UEFA decides on European Cup

The controversial Champions League reform again heats the minds before the UEFA congress. The executive committee already clarified on Tuesday, but made concessions.

The controversial reform of the Champions League is tackled – but in a weakened form. This decision was made by the Executive Committee of the European Football Union (UEFA) on Tuesday, one day before the 46th congress.

The original idea, according to which two of the four additional starting places over a five-year ranking of the clubs should be awarded from 2024, was rejected after severe criticism.

UEFA's Plans To RUIN The Champions League
Instead, these additional places will go to the countries whose teams have best cut off in the previous European Cup season. If the current season were brought in, England and the Netherlands would receive another Champions League starting site.

“We are convinced that the selected format leads to a real balance and generation of solid income that is distributed to the clubs, leagues and the football base guarantees,” said Uefa President Aleksander Ceferin.

From the 2024/25 season, the new mode of the Champions League provides for an increase from currently 32 to 36 participants, the competition is played in the so -called “Swiss model” according to the suggestion of the EXKO.

Champions League reform: fans went to the barricades

The other two additional places go from the league to the third-placed people, who took fifth place in the UEFA ranking and to a national champion about the so-called “Champions Path”. The number of four to five is increased there.

The fans went to the barricades and did not want concessions for the big clubs. The Exko developed a compromise. In addition to the wildcards, however, the increase in the number of preliminary round games from six to ten initially caused violent displeasure. Now it will be “only” eight.

The preference of the powerful and finest clubs by the UEFA to prevent the large -scale outbreak of the large -scale outburst into a super league was a thorn in the side of the fan base. It is simply “unfair and contrary to competitive,” emphasized Football Supporters Europe.

This adaptation would “represent an unjustified second chance for some big clubs,” said European Leagues: “Sporty merits in the local leagues must be the only access to European competitions.” And the resistance had an effect.

Eintracht Frankfurt: Hellmann soon at UEFA?

“Today UEFA has clearly shown that we respect the fundamental values of sport and defend the core principles of sporting competition,” said Ceferin.

On Tuesday, the Executive Committee set the course, the mighty union of the ECA elite clubs had previously signaled approval. “Glock the presentation of the UEFA managers” and hope “to the best possible result for European football”, the ECA said after a meeting in Madrid.

With the royal class reform, the most important question has already been clarified before the congress, but from a German perspective, a question of personnel should still be exciting. According to information from the kicker, Eintracht Frankfurt’s board spokesman Axel Hellmann should replace the failed DFB presidential candidate Peter Peters in the UEFA’s clever liatization committee.

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Rainer Koch offers UEFA

The controversial top-functional Rainer Koch moves personal consequences after the failed re-election into the DFB-Bureau.

The 63-year-old offers its premature withdrawal from the Executive Committee of the European Football Union (UEFA). In addition, he will no longer run for another term as President of the Bavarian Football Association at the end of June as the BFV announced. The largest DFB Landesverband introduces Koch for 18 years.

The career of the long-standing 1st DFB vice-president, who also led to the association loaded by numerous affairs in recent years, also three times as interim president and was considered a stripping puller, tends to complete the end. Koch had already announced his decisions according to their own data a day after the DFB Bundestag on March 11 UEFA President Aleksander Cefer and the new DFB President Bernd Neuendorf and the BFV Management Board.

Cook: “Return priorities”

“I will reinstate my personal priorities in the future and return to my job at the turn of the year,” said chef. He last no longer exercised the profession as a judge. In the UEFA executive he was still elected until the spring of 2025. The top office is remunerated with more than € 150,000 per year.

He offered to Ceferin and Neuendorf “immediately after the DFB Bundestag on March 12, to leave the UEFA Executive Committee as soon as a departure from me from this function in the interest of the DFB and its new president and the UEFA is considered appropriate”, said cook. He had surprisingly lost in the election to the DFB vice-president on March 11 in Bonn in the election of the DFB vice-president.

Rainer Koch Super League | A crisis of football - Germany FA vice-president on European Super League
Neuendorf (60) had announced a reassessment of the occupation of UEFA and FIFA posts after the Bundestag. The DFB is currently represented by Peter Peters (59) in the Council of the World Association FIFA and Koch in the UEFA Government. The former Schalke Financial Officer Peters had lost the presidential election against Neuendorf.


UEFA thinks about Sponsor Gazprom

In view of the recognition of Eastern Ukrainian separatist areas by Russia, the European Football Union UEFA also arises about Sponsor Gazprom.

The Russian energy company has been a closer partner of the Football Association and Events such as the Champions League or European Championships in the stadiums for several years.

This could also be the case at the next Football Championship, which will be held in the summer of 2024 in Germany.

Why this Russian gas company sponsors soccer teams

DFB Interim President Rainer Koch said the ARD “Union UEFAs show”: “It’s a very sensitive situation that can change hourly and of course we all in mind.” Koch also sits in the Executive Committee of UEFA. “Currently it’s about securing world peace and thus far more important than football. Any consequences for football will communicate UEFA if necessary,” Cook added.

For the current year 2022, UEFA has planned its finals of the Champions League in St. Petersburg.

KremlChef Vladimir Putin had on Monday evening the self-appointed People’s Republics Donetsk and Luhansk in the Ostukraine despite international protests as independently recognized and sent Russian troops into the territories.


Torment of choice: Barca does not nominate Alves for Europe

More likely: Barcelona wins Europa League or finishes in LaLiga's top four? | ESPN FC
The FC Barcelona has not surprisingly called his right-back Dani Alves into the squad for the Europa League. According to regulations of the European Football Union (UEFA), clubs may only report three newcomers for international competition. Since Barca in winter but next to Alves (38) had also committed the offensive players Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Ferrán Torres and Adama Traoré, the club had to delete one of his new. Barcelona was “deserted” as the third of the Champions League Group of the German Rekordmeisters Bayern Munich in the Europa League. There, the club in the round of the last 32 on 17 and 24 February meet the Italian top club SSC Naples.