After suspension: Boateng is missing Lyon injured against postage

Jerome Boateng Injured & out of Olympique Lyon against Porto in Europa League | Newstime24
During training on Monday morning, according to “Léquipe”, the early bayern player had gained injury in the thigh. The central defender is thus officially lacking in the eighth-finish first leg of the Europa League against FC Porto on Wednesday (18.45 clock). An exact prognosis when he could be operational again does not exist. Boateng had been suspended against Monaco after the game on February 5th, after renewed violence with teammates. On February 16, OL President Jean-Michel Aulas announced his return to the squad – Boateng played a game until 4 March, when he got 19 minutes at the 4-1 away win in Lorient. In the internal defense he had been replaced in all four games since its suspension in the starting formation by the 19-year-old Castello Lukeba and the trained defensive midfielder Thiago Menden.


Thief Stealth Action “Abermore” announced, STeam to March 29 delivery. Experience the 18-day thief life of a tissue aiming at the treasure of the royalty

Publisher SOLD OUT announced the stealth action RPG “ ABERMORE ” that Four Circle Interactive works on February 14th. The compatible platform is PC (Steam), scheduled to be delivered on March 29.

“Abermore” is a single-person perspective stealth action RPG. The protagonist is a tissue-like roving person. The player will experience his 18-day thief life on the stage of Neo Edward Morning-style city Abermore and eventually attack the royal family.

While exploring Abermore’s city, you can meet various characters and can be contracted by thief quests from them. There are a wide variety of quest types, such as stealing the specified gems and stealing the specified gems in a certain house, or returning a specific item for a person. Such characters and quests are rich and stage configuration is automatically generated. Therefore, you can enjoy different stealing experiences each time you play.

While searching on the stage, we will play stealth and look for key items, and keep the puzzle elements, and will approach the subject to be stealed. In addition to the main targets, the sub goals are also set in each stage, and it seems that there may be completion of the task, for example, not found in the enemy. In the trailer, it is found that the person who discovered the main character runs out somewhere, and it will attack the opposite direction.

One of the main character equipment has a tarot card. This is a so-called ultra-capable ability, and there are 14 types of cards. As an ability, there are things that display the route to be advanced or erase the footsteps or change the NPC to stones, and protect it when attacked by the enemy.

At the base, it is possible to purchase new equipment and replace them in the black market. If there is a weapon such as a knife, gun, bomb, it seems that picking tools are also available. Tarot cards may also be available here. With regard to the black market, the person who cooperates with the main character appears in progressing the game. There may also be an element that extends the base.

At each stage, it is also necessary to respond to the response, but it is also important to knead the plan in advance. In order to carry out such a plan, it is aligned with the necessary items in the black market. In addition, by increasing items available throughout the game play for 18 days, the possibility of successful thief in the royal royalty, which is the final goal, will also increase.

“Abermore” will be delivered on March 29 for PC (STeam).


3. League: DFB has MSV objection to BVB

Feyenoord - Borussia Dortmund 3-2 (UEFA Cup Finale 2002)

Football third division MSV Duisburg has failed with its objection against the evaluation of home defeat against Borussia Dortmund II (1: 3) on 6 February. The MSV protests Court of the German Football Federation (DFB) rejected the MSV protest on Monday as “permissible, but not justified in the matter”. According to the MSV, the BVB Captain Franz Pan was eligible for a fifth yellow card preserved in the game previously received. The MSV protests Court founded his decision with the fact that only four yellow cards were noted for pan in the play reports before the duisc with Duisburg.


Zarude is the newest mythical Pokemon

Last updated there is February 28, 2020

新しい神話のポケモンが明らかになりました! Zarudeの起源と伝承の説明!

A new mythical pokemon, Zarude, was revealed for Pokemon Sword and Shield. This ad is one of the pokemon day celebrations of The Pokemon Company. Pokemon Day is February 27th.

The new mythical Pokémon has been revealed with a trailer launched today. Zarude is a Dark / Grass Pokémon. The new Pokémon is a great creature of a height of 5’11 “. The “Voyou monkey” has a color palette mainly in black and white. The trailer shows the mythical Pokémon that runs and fights various other Pokémon in the game.

Pokemon has included a Pokedex style description with trailer.

“Zarude is a Dark and Grass pokemon that can grow vineyards at the back of his neck, his wrists and the plant of his feet at will. The vines are solid and flexible and are useful for many different situations. They can be used to wrap around tree branches to move and enter remote branch bays, and even have healing properties. »

A mythical Pokémon is a class of Pokémon even rarer than legendary Pokémon. The most famous mythical pokémon is Mew, but there are about 20 other mythical in the series.

The ad does not specify how players can capture their own zarude, but it indicates that the new creature “can not be encountered in the normal gameplay”. Zarude is available in the contents of the Expansion Pass for Pokemon Sword and Shield.


10 billion US dollars in the pot: Who can Sony buy at all?

The statement by PlayStation boss Jim Ryan mentioned in this message of 03 February 2022 , you can expect further acquisitions by Sony, is now underfed by a report by TweakTown. The Sony officers are to be available for the period festival year 2021 to festive year 2023 a total of 17.4 billion US dollars for strategic investments, acquisitions or backups of shares.

17.4 minus 7.4 = 10

PlayStation's NEXT BIG Acquisition Just Leaked? 10 Billion to Spend | Socom PS5 Return Imminent?
Of this amount, 7.4 billion US dollars have been invested (among other things in the recently announced purchase of Bungie **). Sony is still 10 billion US dollars available for the next actions. But which big fish can be started with this sum? Industry insider Geoff Keighley has recently published a list of companies and their respective market capitalization:

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Note that Sony in the current situation would probably have to put more presses to secure one of the companies. With Take-Two, the Zynga purchase from January 2022 is not yet included with – as this, as the Activision Takeover, needs to be developed by the authorities. Cost of here: Nearly 12 billion US dollars.

What makes sense?

You can see: Sony has not at all too many possibilities. In addition, not every acquisition would make sense. For example, we can not imagine it, for example, that the Japanese could be keen on the Torquette Ubisoft after the development of recent years. A Square Enix would fit much better from the “Mindset”, but then you would also have to take over the complete manga section of Square. Similar disadvantages can be found at Sega, Capcom and Konami.

Incidentally, Geoff Keighley has forgotten an important market participant with CD project Red (market capitalization is $ 4.7 billion), which could be financially and what the quality of the games could be interesting for Sony. It is not necessary to be valve, where a takeover would be feasible here anyway if there were Newell this would agree (which he certainly does not power). What do you think: what looks like Sony’s next step? Betray us in the comments!

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Super g of the men at Olympia 2022 in Beijing today in the live ticker

As part of the Olympic Games in Beijing, the Super G of the Gentlemen is today. In the Liveticker of February you can track the race live.

Subscribe now dazn and thus track the superg of the gentlemen at the Olympia in the Livestream!

Men's Super G - Award Ceremony - Beijing CHN 2022
The German Speed ​​Quartet is now asked in the Super-G after the disappointment in the exit today at the Olympics in Beijing. Does the jump succeed on the podium today? In the live ticker of February you will learn it.

The item is updated continuously. Click here for the refresh of the page.

Super G men at Olympia 2022 in Beijing today in the live ticker – before starting

Before starting: One day after the departure, the Swiss Beat Feuz won from Johan Clarey from France and Matthias Mayer from Austria, the Olympic Games is directly the next speed competition of the gentlemen. After a weak performance in the first race, the DSV athletes are for reparation. The German quartet today form Romed Baumann, Josef Ferstl, Andreas Sander and Olympic debutant Simon Jocher. Dominik Schwaiger will not compete today after his fall in the departure today. He pulled himself a bruise on the forearm and elbows.

Before starting: **** At 4am German time the race is opened in the National Ski Alpine Center Xiaohaituo.

Before starting: **** Hello and welcome to the superg of the gentlemen at the Olympics in Beijing.

Super G men at Olympia 2022 in Beijing today on TV and Livestream

EUROSPORT and the ARD transfer the race tonight live live in free TV. To pursue the spectacle in the live stream, you can also use that of ZDF in addition to the streams of Eurosport and the ard.

In addition, because of a cooperation also transfers Dazn the super-g of the gentlemen in the LiveStream.

Since February 1, the price for all new customers and recurring customers is € 29.99 per month and 274.99 euros per year. For this you can also watch sports such as football, American football, basketball, tennis, handball, motorsport, cycling, martial arts, and even more live sports.

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Ski Alpin at Olympia 2022: the schedule

Date Time Competition Winner
7. February 5 o’clock Departure of the men Beat Feuz
7. February 2.30 and 7.30 am Ladies Giant Slalom Sara Hector
8th. February 4 o’clock Super g of men

9. February | 3.15 and 6.45 o’clock | Slalom of ladies |
10. February | 3:30 and 7.15 pm | Alpine combination of men |
11. February | 4 o’clock | Super G the ladies |
13. February | 3.15 and 6.45 o’clock | Giant Lalom of Men |
15. February | 4 o’clock | Departure of the ladies |
16. February | 3.15 and 6.45 o’clock | Slalom of men |
17. February | 3:30 and 7.15 pm | Alpine combination of ladies |
19. February | 4 o’clock | Team competition |


Pokemon Go: Johto tour brings good Evoli

The new info consists of a development bonus for Evil. For this, the programmers presented some Pokémon, that will see them more frequently throughout the event.

What is brand-new? On January 20, Ni antic released more details regarding the Great Photo Tour, which will take area in February 2022.

Pokemon Go starts the big Photo tour in February. Ideal there is a development bonus offer at Evil, who is well obtained by instructors. We show you the new information.

Nectar and Piano during Photo tour easier

These are the benefits: In the upgraded post, the programmers of Ni antic of the complying with bonuses write: Some popular Pokémon, which were very first discovered in the Kant area, have advancements that originate from the Photo area. In the Pokémon Go Trip: Photo, some Pokémon are extra common in the wild, which were very first located in Kant. On the complying with Pokémon you meet from 09:00 to 21:00 local time much more frequently:

Write us your viewpoint below on Mango in the exchanges and remarks you with other coaches from the area regarding it.

There is a bonus offer for Evil. During the occasion, there will certainly be no kilometer need when developing Evil to Nectar or Piano. Generally, you contend least 10 kilometers have been covered for targeted developments of these 2 Pokémon if the one-time name knit is no more readily available.

If you might also hit medium growths Quartz and also Duller as Shiny, to the discussed wild generates wrote instructor that would certainly be much better.

Thus, the instructors: react to the reward for Nectar and Piano, trainers react positively to Reddit. Jre47 writes Okay, that’s good and highlights that Nectar as well as Piano can find out old community day assaults via developments.

Pokemon Go starts the big Photo tour in February.

If your ticket has a ticket or not, it does not matter. These spawns will be noticeable and also fishing for all players.

  • Quartz
  • Combat
  • Duller
  • Lemon
  • Unix
  • Hangar
  • Sermon
  • Bicolor
  • Prison
  • Evil

What is new? On January 20, Ni antic published more information concerning the Great Photo Tour, which will certainly take area in February 2022. These are the bonus offers: In the updated blog site article, the developers of Ni antic of the adhering to rewards compose: Some prominent Pokémon, which were first located in the Kant region, have developments that come from the Photo region.

How do you like the view of the big Photo tour? Can Ni antic make you yummy with bonuses like the Growth Reward for Evil or Wild Pokémon like Hangar, or are not the best material for you?