Joshua Kimmich desires to confirm it as well as his movie critics

Joshua Kimmich reported on a consistently friendly reception in the circle of coworkers at the DFB press conference on Friday: I really did not really feel like someone was looking at me from the side. He missed the November video games versus Liechtenstein as well as Armenia after he really did not desire to be vaccinated as well as quickly fell ill.

Kimmich takes on FCB defensive

Now Kimmich is there once again, however after a badly inadequate 2nd half of the season, his condition dealt with FC Bayern. When asked whether public criticism, which was likewise shared in the twist, did not contradict, but showed a sight of general deficiencies at Bayern. As a 6, you have obligation for the defensive, we have actually obtained way too many objectives. Not only I need to improve, yet the entire team, replied the 27-year-old and demanded: We need to extend in the new one Period.

Kimmich’s low in the past couple of months has also been shown in the twist position of German football, in which the editorial group has currently been eleventh in winter months and also from the international to the national course. For Hansi Flick, however, he is still in high gear six, anything yet a beginning eleven nomination for the 65th global match as a next guy of Bayern colleague Leon Goretzka would certainly be a big shock. It is among the most crucial settings in football. Clearness is essential, as well as if there are 2 games that are collaborated, that is an advantage, claimed Flick as well as demanded that a person takes treatment of the other.


the Nations Organization as an indicator

Particularly against the widely known challengers such as European champion France or the fifth of the world ranking of England, the sychronisation troubles and also oversight are absolutely much more uncompromising than just recently the subdivision opponents in the Globe Cup qualification, are of enormous stability and also reliability. I think these video games are fairly great.

Joshua Kimmich reported on a consistently friendly reception in the circle of coworkers at the DFB press conference on Friday: I didn’t really feel like a person was looking at me from the side. He missed out on the November games against Liechtenstein and also Armenia after he didn’t desire to be immunized as well as quickly fell ill. Kimmich’s reduced in the previous couple of months has also been reflected in the Bayern position of German football, in which the editorial group has currently been eleventh in wintertime and also from the worldwide to the nationwide class.


Revision of the Cadence of Hyrule – Link two stages to grandeur

First of all, I have a bone to choose with the way people talk about this game. I saw it called a “crossover” more times I can count. I understand why, but it’s not a cross. A crossing implies, at least for entertainment media, the appearance of a well -known in another well -known. This is not what cadence of Hyrule is. Cadence of Hyrule is an amalgam, that is to say a mixture or a mixture of two things. Qualifying it as crossover is a bad service for the game and potentially gives people a false impression. In this review, I hope I can give you the right impression.

So we go with the amalgam. The reason is that cadence of Hyrule is really a crypte of the Necrodancer Game, and it is also very The legend of Zelda Game. The way you move in the world and fight the monsters, associate your movements at rhythm is pure Necrodanceur. This is probably the determining element of necrodanceur. But the world in which you move and explore is pure zelda. Cadence of Hyrule is the perfect mixture of two different games. Its operation is remarkable because it uses the most remarkable elements of each of them and merges them in a way that only a genius or a madman could consider doing.

Developed by brace Yourself Games, the fight is fueled by the excellent soundscaping by Danny Baranowsky. The same skillful level used to merge Zelda and Necrodancer is also clearly displayed in music. Cadence of Hyrule takes up some of the best known themes of Legend of Zelda and gives them just a little touch so that everything works for a game fed in all respects by music. Music dictates how you move and how you move dictate how you fight. It is essential to learn enemy’s patterns and determine how he reacts and tries to approach you, then dance around the screen by launching skillful strikes from your weapons or using your objects with intelligence for to survive. Once the screen is clear, the music stops demanding that you train on you and can explore freely.

It is in this exploration that the game overflows zelda sensitivity. There are dungeons, secrets, objects to find what you need to have access to other mysteries. There are bosses to fight, puzzles to solve and many characters to wake up, start of course with your choice between Link and Zelda. The game opens up on Cadence, one of the heroines of crypte du Necrodancer, finding itself in a foreign country. A sorcerer reduced the world to slavery and she must find her way. She quickly finds Link and Zelda both asleep and awakening one of them, the game starts seriously.

Each Playythrough gives rise to a mixed planetary world map, so that nothing is ever in the same place. You will explore the card every time you play, looking for the objects you want, the bosses you want to kill and the dungeons you want to explore to discover their secrets. You can find special points that you can also distort, allowing you to quickly browse the different sections of the card. You can even find a magic lute that will allow you to do so from anywhere.

The game also works on an interesting opposite difficulty curve. I predicted a free time from 5 to 6 hours to anyone who felt comfortable with the movement and the combat mechanisms, longer for those who begin to master them for the first time. You may die a lot, but the objects and weapons that you will discover will remain with you, a cruel aspect of the whimsical games abandoned for years. Cadence and you can see why. The tip for cadence of Hyrule does it have a large attraction, that you play, it will become easier. A larger sword can allow you to slip three squares at a time, while a lance allows you to attack from two squares.

The difficulty here is, in a way, completely optional, you may have to get bandaged a little before learning enough to understand this element of the game. The real content for most people who are attracted by These types of games will be the hardcore tracks. A life, and only a life, to get everything you need and defeat the last boss – a major challenge. I expect to see people do shopping where they give up each object and weapon of the game, a bit like the Soul Level Level 1 _ Sombers_ do the community to make us look like idiots.

For those who prefer a more comfortable race, you can deactivate the synchronization of times, and the enemies will only move when you move, thus leaving you time to think about what you want to do while enjoying the discovery and the ‘Exploration taking place on the screen. Heart of the game. The difficulty is well designed, and the game seems to have been designed to please people of all ages and all levels, which is pleasant to see for a system with a user base as large as Switch.

While you play, you also collect diamonds and gems that allow you to buy objects in stores. The objects purchased with diamonds will remain after your death, while those purchased with precious stones will be lost. This allows you to progress every time you play, even if you find the game very difficult but you do not want to make your task easier. It is this element that makes Hyrule_cadence the perfect game for shorter play sessions. Do you have ten minutes to kill? Light it and win a few diamonds.

ALL HEART CONTAINERS and Where to Find Them in Cadence of Hyrule!

Frankly, I have nothing negative to say on cadence of Hyrule, and I enjoyed the 15 hours that I have devoted to it so far. There is enough crypte of the necrodancer and The legend of Zelda here to satisfy the fans of the two, but the more difficult contours of the two were worn to provide us with more accessible and faster entertainment. It’s an excellent game, with an attractive design, and if you had planned to get it, I would highly recommend it.


Bundesliga: Facts and figures on the 2000th matchday

From Friday, the 2000th matchday in the history of the Bundesliga is on the program. An overview before the anniversary about important figures and facts.

17.969 * – The German elite class has seen so many games since the first game in August 1963. At the outcome of all these encounters, the home advantage was actually very important. Finally, 9052 games were won by the hosts (50.4 percent). 4316 games went to the guests (24 percent), 4601 encounters ended with a draw (25.6 percent).
34 – After this number everything is actually aligned. But one season did not always end after 34th game days. In the first two seasons there were 16 teams at the start, it only went until the 30th matchday. And after reunification, the league experienced 38 laps for a season.
3.06 – That is the average of the gates achieved per game. This takes a total of 54,987 goals that were to be admired. The 32nd matchday in the 1983/84 season also emerged – then 53 goals were scored. This seems to be a record for eternity, because no other matchday was more than 47 goals. By the way, the fewest hits were recorded on match day 2689/90 and in round 20 of the 1998/99 season – only eleven times the play equipment found the way into the goal.
O * – In fact, there has never been a game day on which all away teams could win. The guests were close to the 6th matchday of the 2019/20 season with eight away victories. There were nine home victories on seven match days, most recently in round 19 of the 1989/90 season. The highest number of draws on a match day was seven – last on match day 21 of the 2020/21 season.
485.210 * – Never made more fans in the stadiums than on matchday 33 of the 2009/10 season. On average, 53,912 spectators were in the nine stadiums. Incidentally, that was a May 1st – on which no games are now taking place due to the overload of the police. The Corona pandemic ensured the negative figures among visitors – zero spectators were recorded on 37 match days.

Bayern star the lame duck: the 20 slowest players of the season

Articles and videos on the topic
* A historical championship: 10 times Bavaria

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829 * – After so many match days, record champions Bayern Munich was at the top of the table. The view of second place shows what dimensions this record has. There Borussia Dortmund ranks with “only” 179 match days. Hannover 96 is located in the “south” of the table. After 110 match days, the Lower Saxony held the red lantern in their hands, followed by Schalke 04 (105) and Hertha BSC (95).
3 * – So many coaches were rid of their jobs in the maximum after a match day. However, this was three times – on match day 11 1983/84, on match day 27 1991/92 and on matchday 19 2006/07. The “victims” included Dietrich Weise, Felix Magath and Jupp Heynckes.

Unbelieveable Records From 2,000 Bundesliga Matchdays
8 * – This number of professionals was sent prematurely on the 3rd matchday of the 2013/14 season. There has never been any more in one round. By the way, Helmut Rahn saw the first red card. The “boss” caught it on matchday 4 of the premiere season 1963/64. There was at least one place of space on over half of the game days (55.6 percent).
2.51 * – So many penalty have been imposed on average per match day. The 12th round of the 1971/72 season holds the record. On this matchday, the referees pointed to the point twelve times. The shooters have failed most frequently on the 7th matchday of the 2016/17 season when five penalty were not used.


PlayStation: start date for new plus

With the new PS Plus model from PlayStation, the subscription service is given a refreshment. Now it is clear when it is time and what options are open to you.

PlayStation: New model is available from June

Sony would like to offer the subscriber from PS Plus more in the future and has therefore completely revised the subscription model. As part of which we dissolved the streaming service PlayStation Now and integrated into the PS plus service, and you can expect several subscription levels from which you can choose the right one for yourself **:

PlayStation Plus Essential * (8.99 euros per month) corresponds to the previous model.
PlayStation Plus Extra (13.99 euros a month) includes an additional 400 PS4 and PS5 games that you can download.
PlayStation Plus Premium (17.99 a month) includes all the features mentioned so far. In addition, you will also have access to over 300 Playstation classics for the PS1, PS2 and PS3.

Until then, you don’t have to wait too long. On the official PlayStation Blog, Sony announces that in Europe will be targeted for implementation in Europe on June 22, 2022 . (Source: PlayStation Blog)

What else do you need to know about the new model? We tell you in our practical overview.

_Ih plays a lot online? Then there are certain things that you should consider: _

PS Plus: What happens to your current subscription?

Что дает PS PLUS на PS5 - 6 фишек и как отключить автопродление PS PLUS

If you already have a subscription, you don’t need to worry. This is expected to be automatically converted into an essential subscription in June. But if you want to upgrade to extra or premium , according to Sony, this is possible without any problems. This emerges from an email that RESETERA user Kolx received:

“You can easily switch to a higher tariff at any time. To do this, you have to pay the difference between the current plan and the new plan, adapted to the remaining term of your subscription. ”

(Source: Resetera)

How the whole thing works in practice is not yet quite certain.

_Welcher subscription service offers what? We show you in our video: _

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Final fantasy xiv

Lol: the amazing numbers of flakked this weekend that make it a beast to beat

This weekend was carried out last phase of playoffs before the grand final in which VITITY, G2 ESPORTS and MISFITS faced with them with the aim of giving the bell in the split of Spring of the LEC. While at first it seemed that it was going to be an open war with exciting matches, everything stayed at a monologue by G2 Esports devastating the two French teams as a result of a manual league of legends and a clear protagonist in the six games Play: Victor “ Flakked ” Lirola.

an outstanding weekend for flakked

The first series In front of Vitality it seemed that it was going to be tremendously difficult knowing the superequipment that the French club had in his hands. However, flakked knew the nerves in the three games played and completely denied the game of Carzzy and Labrov with the help of a monumental Targamas. The numbers in this series were absurdly good:


  • KDA: 36 – Best of the whole series
  • Player with more murders: 5.7 on average per game
  • Less deaths: He only died once in the whole series
  • Up to 10 subjects and more than 500 gold won per minute
  • Almost a 80% participation in the murders of the equipment
  • More than one 35% of the total G2 damage was yours; 756 DPM.

the king of the botlane with targamamas as his faithful squire

While Vitality was a real sangria in favor of the ocelot, it was missing the weekend with a clean victory over misfits , which stood as one of the great surprises of the whole tournament. It is here when Flakked said again “no” to the dreams of rabbits, razing in the three games and leaving some numbers worthy of a World Cup:

  • Perfect KDA (0/19/20)
  • Player with more murders: 6.3 on average
  • Not a single death throughout the series
  • Up to 10.4 subjects and more than 510 gold won per minute
  • Up to 34% of G2’s total damage was yours; 799 DPM.

The next confrontation will be again against fnatic , a completely historical series in which Flakked can be redeemless from the decaffeinated series of last week in front of them. That yes, this time the G2 are plugged up after winning six games followed, while FNATIC comes from receiving a Rogue comeback that seemed impossible.


PlayStation discards AAA launch games on your new PS plus as Xbox Game Pass ago

We expected the announcement for this week and so it has been. PLAYSTATION has given the details of your renovation to the PS Plus service, which is combined with PS NOW and will offer three types of subscription other than console users PlayStation . A system that will come into force in June, but beyond knowing and information about it, from Sony have added depth to the matter with one of the most criticized topics of the service.

PlayStation Boss Claims New PlayStation Plus Will NOT Copy Xbox Game Pass Due To Quality Concerns
Jim Ryan, President of PlayStation, has spoken about the point that the users have most missed by knowing the new memberships of PLUS , which is the absence of launch titles in the day of its premiere, Something that does xbox game pass .

Being asked about the possibility of including launches on the day of its premiere in its renewed PS Plus, Ryan has been sharp. “This is not a path that we have traveled in the past. And is not a path that we are going to travel with this new service,” he says he at Gamesindustry.

In addition, the manager adds statements that give us to think and that makes us understand what the philosophy for which they bet from the Japanese company: “¬ We felt that if we did that with the games we do in PlayStation Studios, that virtuous circle would break. The investment level we need to do in our studies would not be possible , and we believe that the collateral effect on the quality of the games we do would not be something that players would like. “

Although Ryan also affirms that the videogame industry is very changing, alluding that who might think a few years ago that PlayStation AAA games would end up arriving at PC. On the other hand, the manager says that nothing there is about the new service is written in stone, mentioning that what was presented is due to the short term and that things “could change quickly”, but as they are currently working, I would not make any sense.


Jim Ryan: Subscription services in videogames will not become like Netflix

Why First Party PS4/PS5 Games WON'T Be on PS Plus Spartacus DAY ONE + MORE Details from Jim Ryan!
A lot has been talked about today about the future of subscription services in video games, such as PlayStation Plus . Although one might think that Jim Ryan, CEO of Sie, is intended to enter this market completely, and occupy a position similar to that of Netflix or Spotify, the manager has indicated that this is not the case, and in his Place has pointed out that the industry is addressed more to games as a service.

In a talk with Gamesindustry.BIZ, Ryan talked about the subscription services, and his role in the current industry. With more than 25 million users, Xbox Game Pass is a factor that has created a pressure in this market. However, CEO has mentioned that the environment will not be dominated in a way similar to that Netflix and Spotify have done so on their respective markets. This was what he commented on:

“The subscription has undoubtedly grown in importance over the last years. Our number of PlayStation Plus subscribers has grown from zero in 2010 to 48 million now. And we anticipate, for our services, that we will see greater growth in the number of subscribers.

But the medium of the games is so different from the music and linear entertainment, which I do not think we see it reach the levels we see with Spotify and Netflix.

Some of the [games] live service that are being very successful these days, and I am not restricting this comment to the console, they are effectively subscription services.

That phenomenon of the live service game… which, in large part, has promoted the enormous growth in the game industry we have seen in the last ten years.

I believe that the trend towards live services will continue, and if a model is sought in our entertainment category, which supports a sustained commitment for a long period of time, live service games could fit better than a subscription service “.

This position makes a lot of sense when we consider that the last two studies acquisitions are related to games as a service . On the one hand, we have a Bungie, creators of Destiny, and on the other we find Haven Studios, who are creating a social experience.

On related topics, Jim Ryan ensures that the large publishers of the industry will be in the new PS Plus. Similarly, subscription services only represent 4% of industry’s profits.

Editor’s note:

If something has made it clear to us, especially during the past few months, is that games as a service can mean large losses for a company. Not everyone can be the next great destiny. We only have to wait and see which of these two tendencies end it work for Sony.


You can now create groups with the last update of Nintendo Switch

And so out of nowhere, the Nintendo Switch has just received a surprise update that adds a highly requested function by the community. Similar to the way it worked with PlayStation 4 , the hybrid console of the large n now allows you to group multiple games in a ‘folder’, and here we explain exactly how it works.

To make use of this function, make sure you switch is updated to version 14.0.0 . Additionally, you can only create groups if there are more than 12 games installed on your console , and yes, It is possible to repeat the same game in more than one group.

To create a group, follow the following steps:

1. From the SWITCH HOME menu, go to the right and select the ‘All Software’ option.

Nintendo Switch Now Has FOLDERS to Group Games! New Update!
two. Press the ‘L’ button to see your pro groups.

3. The first time you create a group, you will get a submenu where you should press the ‘+’ button to create it.

4. Mark all games you want to add to the group, and select ‘Next’.

5. Accommodates all the games as best, and give it to ‘Next’ again.

6. Choose the name of the group, and select ‘Next’ again.

7. The new group you have created will be added to the list of groups.

Keep in mind that you can create a maximum of 100 groups, and each of them will allow you to add up to 200 games.


Mike Wilson, Co-Founder of Devolver, Create Deepwell, Mental Health Game Publisher

Mike Wilson combined Ryan Douglas, an engineer and former CEO of NEXTERN, a company working to carry out medical media, to create Deepwell, a new publisher whose productions (internal as external) will aim to propose a real benefit in terms of physical and especially mental health.

DeepWell DTx - Official Reveal Trailer (Developer & Publisher)

If Deepwell comes out of the ground at the beginning of the year 2022, it is first of all because of Mike Wilson’s commitment to the theme of mental health – he has served in particular several years on the board of Take this, a charity that feeds resource developers around the subject. But it is also, unsurprisingly, the result of an awareness that was done in particular during the global pandemic of CIVID-19 vis-à-vis the resurgence of mental disorders, starting with depression. All according to Ryan Douglas, with an insufficient number of specialists to treat them, especially in the United States where the medical coverage issues are added. Last observation: Medical Games often lack fun know-how to become truly fun and enjoyable experiences.

According to Mike Wilson for IGN, Deepwell will soon propose three types of projects. The first will be titles developed internally, with the aim of being also fun therapeutic, and will aim for a broad audience on maximum platforms. The second will be games developed by third parties, especially independent studios and who could have therapeutic virtues; Deepwell hopes to be able to join certain developments to guide the teams concerned in their approach. The latter will target games already released and whose medical qualities deserve to be recognized. “_These games already out, very therapeutic, can be explicitly presented to people who suffer from mental problems in order to help them follow a treatment”, thus explains Ryan Douglas.

Forty creators, game designers, scientists and researchers participate in the project in order to define major principles of the therapeutic design_. Rami Ismail, Lorne Lanning, American McGee or Tom Hall are among the big names of the video game involved. All kinds of games are envisaged and Deepwell does not want to start in the production of WHolesome Games \ – these soft, positive games – and the founders explain: “to connect and thus advance on the therapeutic ground… It may not be up to rainbows and sun rays that will allow you to identify you at the game. Sometimes, following a darker path offers a moment of distraction and self-realization […] Who can prove very catharic. And that’s what people who play these dark games say very, very long_ “.

The first titles of Deepwell should be announced by the end of spring.



Last week, Rockstar Games promised that these days would be launching new updates for _ gta: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. _ As promised is debt and from these moments it is possible to download the More recent patches for each of the games in the remastered collection. What do you include exactly? Here we talk to you.

According to the official site of ROCKSTAR , these updates include more than 100 settings for all trilogy games. It would be an excess to enlist all these changes right here, so below you will find only the most relevant:

125 HUGE Changes Made To The GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition You DON'T Know About! (2022 Update)
– All graphic modes have received improvements in their performance and stability.

  • Problems were corrected when trying to restart a mission from the last stored point.

  • Problems related to the collision system were corrected.

  • Textures were improved in certain sections.

With these patches, the experience of GTA: The Trilogy should be much more pleasant for all players. We do not know if your developers have intentions to continue throwing more updates in the future, but considering that this collection has just arrived at the market, it is most likely so.

Editor’s note: GTA: The Trilogy suffered a lot during his first days after his launch. The community was allowed by the subject of the Bugs and Glitches, although the truth is that these games should never have received the contempt they did receive at the time.