PlayStation, Sevici Game Studio acquisition and community expansion

PlayStation Studio announced that it has signed a final contract to acquire Sevici Game Studio.

The Sevici Game Studio is a team with excellent creative talents and has the experience of producing the most popular mobile games among players around the world for many years.

The PlayStation Studio said, The Sevici Game Studio, which was established a few years ago, is perfectly consistent with its goal by pursuing constant innovation with the goal of exploring the bold and new ideas without fear.

The Sevice Game Studio will be organized in the newly launched PlayStation Studio Mobile Division, and the mobile division will focus on innovative mobile game experience based on new PS IP and existing PS IP.

Michail Katkoff, co-founder and co-founder and CEO of Sevici Game Studio, said, The management of the PlayStation Studio was not afraid of respecting and taking risks by the Sevici Game Studio’s pursuit of operation and success. In addition, PS’s amazing IP catalog There was no reason not to make a contract because it can only use the support that only the PS can provide.

The PlayStation Studio has already announced that it will release the title for carefully selected PCs, and even if it expands its activities beyond the console game, we will create a dedication to the PS community or a single player narrative-oriented experience.

This year, we released Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7, and MLB The Show 22, and on November 9, we will release God of War Ragnarok.

The PS VR2 will be released soon, and as it is built into the Horizon Call of the Mountain game, it will combine the strongest software in its class to increase the lively and immersion.

The PC game will also be released. Uncharted: Legacy of the Collection and Marvel Spider-Man will be able to play games for players without PS hardware.

Mobile games will also be added, so more people will be able to enjoy PS content and will attract new customers in PS and games.


Basketball: DBB option is only missing out on a success for World Cup

Germany’s basketball gamers only need a win from four games to get the 2023 World Cup in Japan, Indonesia as well as on the Philippines. This arises from the team constellation of certification according to the video games on Sunday night.

The most effective three teams of a team of 6 certify. Estonia (2 success) is no longer coming to Germany. In order to ultimately distance Sweden and Israel (three victories each), the continuing to be four games against Finland (November 10th as well as February 27th), Slovenia (November 13) and Sweden (February 24) are only a success left.


Of all, the emphasis of the basketball players around Captain Dennis Schröder uses to the residence European Championship, which starts this Thursday (8:30 p.m./ Magenta Philippinesing activity) with a game against Olympic silver victor France. After five initial round games in Fragrance, the final round in Berlin starts on September 10th.

The German team beat European champions Slovenia with 90:71 and also is now like Finland, which, according to the World Association Fiba, is currently qualified, with seven success and also a defeat.


The craziest tools in computer game

Dubstep cannon-Saints Row 4.

Clear thing that we open this checklist straight with a weapon from a Saints Row. The selection was not that simple for us, as the collection has numerous strange means of defending (or for the assault). Let’s just assume the penetrator from component 3. But ultimately our fave is the Dubstep cannon from Saints Row 4. The fires are discharged blue power rays that relocate to the beat of the same time as well as both NPCs and also automobiles in the target area for dance Bring-and when wubs can be listened to, explosions are caused. There are even numerous layouts for the cannon, every one of which have their own track in their luggage.

In keeping with the launch of Saints Row, we take a look back at the most crazy killing tools that we met in games.

The Saints are back! Well, not quite. After all, the new Saints Row is a reboot of the collection, at the very least at a narrative degree. There are entirely new characters that develop the title gang gang, as well as the history and humor are rather a lot more earthly than in the precursors. The brand-new game is by no ways as crazy as Saints Row 4 That has now been truly overwhelmed with his aliens strike the planet and also block mankind in a simulation- story-to rescind some. Back then, nonetheless, there went to the very least actually innovative tools that missed the brand-new Saints Row. Honestly, the thing offers nearly just regular rifles, shotguns as well as pistols. To advise us and you that things are going better, we take an appearance at the craziest disagreement amplifiers in video games.

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Choice, currently under the name Deep Silver Volition and also little girl of Plaion (formerly Koch Media), once created not just the Saints Row video games for ThQ (i.e. the old, not ThQ Nordic), however also Red Intrigue. And it has actually been shown that the Americans generally like to integrate very insane weapons right into their video games. In Red Faction: Armageddon, the last part of the collection, there are Mr. Tots: A little unicorn that obliterated rays from his butt and screams awfully. Seriously, there is actually it! See for yourself!

Mr. Tots-Red Faction: Armageddon

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In the Ratchet & Clank games, you constantly get really imaginative tools right into your Lombax hands. The collection of the current part, which was released for the PS5, additionally consists of more than an emphasize. If a tool has actually conquered our heart directly, it is Mr. Party Milz or Mr Fungi, as it is called in the original and what Enjoyable Man is obvious.

Mr. Celebration Milz-Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

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In After effects 3 there are quite regular shotguns, guns in addition to rifles, yet also plasma tools… and also the Fatman. It is not without reason. No, he has absolutely nothing to do with obese men, however is a hefty firearm, whose ammunition is nothing much less than miniatombombs. Yes, you review correctly: the Fatman fires small nuclear eruptive heads. Bear in mind that worldwide of Results practically everything before the terrific war that caused the end time was operated with nuclear power. Uranium was discovered in every family. It just seems logical that the tool suppliers have actually constructed such a mobile catapult that fires tiny atomic bombs.

FATMAN-Fallout 3

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cow cannon-Just Cause 4

Diablo 2 has the Kuhlevel, Simply Case 4 the cow cannon. It looks like a normal rifle, just with a cow tarnish pattern as a skin, and you can find them on some farm in the southwest of the significant game globe. However you will quickly figure out what makes this creak so special: you don’t kill anyone, but just turn your victims into cows-who run upright and also continue to pursue their normal daily life, so do not observe that they are unexpectedly hoof animals. Each time you discharge with the rifle on someone, a cowbell audio additionally sounds. As well as if you operate the button for the different fire mode, you turn Rico Rodriguez right into a cow.

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Mutated Milk-Team Citadel 2

Well, this could primarily be since there is likewise a bread monster in the frosted glass that has a preference for human heads. If you throw the container on a challenger, the bakedware mutated for 10 secs on the skull-and it is likewise feasible to hurry several of these vigorous loaf on his throat with more hits.

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Cluckshot-Gears of Battle 3

Equipments of Battle is in fact not necessarily understood for an extra part of humor. The video games of Epic Gamings or the Union today are rather dark as well as significant. Yet the old growth team around High cliff Bleszinski did not miss out on the possibility to include Easter Eggs into his jobs, such as the clucic shot in Gears of War 3. It can be located in act 1 and act 4 and appears like the boom-shot Garnaps. The primary difference in between both tools: While the latter shoots eruptive projectile, you terminate poultries with the Cluckehot-which additionally blow up. Yes, also in the ruthless globe of Gears of War can be allowed a little fun once in a while, or not?

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The new Saints Row is a reboot of the series, at the very least at a narrative degree. At that time, however, there were at the very least actually imaginative tools that missed out on the new Saints Row. Clear point that we open this listing directly with a tool from a Saints Row. Ultimately our favorite is the Dubstep cannon from Saints Row 4. Will, now under the name Deep Silver Choice as well as daughter of Plaion (previously Koch Media), when developed not just the Saints Row video games for ThQ (i.e. the old, not ThQ Nordic), however additionally Red Intrigue.


Interior/Night regarding the emergence of AS Dusk Falls as well as his future

Caroline Marchal: It was excellent, truthful. We were a little bit worried due to the fact that we didn’t know exactly how the game would certainly be tape-recorded because it was so various and one-of-a-kind. It was particularly terrific to see the support from the video gaming core press, but it was also great to see the responses of the players.

It was a typhoon of an adventure for interior/night, an independent game studio founded by Quantic Desire and Sony experts. The first game of the firm, as Dusk Falls, has actually remained in the wild for nearly three weeks now and also is praised by the criticism of how his tale is taking brand-new methods the interactive narrative style.

Charu desodt: I particularly like to look at the streamers because we played it as a group. We made a Twitch session throughout growth as well as it was really fun. So if you see numerous individuals that protect themselves against the different opportunities, that’s very, very awesome.

Just how is a workshop that releases its initial game with this kind of success and what does it really hope to do following? Well, let’s figure out, should we? Below we speak to imaginative director Caroline Marchal, manufacturing supervisor Charu Desodt and Art Supervisor Mike Bambury concerning the advancement of AS Dusk Falls as well as what the future has prepared for a studio that wants to have groundbreaking narrative experiences.

Congratulations on the publication of AS Dusk Falls. Just how does it feel to know that the launching game of Interior/Night is in the wild?

Whether it is the mature topics that are looked into by the many branches of the game, its unique art design or the method which individuals combine and compels them to believe empathically, as Dusk Falls is tacitly to one of the finest Xbox game Pass games have actually become that there is registration service this year.

I make certain that you discovered a whole lot regarding each other during the test stage when you played en masse?

And also there is, for instance, peeing into the lemonade, so we always agree.

centimeters: Yes, we have. Charu and also I always suggest regarding some of the exact same choices.

Who pee right into the lemonade?

CD: I do.

CD: Yes, I believe I just played when as a team where they actually wanted to pee into the lemonade…

cm: I do. Yet the remainder of the group generally doesn’t want that.

Fair enough! Has the game satisfied your assumptions concerning the function?

And Mike, just how did you select this art style? It undoubtedly differs significantly from other FMVs and various other narrative games available.

Because the actors produced these amazing face expressions, we determined quite early that we in fact desired to attempt online action. We started with more animations and paired them again, which is not usually known. It [The Game] is a complex thing because they have time to decrease, decisions as well as the multiplier of the attention of people in the space. So we found an ideal point through experimentation.

MB: We understood beforehand how vital the facial expressions would be to communicate a very intricate collection of nuanced feelings, as it is very advanced storylines. There is likewise a great deal of depth in the storylines and a great deal of choices in the game-I assume it’s every 20 seconds or something.

centimeters: It went beyond assumptions on the assessment web page. On the player side, social networks are not an absolutely trustworthy presentation of what the general public assumes, however thus far it has been so great.

Then the next challenge was to make it a genuine process where you might do it 15,000 times without freaking out or killing the artists.

, yet it was a lot of job. More than 15,000 of these pictures and also if we knew that when we started-I mean, who does that? We have a brilliant group as well as we have actually developed some sample images.

Mike Bambury: I concur. I indicate, that was a big thing due to the fact that we clearly attempted something significantly brand-new. And also we got an excellent action. It was constantly concerning serving history as well as gameplay, and also as quickly as individuals play it, they get right into the story. And also that’s what they desire so that individuals comprehend the feelings of the characters. And if you consider background, art has somehow satisfied its task for me.

Yes, to see that the tale is so well received was fantastic and the appreciation for basic auto mechanics, ease of access as well as accessibility, the art style is a satisfaction to see, specifically for exactly how people are invested in the characters and recognize emotions.

For how long did this process take?

As quickly as we understood it had to be a paint, the innovation did not try to resolve every little thing in the initial five minutes. We in some way found an appearance that we liked, and after that we located out numerous times just how to do it.

MB: I believe we promptly had a skeletal system of it due to the fact that the every image a paint was an extremely useful brace for us. You can inform every story via a paint and also I believe we constantly understood that if we functioned with real-time activity, we needed to stylise the video clip and also the pictures we constructed from it, but I really did not want the stylization into play Come away all the various story moments.

Just how was it to create scenes based on pictures as well as collaborate with it?

centimeters: Yes, that’s really intriguing. We actually let them play the scenes as they would do it on stage in front of the cam, as well as then our talented Cinematic group selected the emotional beats they needed to function. It is a strange procedure, yet in the end we had something more organized on the set, with stars who show up as well as state the message and so on.

CD: Yes, we still find out. We have such a diverse team-we have game veterans, but additionally really fresh viewpoints of people who functioned in the locations of film as well as tv or 2D illustration.

MEGABYTES: Kinematography is additionally in some way kinetic due to the fact that every one of our scenes are entirely in 3D. They are all very in a similar way structured as games. We have made a genuine deep-dive location shoot, in which we can obtain some really good exact area details.

The combination of 2D and 3D is fiddly and difficult-they would certainly not believe what problems created us, like a person who beings in a convertible or somebody that rests at a table and also eats food. Components of it are back or front-there are many troubles. I think the Cinematics did a really fantastic work by just keeping the cam in motion. And also we actually discovered that there was really little that we can picture that in the end we wouldn’t make it. It was an actually free process-and we still find out.

And after that we did this job with the animation group in 3D based on the videos and afterwards integrated this frameworks into the game.

Out of rate of interest, how was the response of the line of work to the end item?

cm: We made some descriptions. Yes, I suggest, there was an action-I will certainly not say which it was because it would be a spoiler-but in chapter 5 we have changed the end significantly since I believe it obtained a little too dark at some time. So we revised it. When Jay is in the national park, we additionally increased the branch in the last chapter. We later on added a brand-new character-and I like this character-the park guard.

It’s amusing due to the fact that you walk in and also all of us know specifically who you are and recognize every face as well as perspective. Yet they look like superstars-as if the entire group really, truly delighted to see the stars up close.

It would also be extremely fascinating to discover out whether you played the game and which method you have taken.

CD: We had a launch event for the game last week. And also all stars came, which was actually very awesome. And also I believe they are overwhelmed by how excellent they look in the game.

This is the end that I have!

Charu desodt: I particularly such as to look at the streamers since we played it as a group. CD: Yes, I believe I just played once as a team where they really desired to pee right into the lemonade…

CD: For me it is this endure, ambitious statement to play a narrative ready a grown-up, broad audience. That covers a lot, you know, that indicates…

centimeters: The greatest difficulty is that it is so brand-new. It’s really an extremely huge game, yet it is extremely slim, straightforward and obtainable on the surface.

Fair enough! MEGABYTES: Kinematography is likewise somehow kinetic due to the fact that all of our scenes are completely in 3D. CD: We had a launch event for the game last week. centimeters: ** We made some summaries.

centimeters: Oh, yes, it’s my favored. It is like it was Jay if whatever had gone well in his life.

Initially we did without 3D navigation, as this was a really conscious style decision and also the aesthetic discussion is additionally really one-of-a-kind. The tale is the kind of background that you do not necessarily play in video games frequently. All of these things with each other reveal that with a various as well as daring point of view, we respond to what an interactive story experience can be.

But that’s type of wonderful, due to the fact that at the very least you have actually followed her arcs from beginning to finish. What would you all state is the greatest obstacle in developing this game and the best reward?

Often, if we do not share ourselves plainly sufficient, we make certain that the firm is doing well. The arc and also the characters have not changed-they have actually constantly been there.


As a Dusk Falls Testimonial – a new yardstick for the category

The games that the borders of what a style can be tear down are often known for what they might do to further create having fun. And also when it concerns narrative video games, as Dusk Falls develop on his ancestors and manages to surpass what they might attain.

While the majority of interactive video games either focus on realism or narrate with an extra stylistic visual structure, as a dusk if both in one.

Don’t be incorrect; These choices are not only one-dimensional or black as well as white. I and the editor Jess Wells was available in completely different situations in two separate plays, and that is due to the fact that our suspicion told us that we must behave really in different ways during history.

The game breastfeeds its appetite for these numerous choices by presenting a comprehensive tree of action at the end of each phase that demonstrates how their decisions have actually led to events. It is the butterfly impact in all its splendor, but the scattered locations that reveal the decisions you have not made are an excellent presentation of power that you maintain coming back.

And also if you play the game as you have actually behaved in real life, these understandings that interior evening deals can disclose brand-new details concerning your basic principles. My values and also homes were all on the money-although I was placed right into tough scenarios-which this most likely makes one of my favorite components of the game.

It can be seen that what has actually achieved indoor evening is incredibly excellent. This design of play has actually constantly been tough to make their decisions show up essential, but the more I think concerning it, the much more I believe that as Dusk if the first linear game of the genre might really be the assurance of a story they have actually formed Decisions.

The game records the seriousness as well as extent that make up these narrative experiences. And also all of this because Interior Evening has actually torn down the restrictions of what an interactive narrative game can be by doing its own point.

While some narrative video games have issues due to the fact that their unsteady face animations serve as an interruption, the visual style gets rid of fifty percent of the issue. And also as such, you can conveniently get right into a placement of everyone, due to the fact that everything you see in the game could take place to you one day.

Because of the decisions we had actually formerly made, the fate of a character awaited various means at the game, which brought about various conclusions in the last phase of the game. Because of the choices she made, Jess also went to a totally different scene and a various series of occasions while I never saw her.


Even simple decisions that you make in the initial phase have far-ranging repercussions, and also you need to believe with every option extensively. As an example, Vince and Michelle consider their child Zoe in the opening moments of the game by one year at school.

I determined to support this choice, however it has-understandably-influenced her advancement as well as made it a lot more and a lot more introverted in the training course of the game. And you can entirely miss this alternative if you likewise choose a various means.

Because it is much more as well as much more left to your imagination, and also that is. Because I do not manage the personalities directly, yet make use of easy input demands and also double-quick time occasions to browse through background, this design forces you to go back and also load the spaces concerning what a personality does between the individual activities or dialog options.

And also while you may ask on your own why Inside Dark did not merely remain with the tried and tested FMV layout, at the end of your concerning six hrs of playing via you will certainly recognize why this imaginative choice was the ideal one for AS Dusk Fall.

Component of it was thanks to the superb cast, which really adds to offering the severe background of death, loss as well as life that AS Dusk Falls tells. While some narrative games have issues because their shaky face animations act as an interruption, the aesthetic style removes half of the problem. And also writing right here is equally as fabulous and also aids Marchal to bring criminal activity followers right into the video gaming globe to this high goal.

These are these systems incorporated with the breathtaking story that make AS Dusk Falls among the very best in its class. Even if there may be a few weaknesses here, the exciting story, an actors of assignable personalities, regular decisions and also a distinct art design are shining as one of the most effective interactive adventures of the year.

When I experienced this tale of 2 families, the Holts and the Walkers, whose life intertwined with a solitary day in Two Rock, Arizona, I found that I was significantly managing the personalities and their methods.

The game goes one step further by appointing their dialogue decisions and also activities to attributes that offer them an understanding into just how they played the game; Whether they were logical or tried to find a battle, lovingly or somebody who believes with his head in front of the heart.

The outcome is a lovely thumb-like game, in which the actual stars who play the personalities of the game are recorded in live action and also after that repainted over to provide the game their own aesthetic design. These individual recordings of personalities are then created in timeless comic way, which prompts as dusk if into a totally various category.

The game captures the seriousness and also severity that make up these narrative experiences. As well as all of this since Inside Evening has torn down the limitations of what an interactive story game can be by doing its very own point.

This astounded me through the a little digestible six chapters and also prevented me from looking at my cell phone or tired, while a scene was playing, exactly what innovative supervisor Caroline Marchal was meant. It is not restricted to the quickly available designs that the genre previously made use of. Sure, that’s not for every person, but if you can get over any reservations, you will not find a much better experience with the Xbox Game Pass.

Certain, that’s not for everyone, but if you can get over any reservations, you will not discover a much better experience with the Xbox Game Pass.

The other reason that AS DUSK Falls achieves success is that all decisions in this incredibly human background really feel subsequently as well as comprehensive. From tiny prompt modifications to repercussions that create in the course of the game, every decision has a long lasting result on the characters around you and also their partnerships with each other.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (1 month) Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (1 month) Microsoft $ 14.99 $ currently get Network n is worthy of compensations from certified purchases through Microsoft as well as various other programs.

And these findings stand out since the story in AS Dusk Falls is based upon human experience. It does not manage moral topics, however concentrates solely on these 2 households as well as the events that integrate their lives. And as such, you can conveniently enter a position of everybody, because every little thing you see in the game can occur to you someday.


The mind Health Games located their victors

In 3rd area, for 5,000 bucks, we find the game Fumble created by Comfydev. A puzzle game
On the feeling of battling to talk.

In second placement, for 10,000 bucks, we discover the Biotopico game created by Everyday Lemonade. a game in
Which players can expand real trees utilizing oxygen produced speaker breathing.

And the big winner of this version, which wins $ 25,000, is the game Inner Room created by Byebyesama. In this game, you symbolize an individual struggling with anxiety who has to live constrained for three days, your dreams being your only way to get away.

Mike Wilson, co-founder of Deepwell DTX said: This shows that the video game area recognizes that video games can be, and are, helpful for you, as well as we are delighted to lead the way for development of games that can be made use of both for entertainment and also treatment..

The court was comprised of video games from the game industry as well as medical experts. Particularly, let us price estimate Shahid Ahmad, Rami Ismail, Dr Leeza Maron, American McGee, Alanah Pearce as well as Dr Anne Marie Porter.


Joshua Kimmich desires to confirm it as well as his movie critics

Joshua Kimmich reported on a consistently friendly reception in the circle of coworkers at the DFB press conference on Friday: I really did not really feel like someone was looking at me from the side. He missed the November video games versus Liechtenstein as well as Armenia after he really did not desire to be vaccinated as well as quickly fell ill.

Kimmich takes on FCB defensive

Now Kimmich is there once again, however after a badly inadequate 2nd half of the season, his condition dealt with FC Bayern. When asked whether public criticism, which was likewise shared in the twist, did not contradict, but showed a sight of general deficiencies at Bayern. As a 6, you have obligation for the defensive, we have actually obtained way too many objectives. Not only I need to improve, yet the entire team, replied the 27-year-old and demanded: We need to extend in the new one Period.

Kimmich’s low in the past couple of months has also been shown in the twist position of German football, in which the editorial group has currently been eleventh in winter months and also from the international to the national course. For Hansi Flick, however, he is still in high gear six, anything yet a beginning eleven nomination for the 65th global match as a next guy of Bayern colleague Leon Goretzka would certainly be a big shock. It is among the most crucial settings in football. Clearness is essential, as well as if there are 2 games that are collaborated, that is an advantage, claimed Flick as well as demanded that a person takes treatment of the other.


the Nations Organization as an indicator

Particularly against the widely known challengers such as European champion France or the fifth of the world ranking of England, the sychronisation troubles and also oversight are absolutely much more uncompromising than just recently the subdivision opponents in the Globe Cup qualification, are of enormous stability and also reliability. I think these video games are fairly great.

Joshua Kimmich reported on a consistently friendly reception in the circle of coworkers at the DFB press conference on Friday: I didn’t really feel like a person was looking at me from the side. He missed out on the November games against Liechtenstein and also Armenia after he didn’t desire to be immunized as well as quickly fell ill. Kimmich’s reduced in the previous couple of months has also been reflected in the Bayern position of German football, in which the editorial group has currently been eleventh in wintertime and also from the worldwide to the nationwide class.


Revision of the Cadence of Hyrule – Link two stages to grandeur

First of all, I have a bone to choose with the way people talk about this game. I saw it called a “crossover” more times I can count. I understand why, but it’s not a cross. A crossing implies, at least for entertainment media, the appearance of a well -known in another well -known. This is not what cadence of Hyrule is. Cadence of Hyrule is an amalgam, that is to say a mixture or a mixture of two things. Qualifying it as crossover is a bad service for the game and potentially gives people a false impression. In this review, I hope I can give you the right impression.

So we go with the amalgam. The reason is that cadence of Hyrule is really a crypte of the Necrodancer Game, and it is also very The legend of Zelda Game. The way you move in the world and fight the monsters, associate your movements at rhythm is pure Necrodanceur. This is probably the determining element of necrodanceur. But the world in which you move and explore is pure zelda. Cadence of Hyrule is the perfect mixture of two different games. Its operation is remarkable because it uses the most remarkable elements of each of them and merges them in a way that only a genius or a madman could consider doing.

Developed by brace Yourself Games, the fight is fueled by the excellent soundscaping by Danny Baranowsky. The same skillful level used to merge Zelda and Necrodancer is also clearly displayed in music. Cadence of Hyrule takes up some of the best known themes of Legend of Zelda and gives them just a little touch so that everything works for a game fed in all respects by music. Music dictates how you move and how you move dictate how you fight. It is essential to learn enemy’s patterns and determine how he reacts and tries to approach you, then dance around the screen by launching skillful strikes from your weapons or using your objects with intelligence for to survive. Once the screen is clear, the music stops demanding that you train on you and can explore freely.

It is in this exploration that the game overflows zelda sensitivity. There are dungeons, secrets, objects to find what you need to have access to other mysteries. There are bosses to fight, puzzles to solve and many characters to wake up, start of course with your choice between Link and Zelda. The game opens up on Cadence, one of the heroines of crypte du Necrodancer, finding itself in a foreign country. A sorcerer reduced the world to slavery and she must find her way. She quickly finds Link and Zelda both asleep and awakening one of them, the game starts seriously.

Each Playythrough gives rise to a mixed planetary world map, so that nothing is ever in the same place. You will explore the card every time you play, looking for the objects you want, the bosses you want to kill and the dungeons you want to explore to discover their secrets. You can find special points that you can also distort, allowing you to quickly browse the different sections of the card. You can even find a magic lute that will allow you to do so from anywhere.

The game also works on an interesting opposite difficulty curve. I predicted a free time from 5 to 6 hours to anyone who felt comfortable with the movement and the combat mechanisms, longer for those who begin to master them for the first time. You may die a lot, but the objects and weapons that you will discover will remain with you, a cruel aspect of the whimsical games abandoned for years. Cadence and you can see why. The tip for cadence of Hyrule does it have a large attraction, that you play, it will become easier. A larger sword can allow you to slip three squares at a time, while a lance allows you to attack from two squares.

The difficulty here is, in a way, completely optional, you may have to get bandaged a little before learning enough to understand this element of the game. The real content for most people who are attracted by These types of games will be the hardcore tracks. A life, and only a life, to get everything you need and defeat the last boss – a major challenge. I expect to see people do shopping where they give up each object and weapon of the game, a bit like the Soul Level Level 1 _ Sombers_ do the community to make us look like idiots.

For those who prefer a more comfortable race, you can deactivate the synchronization of times, and the enemies will only move when you move, thus leaving you time to think about what you want to do while enjoying the discovery and the ‘Exploration taking place on the screen. Heart of the game. The difficulty is well designed, and the game seems to have been designed to please people of all ages and all levels, which is pleasant to see for a system with a user base as large as Switch.

While you play, you also collect diamonds and gems that allow you to buy objects in stores. The objects purchased with diamonds will remain after your death, while those purchased with precious stones will be lost. This allows you to progress every time you play, even if you find the game very difficult but you do not want to make your task easier. It is this element that makes Hyrule_cadence the perfect game for shorter play sessions. Do you have ten minutes to kill? Light it and win a few diamonds.

ALL HEART CONTAINERS and Where to Find Them in Cadence of Hyrule!

Frankly, I have nothing negative to say on cadence of Hyrule, and I enjoyed the 15 hours that I have devoted to it so far. There is enough crypte of the necrodancer and The legend of Zelda here to satisfy the fans of the two, but the more difficult contours of the two were worn to provide us with more accessible and faster entertainment. It’s an excellent game, with an attractive design, and if you had planned to get it, I would highly recommend it.


Bundesliga: Facts and figures on the 2000th matchday

From Friday, the 2000th matchday in the history of the Bundesliga is on the program. An overview before the anniversary about important figures and facts.

17.969 * – The German elite class has seen so many games since the first game in August 1963. At the outcome of all these encounters, the home advantage was actually very important. Finally, 9052 games were won by the hosts (50.4 percent). 4316 games went to the guests (24 percent), 4601 encounters ended with a draw (25.6 percent).
34 – After this number everything is actually aligned. But one season did not always end after 34th game days. In the first two seasons there were 16 teams at the start, it only went until the 30th matchday. And after reunification, the league experienced 38 laps for a season.
3.06 – That is the average of the gates achieved per game. This takes a total of 54,987 goals that were to be admired. The 32nd matchday in the 1983/84 season also emerged – then 53 goals were scored. This seems to be a record for eternity, because no other matchday was more than 47 goals. By the way, the fewest hits were recorded on match day 2689/90 and in round 20 of the 1998/99 season – only eleven times the play equipment found the way into the goal.
O * – In fact, there has never been a game day on which all away teams could win. The guests were close to the 6th matchday of the 2019/20 season with eight away victories. There were nine home victories on seven match days, most recently in round 19 of the 1989/90 season. The highest number of draws on a match day was seven – last on match day 21 of the 2020/21 season.
485.210 * – Never made more fans in the stadiums than on matchday 33 of the 2009/10 season. On average, 53,912 spectators were in the nine stadiums. Incidentally, that was a May 1st – on which no games are now taking place due to the overload of the police. The Corona pandemic ensured the negative figures among visitors – zero spectators were recorded on 37 match days.

Bayern star the lame duck: the 20 slowest players of the season

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* A historical championship: 10 times Bavaria

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829 * – After so many match days, record champions Bayern Munich was at the top of the table. The view of second place shows what dimensions this record has. There Borussia Dortmund ranks with “only” 179 match days. Hannover 96 is located in the “south” of the table. After 110 match days, the Lower Saxony held the red lantern in their hands, followed by Schalke 04 (105) and Hertha BSC (95).
3 * – So many coaches were rid of their jobs in the maximum after a match day. However, this was three times – on match day 11 1983/84, on match day 27 1991/92 and on matchday 19 2006/07. The “victims” included Dietrich Weise, Felix Magath and Jupp Heynckes.

Unbelieveable Records From 2,000 Bundesliga Matchdays
8 * – This number of professionals was sent prematurely on the 3rd matchday of the 2013/14 season. There has never been any more in one round. By the way, Helmut Rahn saw the first red card. The “boss” caught it on matchday 4 of the premiere season 1963/64. There was at least one place of space on over half of the game days (55.6 percent).
2.51 * – So many penalty have been imposed on average per match day. The 12th round of the 1971/72 season holds the record. On this matchday, the referees pointed to the point twelve times. The shooters have failed most frequently on the 7th matchday of the 2016/17 season when five penalty were not used.


PlayStation: start date for new plus

With the new PS Plus model from PlayStation, the subscription service is given a refreshment. Now it is clear when it is time and what options are open to you.

PlayStation: New model is available from June

Sony would like to offer the subscriber from PS Plus more in the future and has therefore completely revised the subscription model. As part of which we dissolved the streaming service PlayStation Now and integrated into the PS plus service, and you can expect several subscription levels from which you can choose the right one for yourself **:

PlayStation Plus Essential * (8.99 euros per month) corresponds to the previous model.
PlayStation Plus Extra (13.99 euros a month) includes an additional 400 PS4 and PS5 games that you can download.
PlayStation Plus Premium (17.99 a month) includes all the features mentioned so far. In addition, you will also have access to over 300 Playstation classics for the PS1, PS2 and PS3.

Until then, you don’t have to wait too long. On the official PlayStation Blog, Sony announces that in Europe will be targeted for implementation in Europe on June 22, 2022 . (Source: PlayStation Blog)

What else do you need to know about the new model? We tell you in our practical overview.

_Ih plays a lot online? Then there are certain things that you should consider: _

PS Plus: What happens to your current subscription?

Что дает PS PLUS на PS5 - 6 фишек и как отключить автопродление PS PLUS

If you already have a subscription, you don’t need to worry. This is expected to be automatically converted into an essential subscription in June. But if you want to upgrade to extra or premium , according to Sony, this is possible without any problems. This emerges from an email that RESETERA user Kolx received:

“You can easily switch to a higher tariff at any time. To do this, you have to pay the difference between the current plan and the new plan, adapted to the remaining term of your subscription. ”

(Source: Resetera)

How the whole thing works in practice is not yet quite certain.

_Welcher subscription service offers what? We show you in our video: _

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