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The end of One Piece approaches and Oda launches a lPiecet message that puts the hair on end

One week. It remains exactly a week for the return of One Piece . The manga went to the longest break in its history on June 19 and there hPiece not been only one chapter since then. The never seen in its 25 years of history. 25 years that he will precisely fulfill his return , because Luffy’s story began on July 22, 1997. And far from complying with that, his author, Eiichiro Oda, confirmed before his break that on the way back The final saga will begin. We have spent four weeks going up the walls before the idea, but the wait touches its end. And just before the reunion, Oda wanted to launch a second message to the community:


When I wPiece a child I thought about how much I would like They have been 25 years! But it is also fine if you want to start reading from this point. From now on it will only be… One Piece! I will draw all the mysteries of this world that I have been hiding. It will be super Interesting! PlePiecee, Open the belts ! And stay with me a little more!

How much is One Piece?

Although Oda used the term final arc to refer to what is coming, It is most likely that it is a saga instead of a plot arc. The SagPiece cover several of these and there are too many issues to address to be a mere arc (Shanks, Luffy’s father, the visit to Laught Tale, clPiecehes with the world government and bearding, etc.). If we say, a saga could still be One Piece for a while. The lPiecet one, that of the four emperors, hPiece lPieceted eight years and covers Piece long and important frames Piece those of Zou Island, Whole Cake Island and Wano.

In any cPiecee, and waiting for his return (here we tell you when he leaves Chapter 1054 of One Piece), there is no better time to look at the pPiecet, present and future of the straw hat ** and rejoice that Oda It would allow us to be another Nakama, a crew member. These days we have looked at the pPiecet by reviewing how to see One Piece in order, the present with reports where we analyzed the new rewards or the final enemies of Luffy, and to the future by predicting the 5 reunions that will make us cry before the story ends. Done all this only remains to comply with the author’s designs and fPieceten the belt.

Are you ready?


Ice hockey: host Finland initially Globe Mug

Highlights | Finland vs. Slovakia | 2022 #IIHFWorlds
Host Finland was the first team to get to the final of the World Hockey Championship. The Olympic champ of Beijing won his semi-finals against the USA on Saturday in Tampere 4: 3 (1: 1, 2: 1, 1: 1) and also is in a World Cup final for the third time. The opponent determines Germany restrictions Czech Republic and also defending champion Canada (5:20 p.m.).

After the 4: 2 by Joel Armia (48th), the joys in the complete ranks knew no limits, however the United States did not offer up. 2 mins before the final alarm, Adam Gaudette handled the connection goal to 4: 3, yet as well late to offer the game an additional turn.

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The last will additionally take location in Tampere on Sunday (8:20 p.m.). Sean Farrell matched the Finnish 2-1 lead by Sakari Manninen in the 17th minute to 2: 2 (28th), however just 120 seconds later Sami Vatanne restored the old range (30th).


More than 20 injuries in the storm in the Weser Stadium

Even before the 2-0 win against Jahn Regensburg on the final second division match day, the first fans had made their way towards the place.

With the final whistle, which sealed the direct return of the SVW, the field was then flooded by celebrating followers.
In connection with the storm, the Bremen police spoke on Sunday evening of more than 20 injuries, some of which had to be taken to the hospital.
The further investigation continues, it continued.

FIFA 22 | Hamburger SV vs SSV Jahn Regensburg - Volksparkstadion | Full Gameplay
In addition, the police increasingly reported physical arguments in the city.
For reasons of “security, reason and short-term”, a team on the market place on Monday will also be dispensed with, as the club announced via Twitter.
Instead, the team celebrated their end of the season in the immediate vicinity of the Weser Stadium.


Sami Khedira about CL

The former world-class midfielder Sami Khedira has told an anecdote about his personal preparation for the Champions League final 2014 with Real Madrid against the city’s atletico.

Khedira, who finished his career last summer, came back to at the time of just six-month break due to a cruciate ligament tear. To get at least a little competition practice before the 2014 World Cup, he asked Trainer Carlo Ancelotti still asked for some missions in the season final phase. “But he said, ‘Yes, of course, but you also have to play in the Champions League final, as Xabi Alonso is locked’,” Khedira said now in the espn -podcast the Gabs and Jul’s Show.

The former German international replied his coach: ‘Carlo, come on. I may be 60 to 70 percent. ‘ But he assured me, ‘I need you on the place.’ “

Although Khedira played at the last two league playing days, but it was not convinced of his operational capacity for the finals of the royal class – yet, among others Cristiano Ronaldo changed this attitude: “One week before the final I was after training in the shower. Cristiano came Pure and said, ‘Sami, we need you.’ I said, ‘Cristiano, I may be 60 to 70 percent. I need more time.’ He replied: ‘There’s no more time. It’s about a Champions League final. With 60 or 70 percent, you are still better than all the others. So we need you. We need your personality.’ “

Sami Khedira was in the CL final 2014 in the starting

In the final on May 24, 2014, the Real against Atletico ultimately won 4-1 after extension, Khedira actually stood in the starting elf and held around 60 minutes. “For me it was nice to stop in the square,” he recalls. “It was not my best performance, but I could accept that because I have trained only three weeks before.” I have done my best. “

The celebration on the return from the final location Lisbon to Madrid in the following night was then spectacular: “When we came back to Madrid, at 4 o’clock in the morning, it was on the Cibeles. The sun was already on and we were already Already so tired, but we did not like to celebrate with our fans. I’m home at 7 or 8 o’clock in the morning, after all the celebrations. “

Khedira speaks to Bwin about the Champions League
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Khedira graduated from 2010 to 2015 a total of 161 competitive games for real before he moved to Juventus Turin. There, the 34-year-old later met again on Cristiano Ronaldo, the last half of his career he spent in the second half of the season 2020/21 at Hertha BSC.


These are the best RPG of the year according to Metacritic

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The end of the year means that it is time to recapitulate the best of the last 12 months. In particular, 2021 was a great period for RPG of all kinds. From the independent scene, passing through medium productions, to the great releases of the most popular franchises in this medium. Thus, a simple visit to Metacritic reveals what were the best deliveries that this genre offered us in 2021.

In the list of the best RPG of 2021 we find titles like talk of arise and shin mega mi tense v, deliveries that have evolved substantially their respective series. We also see a healthy representation by the independent scene.

— Under Lilies: Quietus of the Knights — 84%

— atelier Reza 2: Lost Legends & The Secret Fairy — 84%

— Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster — 85%

— shin mega mi tense v — 85%

— Talk of Arise — 87%

— wilder myth — 87%

— Monster Hunter Rise — 88%

— Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade — 89%

— Mass Effect: Legendary Edition — 90%

— DISCO ELYSIUM: The Final Cut — 92%

While some of these deliveries were improved versions or remastering of prior year titles, this does not demerit the great work that was carried out. Even some of these, as Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, have completely original content.

Ranking EVERY Final Fantasy Game Ever Made!
On Related Topics, here you can check our review of shin mega mi tense v, and here that of talk of arise.

Editor’s note:

Without a doubt, this was a great year for RPG. Along with the mentioned titles, we also saw Neo: The World Ends With You and Voice of Cards, games that are also worthwhile for lovers of this genre. Hopefully 2022 is as good or better.


LOL Riot breaks up its goal with the new champions and promises more action next season

Left-hand web traffic (LHT) and right-hand traffic (RHT) are the methods, in bidirectional web traffic, of keeping to the left side or to the best side of the road, specifically. They are fundamental to website traffic circulation, as well as are in some cases described as the customary practice. The terms right- as well as left-hand drive describes the position of the chauffeur as well as the steering wheel in the car and are the reverse of the terms right- as well as left-hand web traffic. The regulation additionally encompasses where when traveling an automobile is to be driven, if there is room for greater than one car in the one direction, along with the side on which the vehicle in the back surpasses the one in the front. As an example, a motorist in a LHT nation would certainly overtake on the right of the automobile being surpassed.
RHT is utilized in 165 countries and also territories, with the continuing to be 75 countries and areas utilizing LHT.Countries that use left-hand web traffic make up concerning a sixth of the world s acreage, with concerning a third of its populace, and a quarter of its roads. In 1919, 104 of the globe s territories were LHT and also an equal number were RHT. Between 1919 and 1986, 34 of the LHT territories switched over to RHT.Many of the nations that adopted LHT were formerly component of the British Empire, although some, such as Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Mozambique, Nepal, Suriname, Sweden (RHT since 1967), as well as Thailand, were not. Likewise, a lot of the countries that belonged of the French colonial realm embraced RHT.
In LHT traffic maintains left, and also cars typically have the guiding wheel on the right (RHD– right-hand man drive), placing the driver on the side closer to the centre of the roadway. Roundabouts flow clockwise. RHT is the reverse of this: website traffic keeps right, the motorist generally rests on the left side of the car (LHD – left hand drive), and roundabouts flow anti-clockwise.
In many countries rail traffic complies with the handedness of the roads, although several of the countries that switched over road web traffic from LHT to RHT did not switch their trains. Boat website traffic on rivers is properly RHT. Boats are generally piloted from the starboard side to help with top priority to the right.

League of Legends You will not receive new champions in what is left of the year. Attending to the developer s statements on the last Character Road Leaf, the last two heroes planned for the final stretch of the current season have seen its postponed launch at the beginning of next 2022. So, neither the mysterious new shooter with its particular Mechanics of basic attacks or the new support focused on accumulating gold will debut until the next season begins.

More new champions next year?

From the developer they had promised to perform a total of six premieres per year : one for each position with the exception of the central lane, where the launch of a character of skill power and another physical damage is carried out . However, an erroneous decision regarding a possible event that should have arrived in League of Legends during the final stretch of the year has led the developer to a delay similar to that we already suffer with VEX.

This situation could lead to a change of approach to the company for next year. Although they say that they still have not just been clear how this situation will affect the League of Legends launch calendar during next year 2022, on the table is possibility that you have a total of seven champions to try to compensate partially The two absences of the final stretch of the current campaign.

Riot Games has confirmed that Both characters will come to League of Legends in a virtually consecutive manner , being the shooter premiered in the first versions of next year and support a few patches later. In this way, it is likely that the situation of Viego is likely to be repeated and presented to the community on the occasion of the traditional starting talk where the main novelties of the year are announced.