WM 2022: Novum! Julia Metzner is the first woman to comment on the World Cup.

Ovum in ARD: Reporter Julia Metzger will be the first woman to comment on a male’s World Cup last.
Metzger will discuss the last in between France and Argentina (Sun, 4 p.m.) on the radio of the public broadcaster.
The European Champion last of the German women in summer season versus England had already accompanied Metzger live there for the ARD.


A final analyst at World Cup or EM previously just existed in the private radio in Germany.
The ARD will also take control of the transmission of the World Cup last on freely getting television.
There, however, Tom Barrels will accompany the video game in the live comment.
With the Pay TV deal Magenta television, Wolff Fun takes control of as an analyst.
In the last of the 2022 World Cup, safeguarding champion France fulfills Argentina.
While the Équipe Tricolore has actually ended up being the very first nationwide group considering that Brazil in 1962, which successfully protects the World Cup title, the Albiceleste is worried about the crowning splendor of among the biggest footballers of all time.
At the age of 35, Lionel Messi (final defeat versus Germany) had the next and last chance to crown his amazing career with the World Cup.
It is 4 years approximately the next World Cup and I don’t believe it will be enough for me. In this method, to end the entire thing is the best, said Messi of the Ole sports newspaper in the run-up to the final.
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FIFA 23: First Globe Mug Heroes revealed

Today the programmer introduced the very first three gamers that both get an initial fundamental hero-as well as a World Cup card: Yaya Touré, Park Ji-Sung and also Ricardo Carvalho. The cards can be played from November 11th, precisely 10 days prior to the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. It is not yet recognized which values these 3 players have.

For FIFA 22, EA Sports initially presented the Heroes in FIFA Ultimate Team-an alternative to the symbols. In FIFA 23, some Heroes are now getting an unique World Cup card with improved worths compared to their standard card.

Premier League Stars-new Bundesliga heroes?

Touré dipped into FC Barcelona for a few years, but he spent the majority of the moment at Manchester City. He played there for eight years. Touré ran 97 times for the Cream color Shore and also racked up 19 objectives. Park Ji-Sung began specifically 100 nationwide team goals. The South Korean also bet 7 years for Manchester United.

Because of its lengthy and effective time in England, the triad is among the brand-new Premier Organization heroes. It is not yet understood whether there will certainly be brand-new Bundesliga heroes. Lars Ricken, Mario Gomez as well as Jürgen Kohler received a card in FIFA 22.

Today the programmer introduced the first three gamers who both get a very first standard hero-as well as a World Cup card: Yaya Touré, Park Ji-Sung and also Ricardo Carvalho. The cards can be played from November 11th, precisely ten days prior to the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Lars Ricken, Mario Gomez as well as Jürgen Kohler received a card in FIFA 22.

Ricardo Carvalho, presently assistant instructor in Marseille, played like Touré in Spain as well as England, yet for other clubs. The Portuguese grazed the t-shirt of Chelsea for 6 years, after that three years from Actual Madrid. He played 89 missions for Portugal.


FIFA 23: Can Haller Haaland forget at BVB?

It was clear from the beginning that Karim Adeyemi, whose modification had actually currently been understood in May, would certainly not be one-to-one replacement for Haaland. Both strikers are also various in their facilities, Adeyemi appears to be intended for the offending wing or a dual idea.

Instead, the brand-new Haaland at BVB need to be Sebastien Haller. The Ivorer comes closer to the 21-year-old, that has now moved to Manchester City, he remains in no chance inferior to him. The last high qualities are likewise of high class, just with Haaland’s speed Haller can not be plainly not feasible.

upgrown and also literally strong

The strength (92 ), charge (88) and header accuracy (86) work as the top characteristics of new BVB. With a height of 1.90 meters, Haller is outfitted for air duels with tall main protectors. The conclusion (83) is likewise remarkable, it is a striker inside out.

The previous Frankfurter is thought about the suitable wall and target player, the sphere must be hit onward for a long time. He can also moor the play tools popular situations as well as stage his nimble side men. That might bring a new facet right into the game of Borussia.

This development might not only be observed on the real, yet additionally on the virtual yard in FIFA 23. In the career mode of the existing title, Haller has a general rating of 82 points, his possibility is with the advanced football age of 28 83 not groundbreaking.

flanked by the leading skill tongs


The superb efficiency of the previous months and the transfer to Dortmund might offer him an upgrade to 83 or 84 points. In career mode, he would certainly be one of the leading five, maybe also three professionals from the Borussia-inclusive regular area guarantee in the 4-3-3.

Thanks to his solid season in Ajax Amsterdam jersey, Haller in FIFA 23 may anticipate a slight upgrade. In the Dutch Eredivisie he became a leading marker with 21 goals, in which Champions League just fulfilled Karim Benzema (15) and also Robert Lewandowski (13) regularly as Haller (11 ).

Haller can be flanked by the nimble and high-talented adeyemi and Youssoufa Moukoko or the a lot more experienced Thorgan Risk. Along with Adeyemi and Moukoko, Donyell paints as a companion for a dual tip, as well as the communication with Marco Reus can also be intriguing.

FUT-upgrade in FIFA 23

Haller started in FIFA-22 career mode with a general score of 80, which also matches to his gold card in FUT. In the Ultimate Team setting of FIFA 23, this ought to be boosted at least on the existing overall rating in career mode, 82 or 83 factors should attract its object.

The Bundesliga rarely has promising compatriots from the Ivory Coastline relating to the FUT chemistry. Just Odilon KossoUnou from Bayer 04 Leverkusen-as main defenders is very negative for the web link.

Haller and adeyemi in combination?

The Ivorian worldwide can shut the offending space that Haaland leaves in Dortmund in cooperation with the brand-new adeyemi. Haller brings the figure and also presence of the Norwegian, Adeyemi its innovation as well as rate. In the overall bundle, the offensive variance can likewise be raised.

With a height of 1.90 meters, Haller is geared up for air duels with tall central protectors. Haller brings the physique and presence of the Norwegian, Adeyemi its innovation and also rate. In the general plan, the offending difference could likewise be raised.

Rather, the brand-new Haaland at BVB must be Sebastien Haller. The last top qualities are likewise of high course, just with Haaland’s speed Haller can not be plainly not feasible.

The race can soon no longer play a duty anyhow if the persistent leaks concerning the chemical system in the upcoming offshoot are faithed. With his 28 years and also more than 300 affordable video games in the professional location, Haller is a rather unusual obligation for BVB, but one with plan.


FIFA 22, DCE was Ryan Kent solution

Discover the solution for the DCE Ryan Kent, a team creation challenge was FIFA 22. This DECE is intended to win you the English player’s show by completing it.

Note that this challenge starts on Monday, April 4th at 19h and one day, ending on Thursday, April 7 at 7pm. By completing this challenge, you will get the Ryan Kent show card.

Should this DCE do?

The DCE Ryan Kent is a challenge with two teams and whose goal is to celebrate the opposition between two clubs on the mode was FIFA 22. In view of the price of the DCE but especially the card, we recommend not to do this challenge. Kent has always been an incredible card on FIFA and with 4-5 in stars and good stats, it should not be an exception. However, at almost 140K for this WFD, you will have a card that will only serve as replacing in the extreme majority of training. Thus, we consider it a price expensive to pay for a nice replacement to play but who needs to win his match (so the double boost) to justify his price.

Note that Show cards can evolve according to the result of the meeting. Thus, if the Rangers wins the match, the card will get a boost of +2, against +1 on a draw and no boost in case of defeat against Braga.

  • Recommendation: NO
  • Probable credit gain? No
  • Total Cost of the DCE: about 136K


England Challenge, Criteria

  • English players: minimum 1
  • Overall team rating: minimum 84
  • Collective: minimum 70
  • Reward: Premium Mixed Players Pack
  • End of the challenge: Thursday, April 7 at 19h
  • Price: 43k

Top Challenge Form, Criteria

  • Players of the week: minimum 1
  • Overall team rating: minimum 85
  • Collective: minimum 60
  • Reward: A Player Pack Electrum Premium
  • End of the challenge: Thursday, April 7 at 19h
  • Price: 93K

Our example of a solution for the DCE Ryan Kent was made with the Futbin team creator (in English).

Our solutions are examples of training allowing you to achieve these DCE at the cheapest price possible without having cards. It is obviously possible to achieve these challenges with other cards. Attention also because the overall cost of these solutions can evolve (downward as risen) over time.

You can find the full list of different DCE Live for the FIFA 22 mode on our list of active team creation challenges (DCE). In addition, find all our guides as well as all the news of the game on our FIFA 22 portal.


How to play in cooperation in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

One of the biggest features of Ultimate Team in FIFA 21 is the introduction of the cooperative game. This means that not only can you face friends in team battles, but you can now team up to play together to earn rewards.

When you are in a team in a lobby, you can play together in Rivals Division mode, as well as team battles, rival matches and friendly matches, with goals for cooperative players to bring extra exp to your Two seasonal passes or receive parts and packs.

How to Start FIFA 21 Ultimate Team!

That said, there is no option in the menu to join your friends. Instead, the way you team team is in the main menu of Ultimate Team. While you are there, tap the right trip button on your controller and the profile menu at the bottom right of the screen will appear. In this menu, you should see that you can invite your friend Coop in a lobby with the Options / Start button.

Once you have found the friend you want to invite and have joined a living room, you can access any of the modes enabled in cooperation and join the duet queue, with the guest player team. used. You and your Duo partner may need to play your division Rivals investment games first if you intend to move together to the classified modes, but once they are finished, you can start winning your rewards together.

You should be able to play team battles, rivals and friendly matches without fulfilling the prerequisites, then simply team and start playing to start climbing the ladder throughout the match.