mats Hummels already renounceable.

Heiko Lükehus


BVB – Sebastian Kehl writes championship: Chances of realistic estimate

After the 1: 1 draw against 1. FC Köln the championship for BVB is probably g1. Dortmund’s first team manager Sebastian Kehl at least does not believe that the black and yellow can intervene in the title race once again.

“We would like to made it as long as possible exciting, but we have our chances realistic estimate,” Kehl said to be “back round champion, is a worthy goal to increase the distance down and not make it look as brutal forward. would be just fine. “

Sebastian Kehl beleidigt Schweinsteiger!!!!
After the game against Cologne coach Marco Rose already similar sounds had struck. The recurring questions about the chances for the title referred to the BVB coach with a smirk as a “running joke”. One wants stressed Rose, “just to get the most out of this season.”

After the division of the points behind Bundesliga leaders Bayern Munich, six games has grown before the end of the season, to six points. After two wins in a row against Bielefeld and Mainz, Dortmund was temporarily moved up to four points at Munich.

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Bundesliga: The top group

Place team Sp. Goals diff Pts.
1. Bayern Munich 27 81: 28 53 63
. 2 Borussia Dortmund 27 67: 38 29 57
3. Bayer Leverkusen 27 66: 41 25 48
4. RB Leipzig 27 57: 30 27 45
5. Freiburg 27 43: 29 14 45
6. Hoffenheim 27 49: 40 9 44

Place of change to BVB? Mystery rates around Karim Adeyemis future

Karim Adeyemi by Red Bull Salzburg is hot desires. The safely valid transfer of the 20-year-old to Borussia Dortmund should now wobble. Even Oliver Bierhoff even advises the young international to a BVB change.

The words of Niklas Süle at Karim Adeyemi were actually clear. “We see ourselves in the summer of the training kick-off”, the future central defender of Borussia Dortmund said according to “Salzburger Reading” n his national team colleague of Red Bull Salzburg.

In the doping control after 1: 1 in the eighth-final first leg of the Champions League of FC Bayern in Salzburg, Bayern-defender Slee probably made a hint, which worted into the rumor kitchen.

Because Adeyemi, 20 years old, has long since become one of the most desirable young professionals in European football.

BVB: Karim Adeyemi as successor to Erling Haaland?


In any case, the step towards BVB would give sense. In Dortmund, Adeyemi could come into the footsteps of the Migrant Google Google Erling Haaland, who was also changed from Salzburg to the Ruhrpott in January 2020. Also Supertalent Yousoufa Moukoko (17) allegedly thinks about a lending in the summer.

However, the negotiations between Salzburg and Dortmund should be a problem that will be a problem. Like the “Ruhr news” reported, “by no means sure” that the change will come about at all.

The Salzburger are said to demand 42.5 million euros for Adeyemi, for a player who brings other qualities than the 1.94 m of Haaland.

Adeyemi’s contract in Salzburg runs until 2024. Even with its three performances in the national team, he left an impression. “He has a huge speed and a good scaling. He can do something in the penalty area,” said Bayern-veteran Thomas Müller on Monday.

In the first leg against the Munich, the pillar talent shone at least with pace, carefree and playing joke. In the Austrian Bundesliga he surpasses with 15 goals in 21 league games – most recently on Saturday via a faulerfeter at 4: 0 against Altach.

Oliver Bierhoff advises BVB change: “good step”

This is also pleased with national coach Hansi Flick and DFB Director Oliver Bierhoff. Bierhoff Wool Adeyemi, who was born in Munich and also played in the offspring of Bayern Munich, “definitely like to see in the Bundesliga”.

At the record champion, “the competition is particularly big in the storm,” said Bierhoff at “Sky”. Therefore, a change to Dortmund could be a “good step for his next path”.

From the ongoing rumors, Adeyemi, 2018, can not be impressed by Unterhaching to Austria for 3.5 million euros. “As I have told many times: my focus is in Salzburg. It’s nothing clear. What happens in the summer, happens in summer,” he said last.

The Hachinger, currently trained by Sandro Wagner, would benefit from a change. According to “SID” information, the regional league has been able to assure 22.5 percent of the transfer with a resale.


Ball meets: Wiesbaden turns the game at Dortmund II

Compared to the 0: 2 in Magdeburg, Dortmund’s trainer Enrico Maaßen rotated on four positions: for pan, Dams, Coulibaly and Pherai (yellow lock) Bah-Traore, Hober, Pohlmann and Fink in the starting eleven.

On the opposite side Wiesbadens Coach Markus Kauczinski changed his starting eleven after the 2-0 via Viktoria Berlin only on a position: Thiel replaced Prokop.

The Dortmund started Furios and put the guests under pressure early. Despite the initial superiority, it was initially dangerous in front of the BVB gate. After a free kick from the half-field Jacobsen headed the ball but only to the latte (8.). The possibility but nothing changed on the game – the households were also the more dominant team and went earned in the lead: Fink stood right at a flat cross of tachie on the second post and pushed the ball to the deserved leadership (13.).

Tachie missed the 2: 0

Afterwards, both teams had the chance for a hit. While the completion of SVWW exterior players goppel was too harmless (18.), the ball hissed on the other side with a Njinmah shot just right on the post (20th). In the further course, nothing happened first before both goals – only in the final phase of the first half, the game took up again. Tachie failed to Stritzel and missed the 2: 0. This should take revenge before the break: After Thiel (43.) and Nilsson (43) still missed the compensation, first-sanitized practically with the halftime whistle detached for compensation (45 +1.).

Borussia Dortmund II vs. Viktoria Köln | Full Game | 3rd Division 2021/22 | Matchday 13
After the resource, a brave party developed. The Wiesbaden, who were dangerous to standards in the entire 90 minutes, turned the game after a corner. Güleyen brought the crossing of Göppel in the gate (50th). The guests had evidently made a difference in the cabin and took over the game control. But Dortmund did not impress from the residue and only eleven pointer turns later to 2: 2. After a taz free kick, Papadopoulos were used by head Njinmah, who made a short distance in the empty gate.

Stritzel kept the success

For a long time, the home owners could not look forward to the compensation because they came back only three minutes later. Large shoved the ball on the outgoing carefree, which did not look good, to the new guest’s lead into the net. Subsequently, a duel developed between the offensive players of the Dortmund and Gehlmann Stritzel: The goalkeeper of the SVWW kept the victory with three strong parades (69., 76., 83.).

Dortmund II receives on Saturday (2 pm) TurkGücü Munich. The Wiesbaden, who continues to contact the climbing places by victory, simultaneously play against the Würzburg Maaßen rotateds.


BVB or FC Bayern? The advises Bierhoff Adeyemi

For months, Karim Adeyemi has been associated with RB Salzburg with a change to the German Bundesliga. Both the FC Bavaria and Borussia Dortmund should have the sensors outstretched after the national player. DFB Director Oliver Bierhoff now advised the striker to a change to BVB.

“I’d like to see him in the Bundesliga,” said Bierhoff in an interview with “Sky”.

Dortmund vs. Bayern: What to expect in Der Klassiker | ESPN FC

At Adeyemi’s decision on his future is important, “that he has a good sense of playing continuously,” the DFB Director emphasized. Bierhoff can imagine “that he sees Dortmund as a good step. Bavaria is the competition big”.

At Adeyemi many top clubs from Europe have interest. Favorite on a commitment should be Borussia Dortmund. At BVB, the national player, which costs up to 40 million euros, compete the succession of the Migrant Google Gorge Erling Haaland.

Before the Champions League duel against Bayern, Adeyemi himself has expressed itself to speculation. “As I have said many times: my focus is in Salzburg. It’s nothing clear. What happens in summer happens in summer,” said the 20-year-old striker.

Report: BVB makes Adeyemi for record transfer

Most recently, in the “DFB Director1” podcast, “Dortmund week” was called that Adeyemi “necessarily want to go to BVB.

The crunching point in the negotiations, however, is little surprising, the poker around the transfer fee. Dortmund and Adeyemis Current employer RB Salzburg should “not quite agree” yet.

BVB is intended to be the podcast according to the podcast to pay 30 million euros plus certain bonus payments, salzburg probably demands around 45 million euros. With a “timely” decision is therefore not to be expected.

So or so is actually “relatively clear that Adeyemi, when he comes, becomes the most expensive transfer of club history”. To go this step, you are also ready at the Ruhr area, but not at any price. In the end everything is probably only “great poker”.

So far, Mats Hummels, Donyell paint and André Schürrle, with about 30 million euros at the top of the ranking, exceeded this value now probably still by Ousmane Dembélé, for which the BVB should have transferred 35 million euros due to various bonus payments now 35 million euros to Stade Rennes.


BVB: secret meeting with Erling Haaland revealed

Erling Haaland is repeatedly associated with a farewell Borussia Dortmund. But not only the European top clubs provide a veritable betting fee for the BVB attacker. Also, the Haalanding goods manufacturers do not give up nothing for the Norwegian for their own purposes.

Through his steep development, Erling Haaland can not only choose his future club, because the big Haalands stamps also build around the 21-year-olds.

Until January 1st, the center tower was under contract at Nike. The US Group would like to hold Haaland, but Adidas and Puma are apparently trying to convince the BVB scorer of a scaling change.

As “image” reports, Adidas Haaland has now been exhibited for Herzogenaurach. Also Papa Alf-Inge, family friend Ivar Eggja and lawyer Rafaela Pimenta should have been involved in the secret meeting last Monday.

Erling Haaland reopens the title race for Dortmund in win vs. Freiburg | Bundesliga Highlights

Convinces Zidane BVB-Star Haaland from a change?

Accordingly, the tour group was received by Supervisory Board member Günter Weigl. Afterwards, Haaland has followed himself according to the boulevard newspaper with Adidas boss Kasper Rorsted and board member Brian Grevy.

The Haalanding goods gigant would like to make the BVB attacker allegedly to the group’s face. Apparently, Adidas has even designed a separate Haaland logo with the initials “Eh”.

In addition, the supplier should have organized a meeting with Zinédine Zidane and Haalands Jugendol Michu to prevail against Puma and Nike. Adidas spokesman Oliver Brüggen and Haaland’s father did not want to comment against “picture”.

According to the newspaper, the meeting now speaks even more for a change to Real Madrid. The Spanish record champion will be equipped at least until 2028 by Adidas. The Royal Should Media Reports, according to the pota preference, be a commitment of Haalands.