NBA Playoffs: Chris Paul probably played despite injury to Mavs

The Phoenix Suns failed after a debacle in game 7 against the Mavs in the playoffs. Chris Paul in particular recently disappointed that the Point Guard allegedly played with an injury. There is now a huge disappointment in Phoenix.

As Marc J. Spears (ESPN and Andscape) reported shortly after the clear 90: 123 bankruptcy of the Suns against Dallas, Paul dragged around with an injury to the left Quadriceps. The Point Guard is very slowly buzzing out of the arena. At the press conference, he did not want to take a position on his alleged injury.

Paul recently no longer performed well in the series against Dallas. After he had given the Pelicans with his deadly Midsprange game in round one, there was nothing to be seen in the past games. The 37-year-old put up only 13.4 points (55.4 percent FG) and 5.7 assists at 3.1 turnover. Especially in game 4 and 5, he literally dipped and in game 7 he met one of his four field throwing attempts at halftime.

Paul subsequently took responsibility for defeat in game 7. “This is about me as a point guard, as the leader of this team.” At the same time, Head Coach Monty Williams protected his players: “We played our worst game of the entire season today. I am responsible for it. I have to make sure that we are ready. We had an off-night and two very inconsistent weeks if we are honest. “

When asked about the greatest disappointment that evening, Devin Booker became clear. “It was a good old, old rubbing, from front to back,” said the all-star, who also acted weakly (11 points, 3/14 FG). “We have lost, that’s the greatest disappointment. And the way we lost.”

Phoenix Suns: Chris Paul announces return

Phoenix did not come into play right from the start, the offense had enormous problems against a strong Mavs defense and on the other side of the course the home side had no response to Luka Doncic. The Slovenian had as many points at the break as the entire Suns team (27), Dallas was at the front with +30. The game was decided.

“It was a difficult game,” was Paul’s analysis. “We relied on our defense all season. Today our defense was not there – and our offense was not.”

At the same time, the two Suns stars were already looking forward. “You have to stand for it, accept the defeat and continue,” said Booker. And Paul answered the question of whether that was his last chance of a title, defiantly: “We will come back next year, I can tell you. I will not end my career tomorrow. Hopefully I’m healthy, then I will play me simply further.”

However, the Deandre Ayton personnel could also provide discussions. The center was only on the court for 17 minutes, according to eyewitnesses there was a little deal with coach Williams during a break. He reacted to the question of why Ayton saw so little playing time: “This is internal.”

Chris Paul & Devin Booker Postgame Interview - Game 7 | Mavericks vs Suns | 2022 NBA Playoffs
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NBA Playoffs: Mavs vs. Suns – The series at a glance

Game Date Home About result
1 3. May Phoenix Sun Dallas Mavericks 121: 114
2 5. May Phoenix Sun Dallas Mavericks 129: 109
3 7. May Dallas Mavericks Phoenix Suns 103: 94
4 8th. May Dallas Mavericks Phoenix Suns 111: 101
5 11. May Phoenix Sun Dallas Mavericks 110: 80
6 13. May Dallas Mavericks Phoenix Suns 113: 86
7 16. May Phoenix Suns Dallas Mavericks 90: 123

Revision of the Cadence of Hyrule – Link two stages to grandeur

First of all, I have a bone to choose with the way people talk about this game. I saw it called a “crossover” more times I can count. I understand why, but it’s not a cross. A crossing implies, at least for entertainment media, the appearance of a well -known in another well -known. This is not what cadence of Hyrule is. Cadence of Hyrule is an amalgam, that is to say a mixture or a mixture of two things. Qualifying it as crossover is a bad service for the game and potentially gives people a false impression. In this review, I hope I can give you the right impression.

So we go with the amalgam. The reason is that cadence of Hyrule is really a crypte of the Necrodancer Game, and it is also very The legend of Zelda Game. The way you move in the world and fight the monsters, associate your movements at rhythm is pure Necrodanceur. This is probably the determining element of necrodanceur. But the world in which you move and explore is pure zelda. Cadence of Hyrule is the perfect mixture of two different games. Its operation is remarkable because it uses the most remarkable elements of each of them and merges them in a way that only a genius or a madman could consider doing.

Developed by brace Yourself Games, the fight is fueled by the excellent soundscaping by Danny Baranowsky. The same skillful level used to merge Zelda and Necrodancer is also clearly displayed in music. Cadence of Hyrule takes up some of the best known themes of Legend of Zelda and gives them just a little touch so that everything works for a game fed in all respects by music. Music dictates how you move and how you move dictate how you fight. It is essential to learn enemy’s patterns and determine how he reacts and tries to approach you, then dance around the screen by launching skillful strikes from your weapons or using your objects with intelligence for to survive. Once the screen is clear, the music stops demanding that you train on you and can explore freely.

It is in this exploration that the game overflows zelda sensitivity. There are dungeons, secrets, objects to find what you need to have access to other mysteries. There are bosses to fight, puzzles to solve and many characters to wake up, start of course with your choice between Link and Zelda. The game opens up on Cadence, one of the heroines of crypte du Necrodancer, finding itself in a foreign country. A sorcerer reduced the world to slavery and she must find her way. She quickly finds Link and Zelda both asleep and awakening one of them, the game starts seriously.

Each Playythrough gives rise to a mixed planetary world map, so that nothing is ever in the same place. You will explore the card every time you play, looking for the objects you want, the bosses you want to kill and the dungeons you want to explore to discover their secrets. You can find special points that you can also distort, allowing you to quickly browse the different sections of the card. You can even find a magic lute that will allow you to do so from anywhere.

The game also works on an interesting opposite difficulty curve. I predicted a free time from 5 to 6 hours to anyone who felt comfortable with the movement and the combat mechanisms, longer for those who begin to master them for the first time. You may die a lot, but the objects and weapons that you will discover will remain with you, a cruel aspect of the whimsical games abandoned for years. Cadence and you can see why. The tip for cadence of Hyrule does it have a large attraction, that you play, it will become easier. A larger sword can allow you to slip three squares at a time, while a lance allows you to attack from two squares.

The difficulty here is, in a way, completely optional, you may have to get bandaged a little before learning enough to understand this element of the game. The real content for most people who are attracted by These types of games will be the hardcore tracks. A life, and only a life, to get everything you need and defeat the last boss – a major challenge. I expect to see people do shopping where they give up each object and weapon of the game, a bit like the Soul Level Level 1 _ Sombers_ do the community to make us look like idiots.

For those who prefer a more comfortable race, you can deactivate the synchronization of times, and the enemies will only move when you move, thus leaving you time to think about what you want to do while enjoying the discovery and the ‘Exploration taking place on the screen. Heart of the game. The difficulty is well designed, and the game seems to have been designed to please people of all ages and all levels, which is pleasant to see for a system with a user base as large as Switch.

While you play, you also collect diamonds and gems that allow you to buy objects in stores. The objects purchased with diamonds will remain after your death, while those purchased with precious stones will be lost. This allows you to progress every time you play, even if you find the game very difficult but you do not want to make your task easier. It is this element that makes Hyrule_cadence the perfect game for shorter play sessions. Do you have ten minutes to kill? Light it and win a few diamonds.

ALL HEART CONTAINERS and Where to Find Them in Cadence of Hyrule!

Frankly, I have nothing negative to say on cadence of Hyrule, and I enjoyed the 15 hours that I have devoted to it so far. There is enough crypte of the necrodancer and The legend of Zelda here to satisfy the fans of the two, but the more difficult contours of the two were worn to provide us with more accessible and faster entertainment. It’s an excellent game, with an attractive design, and if you had planned to get it, I would highly recommend it.


NBA Playoffs: Miami Heat competition 1 against Philadelphia 76ers

Miami Heat secured game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Philadelphia 76ers. Without the injured Joel Embiid, the Sixers runs the breath in the second half while Tyler Herro is running hot. In the end, Miami won clearly with 106: 92.

Herro ballerted himself with 4 successful threesome in 6 experiments for the top scorer of the home side (25 points), but also convinced as a playmaker (7 assists at 0 turnover). This was followed by Bam Adebayo with a strong double double (24 and 12 rebounds), Jimmy Butler scored 15 points (5/16 FG).

The Sixers, on the other hand, missed Joel Embbiid Center under the basket, who can intervene in the series at the earliest from game 3 due to a facial fracture. However, the guests radiated too little danger to be able to keep up with Miami after the change of sides. The second half went to the heat with 56:41.

The strong Tobias Harris (27, 11/18 FG), Tyrese Maxey (19) and James Harden (16) were actually the only Sixers scorers with a double-digit points. Above all, The Beard remained pale and could not fill the hole left by Embiid (5/13 FG, plus 9 rebounds, 5 assists, 5 turnover). Game 2 takes place again in Miami on Thursday night.

For the injured Lowry, as usual, Vincent stood in the first five of the heat, the Sixers was represented by Deandre Jordan. This made use of Miami with attacks against the 33 -year -old center from the first minute, be it in the Pick’n’roll or with Adebayo in the post. In addition, several butter-soft Mitrange jumper by Butler and Miami conjured up an 18:6: 6 start on the floor.

Herro catches fire, hard stays pale: Miami wins

A little later, the heat star even fell a threesome to +14. P.J. Meanwhile, Tucker put hard under pressure with a full court press. Afterwards, a Sixers zone defense brought the home side a little out of rhythm. Philly initially shortened before Herro brought his colors back to 30:22 by the end of the first round.

The potential Sixth Man of the Year really got going, together with Adebayo he quickly ensured a double-digit heat lead. Philadelphia switched to a small lineup completely without a center, in which harden, Maxey and Harris aggressively kept the team in striking distance. On the other hand, Miami made too many turnover (10 in half one). The Sixers ended the first half with a 10: 2 run and took the lead for the first time in game 1 (51:50).

After several balanced minutes, Miami won a slight advantage over a 10-0 run in the middle of the third quarter, Harris provided the correct answer. But Philly had no favor to leave Herro completely open. But that was only a rare sense of achievement from a distance in this round for both teams. Miami nevertheless went into the fourth quarter with an 80:72 advantage.

Herro felt like the only one who had enough three-target water intus, which he demonstrated with a very deep triple. At the same time, he did not let his teammates out of his side, his assist on Adebayo brought Miami away to +16, shortly afterwards Herro followed another triple to 96:77 in the middle of the final section. The Sixers now looked weak, they no longer had a run. The coaches emptied their benches just four minutes before the end.

Miami Heat vs Philadelphia 76ers Full Game 1 Highlights | 2021-22 NBA Playoffs

the most important statistics

Miami Heat (1) – Philadelphia 76ers (4) 106: 92 (boxcore), series: 1-0

  • Replacing Embbiid is of course impossible. The fact that the replacement starter is named Deandre Jordan -who was released by the Pistons in summer and during the season by the Lakers -was a feast for the heat. Jordan only played four and a half minutes in half one and was at -12. Paul Reed did better, but who had foul problems, so that even Paul Millsap (-2, 6 minutes) got a time or coach Doc Rivers put on a small ball lineup. In half -time two, however, Jordan started again, who was now better, but still ended the game with -22 (4 points, 2 rebounds in 17 minutes). The actually good small ball was hardly used in half two.
  • When Philadelphia converted to zone defense in the first half, Miami would have had a little more good luck from the distance. But the threesome did not want to fall all evening, even partly open attempts. But that was the case on both sides. In the end, the heat was at 9/36 by Downtown (25 percent), the Sixers at 6/34 (17.6 percent). Perhaps Duncan Robinson would have helped in this regard, but who received a DNP CD – his first since April 2019.
  • In the third quarter alone, Miami collected 6 offensive rebounds, which she mutated into 7 second chance Points (Phi: 0). This was not only an important advantage for the home side in this round. Overall, the Heat won the rebound duel with 47:37, when it came to offensive rebounds it was 15: 9 and the second chance points 18:14.
  • The depth of the Heat was considered a great advantage for the 1-seed before the series began, this was confirmed in the opening game. Thanks to Herro, the home side was responsible for 42 points, the Sixers reservists only came to 21 points (and some of them in Garbage Time). In general, five Heatles double digits, at Philadelphia this was only true for the “Big Three” Harden, Maxey and Harris.

NBA Playoffs – Heat vs. Sixers: The voices

Doc rivers (Sixers coach): “We may like DJ. We will continue to start whether you like it or not. Our boys believe in him. […] Your physique had a big influence on that Play. They were clearly tough and the more physical team. “

The star of the game: Tyler Herro

The 22-year-old had his up and down in the first round, but in game 1 he impressively demonstrated why he is the favorite on the award as Sixth Man of the Year. Herro brought the Heat enormously important scoring and was the only one that evening a weapon from Downtown.

The flop of the game: James Harden

Sure, there are several candidates at the Sixers at this point, Georges Niang (0/7 threesome), for example. But Harden simply has to come more in this series if Philadelphia wants to have a chance without Embiid. He could not earn many freedom, especially after the change of sides against Miami’s defense, in half two he only came up with 4 points. His 5 assists faced 5 turnover.

the scene of the game

A secret hero of game 1 was P.J. Tucker, not only because of its sometimes strong defense against The Beard. But also because of his work on the boards, as in this scene. Tucker’s activity enabled Miami two offensive rebounds in a row before Adebayo secured the third and finally brought the scoreboard to the free wire line by trip to the free-wire line. The heat can fight.

NBA Playoffs: Heat vs. Sixers – The series at a glance (1-0)

Game Date Time Home About result
1 3. May 1.30 a.m. Miami Heat Philadelphia 76ers 106: 92
2 5. May 1.30 a.m. Miami Heat Philadelphia 76ers
3 7. May 1 o’clock Philadelphia 76ers Miami Heat
4 9. May 2 o’clock Philadelphia 76ers Miami Heat
5* 11. May TBD Miami Heat Philadelphia 76ers
6* 13. May TBD Philadelphia 76ers Miami Heat
7* 16. May TBD Miami Heat Philadelphia 76ers

*if necessary

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Gladbach-Leipzig 3: 1

Leipzig never really found the usual dominant game in the remote duel around the Champions League with Leverkusen, who had a guest in parallel Eintracht Frankfurt. The starting eleven, which was changed by coach Domenico Tedesco compared to the 1-0 against the Glasgow Rangers in five positions, made many mistakes in the transitional game, the offensive around Dani Olmo, Nkunku and Silva therefore hung in the air for a long time. Gladbach, which acted compared to the 3: 3 at SC Freiburg with Stindl for Plea from the start, rarely made mistakes on the defensive, although there was also little initially.

M'gladbach Vs Rb Leipzig 3-1 All Goals & Highlights Bundesliga 2022HD

After eleven minutes, Lainer scented the guest goal for the first time, Gulacsi parried safely. Six minutes later, the Hungarian was powerless, the foals took the lead out of nowhere: with a little luck, Stindl put through to Embolo, who shot down centrally from ten meters. The deficit did not attract RB from the unusual passivity for the time being, initially only Gvardiol caused excitement. Hofmann, who was warned early on, went to the ankle and was lucky that Referee Martin Petersen did not put him off the pitch after 27 minutes. However, Tedesco took over six minutes later, Halstenberg moved into the triple chain.

And Halstenberg was also the one who initiated the Leipzig compensation: Silva made a wide ball from him well and passed through the course of Nkunku precisely. The Frenchman was unable to stop in the penalty area and shot down to the bottom left – it was the first shot of goal of the guests (36th). The goal was good for the game of the Saxons, but many balls were still lost in front of the penalty area. Shortly before the break, Leipzig also ran into a counterattack, Embolo sent Hofmann on the trip. Freely in front of Gulacsi, the Gladbacher ice cold shot down at the bottom left – 2: 1 for the Borussia (45.+2).

Silva fails on the Latte – Hofmann with the decision

On the second round, Tedesco took his second defense lawyer off the field, Klostermann replaced Simakan. Leipzig became more and more braver, and there was more dominant in half of the foals. Silva, who headed a angelino flank massively on the goal, came promptly. Summer tore up an arm and steered the ball onto the crossbar (55th).

RB remained the game -determining team, Gladbach only acted to tenth from the 64th minute: Elvedi was the last man to grab the hurried Nkunku in front of the penalty area, Petersen immediately showed the Swiss the red card. The Leipzig pressure made it even larger, but the Saxons did not really cause dangerous degrees. Gladbach was rarely able to free himself, but was invited by Kampl in minute 77. The Leipziger lost the ball at the foal’s penalty area to Neuhaus, the home side moved up with several players. Ultimately, Beyer Hofmann played on the right in the penalty area, who laced his double pack from a slightly pointed angle – 3-1 for the Borussia.

summer not to be conquered from a distance either

The Leipziger were therefore punished for the little consistent game in the last third and only dangerous in the final phase from a distance. Sommer was on the spot in the attempts by Dani Olmo (83.) and Angelino (84th). Gladbach was completely bogged down, Leipzig no longer got through – it stayed 3-1.

Due to the second league defeat in a row, RB slips to 5th place, but Freiburg is only one point away in two other games. On Thursday, the Saxons are about the second final in this season, at 9 p.m. the second leg in the Europa League semi-final is increasing against the Glasgow Rangers in the Ibrox Stadium. The foals are only in action on Sunday, at 3:30 p.m. they will be at Eintracht Frankfurt, which is also used in the Europa League on Thursday.


Bundesliga: Facts and figures on the 2000th matchday

From Friday, the 2000th matchday in the history of the Bundesliga is on the program. An overview before the anniversary about important figures and facts.

17.969 * – The German elite class has seen so many games since the first game in August 1963. At the outcome of all these encounters, the home advantage was actually very important. Finally, 9052 games were won by the hosts (50.4 percent). 4316 games went to the guests (24 percent), 4601 encounters ended with a draw (25.6 percent).
34 – After this number everything is actually aligned. But one season did not always end after 34th game days. In the first two seasons there were 16 teams at the start, it only went until the 30th matchday. And after reunification, the league experienced 38 laps for a season.
3.06 – That is the average of the gates achieved per game. This takes a total of 54,987 goals that were to be admired. The 32nd matchday in the 1983/84 season also emerged – then 53 goals were scored. This seems to be a record for eternity, because no other matchday was more than 47 goals. By the way, the fewest hits were recorded on match day 2689/90 and in round 20 of the 1998/99 season – only eleven times the play equipment found the way into the goal.
O * – In fact, there has never been a game day on which all away teams could win. The guests were close to the 6th matchday of the 2019/20 season with eight away victories. There were nine home victories on seven match days, most recently in round 19 of the 1989/90 season. The highest number of draws on a match day was seven – last on match day 21 of the 2020/21 season.
485.210 * – Never made more fans in the stadiums than on matchday 33 of the 2009/10 season. On average, 53,912 spectators were in the nine stadiums. Incidentally, that was a May 1st – on which no games are now taking place due to the overload of the police. The Corona pandemic ensured the negative figures among visitors – zero spectators were recorded on 37 match days.

Bayern star the lame duck: the 20 slowest players of the season

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829 * – After so many match days, record champions Bayern Munich was at the top of the table. The view of second place shows what dimensions this record has. There Borussia Dortmund ranks with “only” 179 match days. Hannover 96 is located in the “south” of the table. After 110 match days, the Lower Saxony held the red lantern in their hands, followed by Schalke 04 (105) and Hertha BSC (95).
3 * – So many coaches were rid of their jobs in the maximum after a match day. However, this was three times – on match day 11 1983/84, on match day 27 1991/92 and on matchday 19 2006/07. The “victims” included Dietrich Weise, Felix Magath and Jupp Heynckes.

Unbelieveable Records From 2,000 Bundesliga Matchdays
8 * – This number of professionals was sent prematurely on the 3rd matchday of the 2013/14 season. There has never been any more in one round. By the way, Helmut Rahn saw the first red card. The “boss” caught it on matchday 4 of the premiere season 1963/64. There was at least one place of space on over half of the game days (55.6 percent).
2.51 * – So many penalty have been imposed on average per match day. The 12th round of the 1971/72 season holds the record. On this matchday, the referees pointed to the point twelve times. The shooters have failed most frequently on the 7th matchday of the 2016/17 season when five penalty were not used.


Nagelsmann reacts to Magath

Felix Magath could not see the game of FC Bayern in Mainz, he himself was on the sidelines in Bielefeld and missed the early relegation in 1-1.

His Berliners will have everything in his own hands again in the coming week, but would not complain about shooting aid from Munich, where VfB Stuttgart is guests.

The Story Of Julian Nagelsmann - From Youth Player To Star Coach

A week in advance, Magath sent a clear message to his ex-club, with which he had once won the double: “The season goes until the last matchday. I don’t know why a team can then say: ‘No, we don’t end the season, we will stop three weeks in advance.’ That doesn’t serve the Bundesliga and not the competition. “

He should look at the game, then he can call me.

Julian Nagelsmann

When asked about this, Julian Nagelsmann replied after the 1: 3 at the FSV, for whom the game also did not have the greatest meaning: “Very cleverly from him. He won’t make that unselfishly, I appreciate. He should look at the game, then can then He calls me. I’m not talking about Hertha’s performance either. “

Black desert online

Middle school Black Desert Mobile … Son Goku Front Range [IT Magnifier]

[Eye News 24 Moon Young-su)] In 2017, the launch of the domestic mobile game “Black Desert Mobile”, which was issued for the first time since the year 2017, was imminent. Pulse, Bis is interested in localization, including new classes of Western-based, and a new class that introduced a new class as a motif.

DB SUPER: Full Power (by MAYPRIDE LIMITED) IOS Gameplay Video (HD)

According to the game industry on the 25th, Tencent and I Dream Sky will enter the China Public Test (OBT) of the Black Desert Mobile (OBT) from 7:00 am to 7:00 am on the 26th. It can be called a virtual service that sells a paid product. Supports both Android and Apple devices, and China users can play black desert mobile on more than 40 platforms such as QQ and Temple.

As a black desert mobile Chinese service officer, the ambassador, China’s popular movie actress and singer ‘Chedue’ was selected. Chedue is a celebrity, which was starred in the movie ‘China China’, ‘Man Hunt’. The Chede is active in public relations ambassador to advocate black desert mobile in various fields.

Pulse, Bis has been in the localization of China, which has been in charge of the Minema Black Desert Mobile Chinese general director, which was responsible for the planning of ‘R2’ and ‘C9’, including PC Black Desert. In order to attract the attention of the local user, it showed the new class ‘predicted’ of the Chinese server that was not publicly released on Korea and the global server. It is a setting that it is a character introduced as a legendary presence from the mysterious land of the East, and has a feature that takes a combat capacity using the properties of flames and winds.

As a result, when the related images are leaked in the game community, the guesses that the bis has been preparing to the concept of Son Gogong as a concept. Although the specific open specification has not yet been revealed, the Chinese Black Desert Mobile is likely to start with a total of six classes from “Warrior”, ‘Valkyrie’, ‘Ranger’, ‘Giant’, ‘Location’.

Black Desert Mobile is a large-scale multi-adoption role of regeneration of PC online game ‘black desert’ on mobile. Pulse was awarded a high-game capacity, customizing, and customizing high-game performance, which maximizes high level graphics and action properties made by a bis self-game engine, and won a six-year-old Korean game for the 2018 Korea Games. The global cumulative download number exceeded 36 million.

Black Desert Mobile is a Korean game that is a heavy feeling of receiving Chinese Pan written for the first time since 2017 offset. Nexon ‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’ is a 2020 Chinese launching ahead of the day ahead of the day, Can be said to be different.

For many years, the development power of the Chinese game repeatedly repeatedly repeatedly repeatedly, and it is expected that black desert mobile, which is not lacking, and black desert mobile, which are not lacking and not enough for graphics quality and game properties, will be a watchpoint. Chinese game specialist site ‘’ is selected as the game player selected by the user’s game player award, and the expectation of the box office is high. Securities is also introducing the observations that the month of the Black Desert Mobile will reach 30 billion won for a day.

Long-term boxing continues to be a pulse of the Chinese launch, as a pulse of the bis. In the previous year, the black desert mobile released on Korea and Japan, and global servers have recorded high ranking of the release, but there is a commonity that the decline was drawn and draw a drop curve. The difficulties that do not know the needer of gamers such as oceans are the influence of being added to the contents that have been added. China Black Desert Mobile is noteworthy that such precedent is not repeated and long-term invitation.

The Most Membership Black Desert Mobile, China, said, “We have been working closely with publishers for Chinese services, and have poured a lot of time and effort in localization,” he said.


NBA playoffs: Dallas Mavericks are subject UTAH Jazz at Doncic Comeback Dramatic

What a thriller in Salt Lake City! With 4 points, the Dallas Mavericks led 39 seconds before the end of Utah Jazz, marriage Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gotbert and Co. but still succeeded in the same victory for 2-2 series compensation. The comeback of Luka Doncic managed, however, would not be crowned.

Since Mitchell replied with a three-point game on a threesome of Doncic, Dwight Powell awarded two free throws and found Mitchell Gobert to the Dunk, the series moves completely open back to Dallas. The performance of Doncic still impressed. In the first game after his calf injury he put 30 points and 10 rebounds for good odds (11/21 FG, 4/10 3FG) and was directly the focus of the MAVS game.

All Dallas starters scored two-digit, Jalen Brunson increased to a weak initial phase on 23 points (7/18 FG), Spencer Dinwiddie disappointed from the bench (5, 2/9 FG). Maxi glue foul after only 18 minutes with 3 points and 6 rebounds.

At the jazz, Reservist Jordan Clarkson (25, 9/16 FG) was the sole entertainer, in the final quarter, Mitchell had strong actions (23, 7/21 FG, 2/10 3FG). Gobert dominated in the zone (17 and 15, 5 offensive books), but set 9 of his 18 free throw besides.

Dallas Mavericks vs Utah Jazz Full Game 4 Highlights | 2021-22 NBA Playoffs

Doncic returned for Dinwiddie to Starting Five (no changes in Utah) and served in the first attack of the MAVs directly Powell for lightweight points under the basket. A few seconds later he had collected his first foul and his first counter in the account. Doncic prompted the game immediately his stamp, but the Mavericks missed it after a 13: 5 start to continue to settle. This prevented a strong Mitchell (12 points in Q1) as well as a weak tripartite quota from Dallas (3/14 vs. 3/8 after Q1). The most recently so strong glue had to go out after a good three minutes with three fouls. 24:23 Jazz after twelve minutes – completed with a 19: 10-Run.

Also in the episode, the guests were difficult to find a rhythm. Especially Dinwiddie did not want to succeed. Juancho Hernangomez caused the first 8-point leadership, Josh Green answered by threesome. In this phase, however, the MAVs did not find an answer to Clarkson, who attacked the zone again and again from the midrange. A Floater of Mitchell set to +10, while the Mavericks allowed too many mistakes, it was supposed to note that this is the last chance to come back to the series. Doncic made a stepback threesome as well as a floater with the buzzer for damage limitation, 54:42 jazz for the break.

Mitchell on Gobert! Mavericks give great chance to 3-1

In the third quarter it did not take long until the MAVs were completely back in the game and the audience became more restless. Finney-Smith met from Downtown – his first goal of the game -, a few seconds later, Doncic submitted (-6). The ball at Dallas moved better, the result were open throws. DFS set in FastBreak to 57:59. 5 points of Roye O’Neade short-term relief at Utah, also Gobert had good actions during an 8: 0 run. But Dallas also met the sixth threesome of the neighborhood and Finney-Smith caused the perimeter for the first lead since the final phase of the first quarter. Also in the minutes without Doncic, the MAVs looked good: 81:78 Dallas after 36 minutes.

Over three minutes, the teams needed in the fourth neighborhood to score for the first time, Gobert sank a Alley Oop. The MAVs left several open threesome, Clarkson made only out of the distance and was then fouled by Brunson at the threesome. The Sixth was essential for Utah remained in the game. Gobert gave the jazz several second opportunities or moved free throw (however, the joy of the Mavs-Bank some out). Doncic met from the midrange, but also took unnecessarily severe throws. The MAVs hardly managed to secure defensive rebounds.

Brunson left a completely open layup, Powell picked up the rebound and made the line for the lead. Mitchell and Doncic expanded baskets. Then Isolated Doncic against Gobert and needed the MAVs 39 seconds before the end of Downtown with 4 points in front. On the other hand, Mitchell succeeded with a little luck the three-point game against Doncic. Powell awarded both free throws, Mitchell served well by praise to the far open Dunk, Dinwiddie left the last chance – Airball! Victory Jazz.

The most important statistics of the game

Utah Jazz (5) – Dallas Mavericks (4) 100: 99 (Boxscore), Series: 2-2

  • 31.7 percent from the field, 20.8 percent from the triple line, 3/15 of Dinwiddie and Brunson – that jazz led “only” with 12 points came the same with 12 points. Whole 22 times the householders went to the line and left a lot (15/22), yet the distance from the point of view of Mavericks could have looked much worse.
  • Speaking Brunson: The hope was great that the Shooting Star by the comeback of Doncic could build in a slightly smaller role to his strong achievements or even act even more efficiently, he found very badly in the game. Four minutes before the break, he scored his first points out of the field, the threesome did not fall. Through some trips to the frewurflinie he was able to earn a little confidence and showed a good performance in halftime.
  • Also from the fact that Spencer Dinwiddie moved back to the bank through the comeback of Doncic, the MAVs could not beat capital. Dinwiddie was at half time at 0 points! The colleagues Green, glue and Bertan hardly made it better. The deficit of 8:19 could not catch up in Dallas during the second half. The Bank Duel ended with 35:13 for Utah – which of course was primarily at Clarkson.
  • Made the jazz in the two defeats, especially from the triple area a too high deficit, the matter was at least balanced this time. Dallas sinked 15 threesome (of 44.1 percent), Utah 10 (of 35, 28.6 percent). In combination with the advantages in the zone as well as the clear obesity in the free throws (26/42 vs. 18/23), the game was thus up to the final seconds.

Jazz Vs. Mavs: The votes to the game

Rudy Gobert (Utah Jazz) To the last play of the MAVs: “We wanted to bring the ball from Luka’s hands, he had hit a few big throws, we wanted to make sure he has to fit and have defended the litter very well “

The Star of the Game: Jordan Clarkson (Utah Jazz)

Gobert and Mitchell were it who had the fingers in the game in the final minutes at the crucial scenes. But the microwave would have not delivered in particular in the middle of the fourth quarter, the game would have been out of reach at this time. Clarkson made his best game in the series, sinked 3 of his 5 threesome and came with +18 on the far plus / minus of all players.

The Flop of the Game: Spencer Dinwiddie (Dallas Mavericks)

The bank of Mavericks throughout the disappointed, but above all the ex-wizard had been much more expected. That his last litter did not even touch the ring was symptomatic. Even with him the plus / minus does not deceive (-14). There must be more in game 5!

The scene of the game

A few seconds earlier, the threesome of Doncic had stood at 99:94, but it should come differently. Powell left two free throws that jazz made the game fast and Mitchell found a wide open Gobert. Gamewinner!

Mavericks vs. Jazz: The series at a glance (2-2)

Game Date Time Home Away result
1 16. April 19 o’clock Dallas Mavericks Utah Jazz 93:99
2 19. April 2.30 clock Dallas Mavericks Utah Jazz 110: 104
3 22. April 3 o’clock Utah Jazz Dallas Mavericks 118: 126
4 23. April 10.30 pm Utah Jazz Dallas Mavericks 100: 99
5 26. April 3:30 pm Dallas Mavericks Utah Jazz
6 29. April TBD Utah Jazz Dallas Mavericks
7 * 1. May TBD Dallas Mavericks Utah Jazz

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Voices to the championship of Bayern: of course madness

FC Bayern Munich is after 3: 1 success on Borussia Dortmund. But even on the other places was a lot going on. These are the votes for the 31st matchday of the Football Bundesliga:

FC Bayern – Borussia Dortmund 3: 1

Julian Nagelsmann (trainer): “The framework agreed. That’s why we’ve been thanking God today. We had to decide the game earlier. I’m still tender 34, everything was very fast. The year was not very fast. The year was not very fast Quite easy. That’s why I’m glad we crowned it with the championship title. “

Manuel new (captain): “That’s madness of course. It was important that we conclude it properly after leaving Villarreal. Everyone wants, that’s special in our team.”

Thomas Müller (national player): “We absolutely wanted. It has made a lot of frustration wide. We were able to play well from the soul, now it’s wonderful.”

Bernd Neuendorf (DFB President): “In the name of the DFB, I cordially congratulate the FC Bayern München to the German Championship. The Konstanz of the club is extremely impressive. This championship is for FC Bayern but certainly not only therefore something special because it’s already the tenth triumph in a row. For the first time since 2019, the mastery of the church was again spectators in the stadium, which could celebrate their team extensively after they were not allowed to be there for the two title winences due to the pandemic. Without the fans, football is only half as beautiful. This has once again been impressively demonstrated on Saturday in Munich. “

Hansi flick: (national coach): “The FC Bayern is repeatedly the measure of all things in the Bundesliga. The tenth championship in a row is an outstanding success for the club, the team and the many fans. I am particularly happy Me for my co-worker Julian Nagelsmann, his staff and our national player. The German championship is the most honest title and the basis for further successes. Every title win gives self-confidence – and hopefully for our national players also tailwind for the upcoming tasks in the UEFA Nations League as well as as Highlight at the World Cup in Qatar. “

Oliver Bierhoff (DFB Director): “The discussions on the lack of tension in the Bundesliga can not diminish this great success. To become a strong champion ten times in succession, is impressive and makes it clear how well the club works for many years, This also applies to our national players around Captain Manuel Neuer, which once again showed their class. “

Heike Ullrich (DFB General Secretary): “The tenth championship title in series, the 32nd as a whole – on FC Bayern did not pass the way in this Bundesliga season. It is one thing to come to the top. At the top It is often the even greater challenge. That the FC Bayern Munich has succeeded as long, the highest recognition deserves. “

Markus Söder (Prime Minister Bavaria): “Congratulations to FC Bayern for winning the German championship! A great series with the tenth title in a row. FC Bayern is a figurehead of Bavaria all over the world. Bavaria is proud of This performance.”

SpVgg Greuther Fürth – Bayer Leverkusen 1: 4

Stefan Leitl (coach SpVgg Greuther Fürth): “The defeat is of course deserved. Nevertheless, my team has proven morality. The game is a reflection of the season so far, which is why it does not feel good to accept the descent today I always believed that we could succeed until the end that we could succeed, so my emotional situation is just shit today. “

Rachid Azzouzi (Managing Director SpVgg Greuther Fürth): … To the descent: “It hurts. You give so much, but sometimes it is not enough. We are together as a club, try to get the maximum, but sometimes It’s not enough. It is bitter if you have to go back, but as a club we can be proud of how we work, what we do. If it doesn’t go and we have given everything, then you have to accept that. The second half of the season showed that we can keep up, but that was too late. The first half of the season made sure that we had no chance afterwards. “

… to the future: “We can go down the head. The fans reward that and can classify it properly. We are now collecting ourselves, tears dry again. It will go on again, we will attack again next year.”

Gerardo Seoane (coach Bayer Leverkusen): “My sympathy, that’s a difficult day for Greuther Fürth. We came into play with the wrong foot. It was not a top performance from our side and compactness Against the ball. But the team bitten in and got a positive result, and that is the most important thing after two games without a goal. “

Lukas Hradecky (goalkeeper Bayer 04 Leverkusen) to the game: “If you see the last two games, that was an increase, I have to praise Greuther Fürth. Was a big step towards our goals. “

FC Bayern München Championship Song 2019/20 - Powered by 442oons

Sardar Azmoun (goal scorer Bayer 04 Leverkusen) to the game: “We worked hard this week and just focused on getting three points. Everyone is happy.”

RB Leipzig – Union Berlin 1: 2

Domenico Tedesco (coach RB Leipzig): “Despite six changes, Union was griffaneous and galley, has worked fresher and agile. In the first half we did not manage to move our opponent. After the half you take the lead We have to bring that over time. If we do it 2-0, the thing is over. But I also have to say: If you lead 1-0 in the 86th minute, at least you shouldn’t lose. “

Urs Fischer (Trainer Union Berlin): “Compliments to the boys. I think you are 0: 1 behind and don’t really know, why. I also had the feeling that we were good in the first half. Leipzig Didn’t even shot the goal. Wednesday evening comes up again, but the team really showed morality and I am extremely proud that she was rewarded at the end. “

Niko Gießelmann (Union Berlin): … To the game: “Of course we start the second half extremely badly, never gave up, have survived a difficult situation, in my opinion a clear penalty must get. shows the mentality of the team that we are still doing such a game with a champions League participant-absolute madness. “

… for the not given penalty after the foul by Nordi Mukiele: “I don’t know how you can say that this is not a penalty. He tried to explain to me that he was going away. But what has a shoe stretched To search for knee height? For me it is a crystal -clear penalty. There are also referees who have already given a red card. “

Sven Michel (goal scorer Union Berlin) to the game: “As a change player, you hope to have a substitution in this way that you may score a goal or an assist. I have succeeded in both. could have done a small reparation. “

SC Freiburg – Borussia Mönchengladbach 3: 3

Christian Streich (Trainer SC Freiburg): “The boys are extremely disappointed. But we were already efficient in the season. Today the efficiency of Gladbach was much better. The team has shown a great mentality. Important was important to hold the structure to the 0: 2. This has succeeded. “

Christian Günter (Captain and Goal Scorer SC Freiburg) to the game: “It feels extremely like a defeat. Gladbach did not want anything anymore, the thing was as good as. Then a flank, a header, sauce, bitter. That Do so hurt that we did not reward for the catching up. “

Nicolas Höfler (SC Freiburg) to the goals: “We look in both directions. Of course, it can still create great. It must be the goal that we can not lose any place and still make good work.”

Adi Hütter (Trainer Borussia Mönchengladbach): “The trademeters are always a difficult thing. This time it was good for us, but that can also happen to a player of us. This is a natural movement of courtes, there is no one something Therefore.”

Eintracht Frankfurt – TSG Hoffenheim 2: 2

Oliver Glasner (coach Eintracht Frankfurt): “In the end, the 2: 2 is fine. Both teams had a very good goalkeeper. With the performance I am satisfied. What happened to us more often is that we are too If we are going to lead. For me it was important to see that the players are with the focus in here and now. Now we look forward to West Ham. “

Sebastian Hoeneß (Trainer TSG Hoffenheim): “The result is in the end too little for us with a view of the results in the other stadiums. It is under the stroke so that the big chances in the second half is more on our side Layer. It should not be, that hurts, that’s bitter. Even today we had to overcome resistors. We do not stop. “

1. FC Cologne – Arminia Bielefeld 3: 1

Steffen Baumgart (coach 1. FC Cologne): “The result was what we have introduced. Much did not fit, you have to say that. Bielefeld was often closer to 2: 2 as we at 3: 1, Such a game is important to us because we see what we do well and what not. In many phases we did not play it as well as we can. “

Anthony Modeste (scorer 1. FC Cologne) to the game: “If we want to play Europa League, we have to win our games. It was a heavy game, Bielefeld has given everything, but we were effective and therefore won. “

Marco Kostmann (coach Arminia Bielefeld): “My main focus was that we need to improve our appearance, as far as our courage and our commitment is concerned. I saw that over wide routes. That’s the least that we have to bring To stay in the league. But it’s about what happens in front of your own and the opposing gate. That was the difference. A 2: 2 would have been deserved, measured by what we have brought to the place. For us is It annoyed that we could not reward ourselves. “

Stefan Ortega (Torwart Arminia Bielefeld) to the game: “We have lost. Ultimately, it’s all about. We have already done the shit that we have made longer. We have brought ourselves into the situation, loading into the situation A balanced game Cologne three times and lose 3: 1. I just could puke. “

VFL Wolfsburg – FSV Mainz 05 5: 0

Florian Kohfeldt (Trainer VFL Wolfsburg): “That was a very important victory for us. In the second half we have played the game well to end. Now we want to clearly clear in Stuttgart the league.”

Bo Svensson (coach Mainz 05): “Our first half was an absolute impudence. I could not have imagined that way. We will have to talk about it internally.”


Digimon Survive already has a launch date

_ DIGIMON SURVIVE _ was originally announced in 2018. Since then, Bandai Namco’s title has been delayed on three different occasions. Fortunately, it seems that the expected game will finally reach our hands in a matter of a couple of months, since _ Digimon Survive_ already has a new release date .

According to V-Jump magazine, _ Digimon Survive_ will be available at PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on July 28, 2022 . Although at the moment there is only mention of a launch for Japan, the Games of Bandai Namco usually come to the West on the same day. We only need to wait for a more concrete announcement for our doubts to be clarified.

Originally, Digimon Survive was going to arrive in 2019, but a delay moved the date to 2020. Then the same thing happened, moving it to 2021. As far as little, last year the game suffered from a delay until 2022. This delivery It combines the elements of a graphic novel, with RPG that will give us the control of different Digimonsters.

_ DIGIMON SURVIVE_ will be available at PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on July 28, 2022 . On related topics, here you can check the most recent trailer of this game. Similarly, Bandai Namco talks about why this title was delayed.

Digimon Survive Release Date Revealed - Dim Card Leak [Digimon VB/ Digivice V]

Editor’s note:

The idea of combining the graphic novel with the RPG is something that catches me. However, to be a game of this type with a duration of 40 hours, this must be a great story that not only managed to satisfy Digimon fans, but all the interested parties.