DEB selection with work victory against France

For the first time at the World Cup, Toni Söderholm ran on Mathias Niederberger in the goal, so that Philipp Grubauer received a break after his strong performance in the 2-1 against Slovakia on Saturday. Otherwise, the Finnish coach built the same formation as in the first two games.

EHLS Premiere – Supporting is injured

The German team caught a measure against France: the outnumbered of Leo Pföderl served Daniel Fischbuch scored completely freely from a short distance to 1-0, just 124 seconds were played. Shortly thereafter, Stefan Loibl missed the second goal with an outnumbered outnumbered that France’s keeper Sebastian Ylönen (4th).

Despite the early deficit, the French stopped and kept running their checks. So also in the 14th minute, in which Tim Stützle injured himself on a check on the knee, slowly drove from the ice towards the cabin and a frustration foul made. Alexandre Texier – the only NHL professional France at the World Cup – used the following power play to 1: 1 (15th).

The fact that Germany went into the first third break with a lead was due to Alexander Ehl, who fell a shot from Dominik Bittner in the 18th minute past Ylönen into the goal. It was the first World Cup goal for the striker of Düsseldorfer eG.

Gallet meets, Deb team loses thread

While Stützle remained in the cabin at the start of the second third, Marc Michaelis narrowly missed the 3-1 because Ylönen somehow stopped the farmer’s trick of the German Center with the schooner (22nd). The German team was now much more game -determined than in the first third. But the French marked the goal in a straightforward relief attack: Hugo Gallet falsified a hard pass from Charles Bertrand past Niederberger to 2: 2 (32nd).

After the goal, the DEB team lost the thread a little, a power play before the end of the second third only brought a break chance for the French.

Pföderl refines Noebels’ pass

In the final section, the German team started again – and took the lead for the third time thanks to a remarkable hit. Marcel Noebels served Pföderl with a flip pass and the latter executed in a goalkeeper manner to 3: 2 (46th). As against the Slovaks, the German selection then defended the narrow lead over time.

“At such a tournament, games are decided with a goal, so it is good that we could show early that we can do that,” said Noebels after the game at “Sport1”. He added a wink to the winning goal in co -production with his Berlin storm colleague Pföderl: “He always takes a little longer to go to the goal, so I had to delay a little while passing.”

Grubauer's brilliant save leads to Oshie goal
The DEB team now has two days without play before going on Thursday (3:20 p.m.) against Denmark and Friday (3:20 p.m.) against Italy with two games within a good 24 hours.

Statistics on the game:

France – Germany 2: 3 (1: 2, 1: 0, 0: 1)

France: Ylönen – Gallet, Auvitu; Llorca, Chakiachvili; Crinon, Thiry; Guebey – Fleury, Treille, Tim Bozon; Bertrand, Claireaux, Perret; Leclerc, Texier, Boudon; Ritz, Fabre, Kevin Bozon; Colotti.

Germany: Niederberger – Moritz Müller, Seider; Jonas Müller, Holzer; Wagner, Wissmann; Bittner – Ehliz, Sützle, Plachta; Noebels, Michaelis, Pföderl; Schmölz, Loibl, Fischbuch; Soramies, Kastner, Ehl.

Tore: 0: 1 (2:04) Fischbuch (Pföderl, Michaelis) PP, 1: 1 (14:48) Texier (T. Bozon; Chakiachvili), 1: 2 (17:51) EHL (Bittner, Kastner), 2: 2 (31:18) Gallet (Bertrand, Claireux), 2: 3 (45:45) Pföderl (Noebels, Michaelis).

viewer: 2,000.

Referee: Hansen (Norway)/Heikkinen (Finland).

Criminal minutes: France 6 – Germany 6.


Munich Voting: Who wins the Champions League?

Bayern vs. Villarreal: Extended Highlights | UCL Quarter-Finals - Leg 2 | CBS Sports Golazo
The semi-final encounters of the royal class are firm, by leaving the FC Bayern Munich, no German team is more represented. We want to know who win the Champions League.

The German record champion ran a surprisingly against the FC Villarreal in the quarterfinals. The “yellow submarine” parked the Bayern in the Allianz Arena a 1: 1 after the first leg with 1: 0 had won.

In addition, the FC Liverpool was against Benfica Lisbon, Manchester City against Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid against FC Chelsea.

Already on the 27th and 28th of April, the semi-final first legs are on. There, MANCITY and REAL as well as Liverpool and Villarreal opposite, the return matches rise a week later. The final is dated on May 28, is played in the Stade de France in Paris.

Now you are asked! Which of the four remaining teams gets the Henkelpott at the end? For app users, it goes along here!

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No victory to restart: DHB

In front of 2468 spectators in Gummersbach on Saturday the back room Fabian Wiede with nine goals and Julius Kühn (5) best throwers for the DHB team were. Already on Sunday it comes in Kassel to re-duel with the Magyaren, which as the expected hard test stone before the mid-April presented play-off games around the ticket for the World Cup 2023 against Faroe Islands.

The DHB team that had to renounce the EM rider Sebastian Heymann, Djibril M’bengue, Philipp Weber and Kai Häfner started sweeping. Pay was a fast three-goal lead at 5: 2 after seven minutes. But the run did not stop because some mistakes in German playing. Thus, the Hungarians, who had disappointed with the home Em with place 15 arg, in the 19th minute to the first leadership.

Although the German team countered directly, but could not settle until the break, because the after the residues of Hendrik Pekeler and Patrick Wienecek newly formed defense had always gaps. In addition, Torwart Andreas Wolff was not a crucial factor.

Knorr throws three gates in a row

After change, Till moved to Klimpke between the posts of the German gate. But he too was left alone by his foregons. So it remained a close game in which the DHB selection came back to the 23:24 (43.) again. In this difficult phase, Mittermann Juri Knorr with three goals successfully assumed one’s responsibility. The 21-year-old of the Rhine-Neckar Löwen, who had missed the EM because of his vaccine status’ was only subsequently moved into the squad due to the failure of playmaker Weber.

However, the problems in the defensive could not solve Knorr. Again and again, the Hungarians came above all over the circle to success. The German team, on the other hand, awarded some good possibilities in the final phase and was almost four minutes before the end again. Nevertheless, the victory was in it, but the otherwise outstanding Wiede only hit the post and then with the last litter from his own half not the gate.

Germany – Hungary 31:31 (17:16)

Call of Duty World at War German Victory Theme Full Version

Germany: T. Klimpke (HSG Wetzlar), Wolff (KS Vive Kielce) – Wiede (Füchse Berlin) 9, Kühn (Mt Melsungen) 5, Golla (SG Flensburg-Handewitt) 4, Knorr (Rhein-Neckar Löwen 4, Köster (VfL Gummerersbach) 2, Schiller (Fresh on Göppingen) 2/1, Witzke (DHFK Leipzig) 2, Casting (Mt Melsungen) 1, Mertens (SC Magdeburg) 1, Push (TBV Lemgo Lippe) 1, Ernst (DHFK Leipzig), Kohlbacher (Rhein-Neckar Löwen), D. Schmidt (Bergischer HC), Zechel (HC Erlangen)
Hungary: Borely, Mikler, Szekely – Rodriguez 7, Juhasz 4, Kovacsic’s 4, Hanusz 3, Szita 3, Balogh 2/1, Leimeter 2, Ligetvari 2, Szöllösi 2, Fazekas 1, Topic 1, Ancsin, Bujdoso, B. Nagy, Sipos, Vajda
Referee: Duarte Santos (Portugal) / Ricardo Fonseca (Portugal
Viewers: 2480
Criminal minutes: 12/8
Disqualification: \ – / Ancsin (36th)


Mertesacker Englishmen like this German efficiency

By Mertesacker, in view of the large number of German team managers in the English Premier League no coincidence believes. They own a clarity and structure, said the World Champion of 2014 in the SZ interview: I believe the Englishmen like this German efficiency. Ralf Rang nick (Manchester United), Jürgen Klopp (FC Liverpool) and Thomas Tuchel (FC Chelsea) are currently under contract in England.

Per Mertesacker - Big Fucking German (2012-13)

When I came to Arsenal as Legionnaire (2011, d. Red.), Have kicked out at most three, four German players abroad. Now plays half of the DFB squad outside Germany, said Mertesacker, who has been the football academy for three years The Gunners leads: Of course, the English will ask themselves who all professionals have trained.

Often, Rang nick had his fingers in the game at the training, that’s why Manchester United has probably gone the step of committing him. And he benefits from his compatriots because Kl opp and Tunnel have created a lot of trust through their work, said Mertesacker.

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These coaches would have been in the professional area early the chance, said Mertesacker. This was not given in England. This already has great experience in relatively young age, including in the Champions League, emphasized the 104-colored national player.