DFB Cup, semi-finals

The SC Freiburg stands for a 3-1 in Hamburg for the first time in the final of the DFB Cup. Christian Streich is facing the coronation of his life’s work.

Here you will find the live sticker for the game!

At the wild curve party, Christian Streich hopped in front of the fans and off, the red T-shirt with the printed Berlin Olympia stadium held the cult coach but only in the poor: the SC Freiburg has torn the Hamburg SV from all title dreams and stands for the first time in its club history in the final of the DFB Cup. The Breisgauer won the semi-finals in the second division after a sovereign notion with 3: 1 (3: 0) and attacks on 21 May in Berlin after the Golden Pott.

“I can not say what went through my head,” said prank, who is now in front of the coronation of his life’s work: “It sounds funny, but some of my guys were already in the A-youth finale, after that we have Always watched the professionals. I have no concerns that they will be too nervous. And if we do not win, we were at least in Berlin. “

The Freiburg’s hits before 57,000 spectators in the Volksparkstadion scored Nils Petersen (11th), Nicolas Höfler (17th) and Vincenzo Grifo (35./foulelfmeter). For the HSV Robert Glatzel (88.). “That’s indescribable. We write history that the Sc Freiburg has never done yet,” Höfler said.

Last opponent of the SC in front of the possible first great title of the club history is RB Leipzig or Union Berlin, which faced each other in the second semi-finals on Wednesday (20.45 o’clock / ARD and SKY). In the capital, coach could prank, the service elder of all Bundesliga coaches, his life’s work on SC crown.

The HSV had to bury his hopes on the first final deduction since 1987, on the other hand, the semi-final curse of the reds stops. Since the Cup victory 35 years ago, the hitherto last title of the former Bundesliga dinos, the Hansee stood for the fifth time in the final part, but the dream of the fourth title after 1963, 1976 and 1987 burst again burst.

“The roles are clearly distributed,” HSV coach Tim Walter had said before the game. Freiburg is on the way to the Champions League, his team as a second division of the “challenger” – and exactly this class difference became clear on Tuesday evening from the beginning.

SC Freiburg: Höfler ensures clear conditions early

Although the second division six, who will probably be missed in series the Bundesliga return for the fourth time, was quite printed out for the first time over two years Volksparkstadion for the first time over two years and brought the arena with first half-opportunities by Robert Glatzel (5th) and Sonny Kittel (6.) Early to quake. But SC-Oldie Petersen set the volume of HSV fans immediately with the first Freiburg chance noticeably down.

The attacker used the disorder in the Hamburg defensive after a corner football and achieved its 12th hit for the SC in the DFB Cup – so he moved as Freiburg Cup record scorer with Alexander Iashvili.

And from the point of view of the guests was even better. After a crosslock of HSV-Keeper Daniel Heuer Fernandes Höfler did not tumble now long and made with his faked shot after a good quarter of an hour for clear conditions.

Freiburg impressed vs. HSV | Hamburger SV vs. SC Freiburg 1-3 | Highlights | DFB-Pokal Semi-Final
While the approximately 5,000 military Freiburg fans long sang by Berlin, the fully freestanding Ansi Tapio Suhons (26th) for ten meters offered the great opportunity for the Hamburg connection goal. Instead of adhering the HSV party, Grifo declined the majority of the audience with the 0: 3 before the break.

Because HSV defender Moritz Heyer met the back of Nico Schlotterbeck at a clarification attempt unhappy, Deniz Aytekin showed the point in view of the video. “I understand every HSV fan, who says that is not a penalty. But the rules are so,” Ard expert was Bastian Schweinsteiger.

In the second section, the HSV struggled and came to some opportunities. However, Freiburg did not burn anything and managed the lead, without getting big in the Bredouille. Glatzel rewarded the HSV, at least with his hit, married Ermedin Demirovic on the opposite side hit the post (90th).

HSV – Freiburg: The listings

Hamburg: Heuer Fernandes – Heyer, Vuskovic, Schonlau, Vgnoman (82. Muheim) – Meffert – Suhons (85th Chakvetadze), Rice (69th Business Man) – Jatta (82. Alidou), Glatzel, Small. – Trainer: Walter

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Freiburg: Fleckken – Schmid (90th + 2 Sildillia), Lienhart, Nico Schlotterbeck, Günter – Maximilian Eggestein, Höfler – Sallai (64. Höler), Grifo (79. White Haupt) – Jeong (79th Haberer), Petersen (64. Demirovic). – coach: prank


Basketball Supercup again in Hamburg

In the hot phase of preparation for this year’s home Em, the German basketball players again enter Hamburg at the Supercup. The game is played on 19 and 20 August in the Barclays Arena, the previous four editions had been held in a smaller hall in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg.

Good one and a half weeks before start to Eurobasket (1 to 18 September) it gets the team of national coach Gordon Herbert with high-profile opponents to do. In addition to the host and the previous year’s winner of Germany, the four-tree tournament of EM title candidate Serbia as well as the Olympic participants Italy and the Czech Republic are included.

Germany | Top Plays & Highlights | FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019

“It’s a great opportunity for us to play the Supercup. To a certain extent we should then have our team complete, which will play the directly subsequent World Cup qualifiers and the Eurobasket,” said Herbert. The teams are “all very strong, all high-ranking teams”.

The selection of the German Basketball federal (DBB) meets in the semifinals on Friday (20.30 clock) on the Czech Republic. On Saturday the small finale (18.00) and the final (20.30) take place. In the first European Championship game, the DBB team arrives against France on September 1st in Cologne.


Christopher Schindler suffers nose leg break

At the late 2: 1 victory over the Hamburg SV, domestic defender Christopher Schindler still over the entire season on the square. As the 1st FC Nuremberg announced now, however, the summertime access took a break in the face.

How to Eat Like a Human, How to Detoxify Plant Foods, and Why Eat Nose to Tail | Dr. Bill Schindler

Returning to the training place with special mask probably soon possible

More specifically, it’s about the nose bone of the 31-year-old, which was used in 21 out of 25 second league games of the Nuremberg (Average Grade Average Grade 3:24). For the upcoming guest match at Hannover 96 on Sunday (13.30 pm, live! At Average Grade) the Munich should still be operational: After successful operation, Schindler will probably return to training on Thursday with a special mask.

In Lower Saxony, the club wants to retract the fourth victory in series, best with regular Schindler. The last two guest performances in the HDI-Arena in May 2021 (2: 1) and in September 2019 (4: 0) were clearly on the FCN. Trainer Robert Klauß, who was allowed to welcome the long-term injured Felix Lohkemper on Wednesday at the warm-up with the team, said, “We want to take the mood, but in terms of content, however, Hanover will be another topic. We have to get that.”


HSV icon seeler saw falling out like Quasimodo

Uwe Seeler has suffered injuries in a fall in his house in September, but is now well again.

The doctors had something to sew something to me with me, said the honorary play guide of the national team of the Hamburg Morgenpost : I looked like Quasimodo, hidden myself at home and did not go back to the door.

Seeler celebrating his 85th birthday on 5 November, according to the newspaper on September 12, after a coffee with a tray in his hand, had overlooked a stage and had fallen. I fell directly into the porcelain shards, Seeler said, who loud his wife Ilka bleed like a sow. Seeler taking blood diluting means, he was treated in the hospital.

That was hard, it could have happened so much more. Since you will do it with the fear, Ilka Seeler said, We all have lovingly maintained, new associations daily. But the Hamburg honorary citizen have to get a good healed meat from nature and, as soon as he was to his active times – to become an iron will, again healthy.

The Vice World Champion of 1966 had always been struggling with health problems in recent years. In 2020, the Hamburg football idol suffered a hip fracture at a heavy fall. He also make the consequences of a car accident from eleven years ago, the former striker plagues back problems. In 2017, Seeler was successfully used a pacemaker.